The Journey that My Cell Phone Took, on Live-ing

How a lost cell phone, became, that catalyst to pass forward the kindness, translated…

Due to This Comfortable Position, My Ancient Nokia Slipped Out of My Pocket Twice in a Matter of Few Short Days……

The First Time It’d Slipped Out Was as I Was Transferring at Chih-Du

As the seasons of rain came, I’d started riding the trains, instead of riding my scooter all over the places.  I’d loved how the trains are steady, with the large windows, spacious and comfortable seating, not only was it fitting to read the papers, I can look out the windows to see the world flash by if I get tired.  If the rain worse, I can let go of my original plans, just kept riding the train, and treating the process of getting there as my final destination.

Of the trains, I’d especially loved the ticketless, Zi-Chiang Route that you can scan your MRT pass to get on, as I alight, I’d found a seat, lower the seat to almost flat.  But, because of this comfortable position, in just a few short days, it’d caused my Nokia ancient cell phone to escape out of my pockets a couple of times.

That first time, was at the transfer at Chih-Du, as I alighted a northbound, it’d felt lighter!  I’d patted my pockets, my pant pocket was, empty and  light, I’d screamed, “oh, NO!” on the inside!  I’d immediately got off at Ba-Du, asked for help from the train attendant.  The male worker who was having his lunch left his food, wrote down my cell phone number, my last name and my address, and told me to wait for his good news, and I’d, immediately, cancelled my travel plans, rode the next train back to Chihdu, and asked for help from a female worker there.

The female worker used the internet, the cell phone, the walkie talkie, to track, and found that the Zi-Chiang Route I took will return to Chihdu in Keelung in five minutes.  I’d rushed over to the platforms, successfully gotten on the trains, but because I’d not written down my seat number, I can only start searching for my phone seat by seat, train, by train, and I’d, bumped into the conductor.  The meeting meant, that no cell phone was discovered, although it was only a cheap, old thing, losing it, I’m not to be, found by anybody again.  I was bothered by this, and, upset, returned back to Taipei Main Station, I’d not left the station at all, and as I’d scanned my MRT card, I’d found, that I was charged $114N.T.s, this made my day even worse.

I’d inquired to the workers of the railroad company, and he took me for not wanting to pay, and as I’d wanted to explain how I’d lost my cell phone, he’d, ushered me onward!  At that moment, I was furious to beyond speaking, I’d wanted to leave a written grievance on him, but then, no matter what, I’d used the services provided for close to two hours, I should pay for that, and, seeing how the employees from the Chihdu to Badu Station worked so hard to assist me, how can I erase all of their passions for helping me because of one minor displease?

At that moment, my heart cleared up, and I’d, decided, to change my complaints to praises.  I’d used the public phones dialed 104, and had the operator transferred me to Taiwanese Railroad, told the lady on the end of 104 how I was helped by the workers, and the voice on the other end came shocked, the woman told me, that she’d never gotten a call like mine, that all the calls she’d picked up were all complaints.  How’s that possible!  Could it be, that all modern day people do is, complain?  I’d told the operator, “if there were complaints, there are bound to be, praises, the workers with the kindness should get the accolades”, the woman took my words, and told me that she will, handle it.  I’m thinking, that I’m a, nobody, that this will end right then and there.

illustration from

At night when I got home, my mother told me that the Badu Station of the Taiwanese Railroad kept calling nonstop, said that they’d found my cell phone, she’d thought it was scams, and hung up on them several times, and stressed to me, that the “Badu station is really, agile!”, I’d used my home phone, called my cell, it went through, the worker told me, that my cell phone had, tramped all the way to, Keelung.

The next day, I’d gone to the Keelung Station to pick it up, after a full twenty-four hours, I was so fearful that people can’t find me, and yet, there was the unanswered calls from the Badu Station, and me.

Shortly after I got my phone back, I’d received the call from the Chihdu Station manager, said that they were, very happy, to receive my praise, it’d honored them and pleased them.  Accidentally, my simple action, had caused this, huge effect.  And now, I feel, very happy too, but, it’d not lasted long enough, because in a few days, on the Zi-Chiang Trains from Hualien to Dounan, I’d, lost my phone, again.

This Time that It’d Gotten Lost, I Wasn’t at All, Stressed

And this time, I’d reported my cell phone missing where I got off, at the Taipei Main Station, and written down my cell phone model, and my contact number at the first-floor station manager’s office.  Taipei is a major transit station all right, with the specialized system, workers who could handle these things we’d lost on the trains.

And this time, losing my cell phone, it’d not freaked me out one bit, I’d felt, a bit, glad even.  Not that I’m more experienced, but why would I need to get, upset, for losing a cell phone that I used mostly for the calculator, and flashlight, getting emotionally kidnapped by that?  Besides, there were, only three known persons who might call me on that cell phone, taking away the scam artists, the commercials.

The following day, I’d called the Taipei Main Station to see if my cell phone was found, and learned, that there’s a lost-and-found registry online to check.  I’d click open the website, wow, so many items lost, with the days they’d been found, the trains they’d been found in, hats, umbrellas, canes, chairs…………from the news previously, there’d been, a two-meter golden python that’s been found.  And, there are, countless cell phones lost in a day, a lot of unclaimed, iPhones, what’s up with the owners of those?  It’s worrisome to me.

and finally, I’d caught a black phone that looked, just like mine, I’d called up the station, the operator told me the brand was Samsung.  As I’d just about given up, the attendant told me, that I “should call the terminal station of the train, you might find something there.”, and, the attendant told me, that all those lost items will eventually get, auctioned off, other than the cell phones, because of the risks of our personal information getting leaked, the cell phones would all be destroyed with a huge hammer.

And surely enough, my cell phone had, made its way to, Dounan, if I go and pick it up personally, it would take a long time and very costly, as the person heard my difficulties, s/he’d told me, s/he can mail it to the station that’s closest to me.  That very night, my cell phone rode the trains from Dounan to Shuling Station.  The following day as I’d gone to pick it up, I saw it wrapped in a brown legal-sized paper envelope, like it was, something that’s, cared for by someone else, I was very moved.

The cellphone without the LINE and FB icons, used an alternative way, connected the kindness of everybody who’d picked it u0p; and I’d, decided to use, an alternative means,——to help everybody who’d ever, helped me out too.

And, since, when I met a worker with excellent customer service skills, I will get really nosy, and tell on them to their superiors; these past few months, a lot of workers are commended.  This isn’t actually really annoying, everybody can do it, if you feel shy, telling the person personally, you can, send in an email, or make that call.  In this age of the soured tongues, the outbreaks, allow the encouragements we give to one another, balance out the sourness of this world of the outbreaks.

So, this, is how the help from the employees at the various stations to help you track back your phone is truly, appreciated by you.  And the writer is absolutely correct, that these times, there are, just way too many grievances, complaints about things that someone does for us that’s not up to “standards”, and too little, encouragements and praises, and if we can give more praises to those who offered us assistance, then, it will slowly, change the world for the better.


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