Something Shared

The art of giving presents, it’s better to give than to receive, sure, but, sometimes, it’s okay too, that you just, accept the gifts from someone else, translated…

Someone from my morning line dancing group stuffed a bottle of loofah lotion into my hands, “This is something good, spray it on your face at anytime, it can keep your skin moisturized.  I got it from my neighbors, two bottles for a hundred dollars only!”, I don’t know what her name, or her age, where she lives, only know that for the past year and a half, we’d met up every single day, danced together, sweated it out together.

Instinctively, I’d stated to her, “I’ll give you fifty dollars for it!”, she’d insisted on not taking my money, said that two bottles is way too much for her to use up alone.  I’d smiled, it’d reminded me of how I’d given my friend a book awhile, because his situation then, he could find use for the book I’d given him; several weeks later, he’d told me, “I’m just about done with that book you’d given me, I’ll return it to you soon.”, I’d felt bad, reason why I’d given it to him was because that the book would be better put to use with him, than me.  And so, I’d told him, clearly, one more time, that the book I’d given him, he can keep it, and read it slowly.

For me, sharing is, knowing that this gift is put to better use by someone else, and you have it in your possession to give it away.  The mom whom I’d exercised with, perhaps she saw me inquiring about how the loofa lotion is applied?  And, while I was conversing with my friend about work, I’d thought of the book on my shelf, that maybe, he can take something away from reading it.  And honestly, the sharer of these things, may be happier than the recipient.

The point of sharing is there’s no need of give-and-take.  Earlier as I’d started working, and on the occasions I’d received the gifts, I’d always felt quite stressed out.  I’d gone to the business gathering meals, and had to worry about how to treat those who’d treated me back, worried that I may gain the reputation of not knowing the ways well enough.  An old friend of mine owned a business, every time the holidays rolled around, he’d selected the gifts carefully, to give them to the clients or the enterprise owners with whom he had businesses with, while I, someone who’s not in that realm, was also, in that list of his.  Every time I’d received the items, I’d called him back, “Tastes wonderful!”, “You’re excellent in picking the produces!”, was the only return I’d, ever given to him.  Because the thing about sharing is, “not asking for anything in return”.  So, as someone wants to share something with you, just, accept it graciously.

And so, this is on how it felt on the giving and receiving end of these kindness from others, and, it is, better to give than to receive, and sometimes, people find that you have the needs, and they just have what you need on hand, and they’d given it to you, and at this time, you do NOT need to feel that you’d imposed on them, just say thank you, because, one day not too far, you may have something on you, that is fitting to give to the other person too.


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