The Mirrors of Truth of Vaccines, Reflected on How Incompetent the Government Truly is

The government, TOO incompetent, and “we” the people (still not included in “we” here though), way too, FUCKING (so???) retarded!  Another, ABUSER/ENABLER relationship style, in the federal, level here, commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the government just sent out the “news” of the vaccines being available to every citizen here, there came, the case of the clinic’s workers, getting the shots ahead of the rest, and all around, there’s, the claims of how people should not have priorities over each other, clearly showed, that people are, panicky, by the limited supplies of the vaccines here; at this time, the city of Kaohsiung sent out the memo, “forcing” the medical workers to get shot, and claimed, that if the hospital workers don’t receive their shots, fines will be, enforced, which clearly, showed, once more, that the government abused its, powers, the vaccines became a mirror of truth, and now, it’d, reflected, just how, incompetent this government, truly, is.

Level three alerted continued throughout the whole of Taiwan right now, over hundreds of confirmed diagnoses daily, the number won’t drop down; since yesterday, there are, a total of 385 deaths, and you can imagine, how the people are, starting to, panic; but, the lacking in the provisions of vaccines, and we’d had to get, categorized by groups, to wait for our turns, and we’re all worried now, that we won’t get at least, one injection, and, there would be the “specialty relations” of the vaccines, using the connections, the means that comes into form.

Providing enough vaccines for every citizen, that’s, the government’s, responsibilities, to free the people of panic, rather than severely criticizing the people for getting in line for the vaccines when it wasn’t their turns, we should trace back to why there aren’t enough supplies for all.  Like the famous man of culture, Jeng stated yesterday, he’d hoped, that Taiwan will have enough vaccines soon, to free us all, from the panics and the fears.

Tsai spoke on a press conference yesterday that she will, “Do all she could, to contain the spread”, but, since the start of the epidemic here, the government leaned toward the “benefitting of the party members”, the “special rights to get vaccinated”, and so, it’s only naturally, that based off of the government’s means of preventing the spread, everybody’s, fighting for the vaccines.  But, the roots of the problem lies in how the government “couldn’t get ahead”, and buy the vaccines in advance, because of how fast the virus is mutating, the distributions of the vaccines, the inoculations, that’s what’s caused this great scare, this, witch hunt.

And, the people were originally given the rights to choose the brand of the vaccines, to have their shots or not, but the Kaohsiung City Government announced that it will fine the hospital workers, the nurses, the doctors who didn’t get their injections.  This showed, how passive the government is handling the matter of vaccinations, and that, they’d, expand the rules at their wishes, when they want the people to fear, they’d, used the means of the punishments, the fines, and, this made people lose respect, and faith in our government, it’d showed, how the person in power lacked the basic means of ruling the country correctly.

We the people, don’t need the verbal encouragements from our president, we just want, when can we live free, healthy, of worries of the epidemic?  And rather than enforcing the law, the government should reassign its, resources, and manpower, to something it should be doing in the first place.

This is how, the government goes, AFTER its, people!  Because of the shortages of the vaccines here, we’re all, freaked out (hey, speak for your self!!!), and, because the number of contraction, number of death still, rises, that’s why, everybody’s, freaked out, which leads to those private workers of clinics, getting the inoculations, ahead of their turns.

It still all goes to how INCOMPETENT this majority-voted government, and its, president truly is!  And, there’s still, NOTHING we can do, as we’re all, too, CIVILIZED, to OVERTHROW the government, like that angry mob gathering outside someone’s house, with those, lit-up, fire torches here!

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