Giving People Here the Options, to Allow for the Flows of the Nation’s Own Vaccines

Lab rats, (ouch!  Someone just, SHOT something into my ASS!!!) listen up, ready yourselves, for the, INJECTIONS here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nation’s manufactured vaccines just posted its second-stage trial blind reveal, it’s, full of, confidence filing for the emergent use certifications (EUA), but, the people are, in doubts.

The most debatable thing of the nation’s own vaccines is that it’d not had a third-stage trial.  As the epidemic spread too quickly throughout U.S. and Europe, the number of cases of diagnosis hiked up to tens of thousands per day, with the death rate hiking up too, to speed up the process of developing a working vaccine (which usually takes many years!), the EUA was signed, so Moderna and Pfizer, and AZ vaccines got only to mid-third stage trials, and the results were published in the well-known medical journals, and were signed into use.

And yet, there are hundreds of new cases of contraction here in Taiwan, and the Command Center told us, that when the Rt rate dropped to 0.7 (under one, the virus will be killed off in an instant!), so why is it, that the nation’s own manufactured vaccines didn’t even get to the experimental trials of the third stage, and it’s filed for the EUA uses?  Are we, in that big a, hurry?

With the epidemic hitting the world hard now, all the nations in the world, with WHO are all, developing, discussing to replace the third-stage trials with the immuno-bridging, to replace the third-stage trials, meaning, that as long as the developing vaccines can get to a certain level, then, it’s deemed, effective, no need to test trial on thousands of people to be sure.  And yet, the conference by the W.H.O. at the end of May is quite clear, that the immuno-bridging of MERS-CoV has problems: one, there’s no unified methods of making the vaccines agreed upon by all countries, it would be hard to get a unified standard.  Secondly, the standards of the vaccines are made from the original strand, and now, there are, the mutated strands.

The vaccines from China, had the same pretty numbers with the Moderna and AZ vaccines too, and the stage three trials achieved up to seventy-percent protection, but, as the vaccines were introduced to the other countries, the results showed, different.  And, the mutualized antigen in those who’d already contracted the virus, paled by comparisons to the vaccines’ ability to defend against it, but it makes the chances of contracting the virus again, reduce greatly, which showed, how by neutralizing the antibodies, does NOT defend against the contractions of the virus.

what “we the people” became…

shit, did you, just, SHOT me with that???” and unfortunately, there’s, NOTHING any one of us can do! Photo from online

The two developing vaccines here, are protein based, and the vaccines using this means that are used, is ZERO, including the U.S., and Novavax who got ahead, is still, testing out this, technology, in the stage-three trials, while Sanofi from France didn’t pass the certifications at all, and the test trials needed to be, redone.  Too much, uncertainties, and, if America and European nations are having the trying times getting this to work, how do you suppose, the manufacturers in Taiwan will receive the certifications, that easily?

A few months back, there were only, forty-percent of citizen here who are willing, to get the inoculations, but since the epidemic bust out of Wanhwa, the number rose to more than eighty-percent, which showed, how we’re all, beginning to, feel, panic; which is why, even if the trial phases of the developing vaccines hadn’t gone through the measures completely, people are, fighting to get, inoculated.  At this time, the government should keep watch for the people, instead of using the “Drive-Thru” methods of the vaccines developed here.  If we want to advocate the vaccines manufactured here, we need to get the tests done completely, go through all the trial stages, for the vaccines to get approved, internationally.

The president and the vice president rolling up their sleeves to get the first shot of nation’s manufactured vaccines, that’s a wrong demonstration!  Because, just because it works on you, that doesn’t mean, that it will work, for all of us.  The way that will work, is by using methods of unrelated to the vaccines, to contain the spread, to reduce that urgency of getting the vaccines.  And, the polls showed, close to sixty-percent of the public were displeased at the pace of the governments getting the vaccines, and hoped to get the BionTech vaccines manufactured in China to us.  The government should go ahead, and start importing the vaccines from international realms, so the people can have the choices, then, it can, consider, releasing the nation’s own, manufactured, vaccines.

So, this, is what’s going on, the government endorses the vaccines made here, but, the technologies are way too new, without the research verifications that it will work, and, getting certified internationally, that will totally, be a huge problem, and so, by advocating this “made-in-Taiwan” vaccine, instead of getting their hands on the certified already, international brands, we’re all, still SCREWED, because the government only has ITS, best interest in mind (making money off of the vaccines) and WE the people, become, lab rats for testing purpose here!

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