No Amounts of Placebo will Give the People Immunity

Opinions, on how the government is too slow, in getting the vaccines in this country, to inoculate the people, so we can have, a certain level of immunity against MERS-CoV!  It will, NEVER be, our turns, to get vaccinated, us, ordinary people, and WE are, the people, remember???  We-the-people?  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the outbreaks of MERS-CoV had just begun, Taiwan was the model citizen for defense against it; and yet, the outbreaks worsened, with the confirmed diagnoses, and deaths from contraction on that sharp rise, busted the myths of how we’re at the top for defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  The government, knowing, that there’s a serious need for the vaccines, and yet, it’d, lied on how we’re getting the shipments of vaccines by the ten millions, twenty millions at a time, telling the citizens to not start, panicking, and in the end, it’s all, just noises; the promised amount kept getting lowered, and the government used the excuses of how Communist China barred us from getting enough vaccines, how we’re helpless toward the diplomacies, and it’s a way of the government’s getting the people’s sympathies toward it.  In the end, we’d, started relying on the measly donated vaccines, with other countries’ handouts to us, but, the order of vaccinations is also, messed up, the government switched the orders, and yet, we, ordinary citizens still can’t get the vaccines that we’re all in dire need of.

what we don’t have! Photo from online

Seeing how the deathrate is hiking up faster and faster and faster, and faster, more than three hundred innocent lives, at the wave of the Command Center’s magic wand, died, due to the delays of getting the vaccines into the country, and no number of excuses, can’t make it right, and, how can an “I’m sorry” fix the predicament that we, the people are in right now?  Stop fooling yourselves, no amount of placebos can, help us increase the defense, the real vaccines are what will work, but, when do we all start, getting, inoculated???

“Ooh, ooh, ooh”, can I have a WHACK at that final question?  It’s the FIRST DAY of NEVER, because this god damn FUCKING (don’t pardon me!) government had given away ALL our allotted vaccines, to other “diplomatic friendly nations” that are still, our allies, without taking CARE of its people first, and so, we, the people are still, all, SCREWED over and @$#%ED (maxed out???) up, without the vaccines, how can we have immunity?  Oh wait, we can’t, and so, we’re all, waiting, for that particular horseman of the apocalypse, to come and, ride us all away!

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