More Beautiful as She Ages

Elderly are just soooooooooo adorable, aren’t they???  Translated…

If we’re older, can we no longer pursue beauty anymore?  I saw in my neighbor, Mrs. Hsu what it looks, to become more beautiful as one ages.

Mrs. Hsu is already eighty-five years old, she’d put her makeup on in the morning, with lipsticks so very red, with her long white trousers, her purple top, with a beige colored scarf around her neck, with a ton of energy, as she headed to the temples to offer her incense to the gods.  In the afternoons, she’d worn a fitting dress, showed up in the old folks’ activities center of the community, and sang those old tunes with a group of her friends.  In the early evenings, she’d gone strolling close to her home, and her bright-colored cotton workout outfits made her look as if she’s only sixty-something.

Mrs. Hsu once told me, “Getting dressed up is to encourage myself, a reminder of how blessed I am, to be living to this age, and so, I must keep myself active, radiant, every single day to not waste this gift from the heavens above; and as my offspring saw how energetic I am, they’d feel that I’m a cute elderly person too.”

She’s absolutely right, with the right amount of makeup not only make oneself look energetic, but also presentable to the outside world as well, the elderly need this especially.  Who doesn’t want to age gracefully?

So, keeping that positive attitude about life is still a MUST for aging gracefully, because this elderly person maintained her activeness, her involvement with the world around, that, is why she’s not among those in the elderly population that just stayed in their own darkened living rooms, with the televisions, turned on, get ACTIVE, that way, you’ll age gracefully too.

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