It’s Great to be Older

Positive attitude toward getting older here, translated…

All of a sudden, I’d felt, it’s GREAT to be elderly!  The elderly has NO one to tie her/him down, free to go as one pleases, without any wants or desires, no sadness or sorrows, no happiness, it’s such an amazing feeling.

The alarm clock had lost its purpose now, I’d gotten to sleep until I wake every single day, if I don’t want to get up yet, I simply, flip over, and fall back into dreams, and I get to sleep, until the sun is high up in the skies, I mean, it’s not like I have anything to get to that’s so urgent, even if I needed to go to the hospitals for my appointments, if it’s a small ailment, then, I can set up a good time, there’s NO need for me, to hurry to the hospitals now.

Only when we’re old, we’d understand what it means for things to flow along slowly and smoothly, life is the same too, no longer would I be rushed to do this or that, everything is done, at my liking, taking things slow and a step at a time, and I wouldn’t miss a step here or there, and, without missing a step here or there, I wouldn’t beat myself up then.

I no longer needed to rush to work, am my own “master”, the bosses, the superior officers, no longer will I work, for the sake of keeping my stomach full, no longer will I need to constantly keep an eye on other people’s moods, to not long for those looks of admirations either; I have an old friend, who too, worked as a reporter, after he’d retired, he’d decorated his study into an office, and had his wife deliver the menus, and he’d write off on it, to satisfy his own need to be a boss, that, is one way to do it all right!

Actually starting on the day of retirement, I’d felt the bliss from not putting on my tie or dress shirt in the morn; the elderly needed not to watch what one wears, so long as it’s clean and comfortable, and, walking with our casual shoes, very leisurely.

When we get to that age, why must we give a DAMN about cholesterol or triglyceride levels?  Just eat whatever pleases you, from time to time, let yourselves go, don’t be too stingy toward yourselves.  The movie Haute Cuisine after the famous chef left the private kitchens of the French president, he’d said something worth noting: living life is not about giving up on gourmet for the sake of health, the elderly, you might want to listen to her.

The elderly ride the busses for free, and gets discounts for the MRT along with the high-speed train fares too, if you want to go someplace, just pick yourselves up and go, go street shopping, go to the park, to see if the flowers are in bloom, and if the birds sitting on the nest eggs became a mom yet, play with those babies in the baby carriages, no matter if you’re going or coming, there would be priority seats for you, and nobody tries to get the seats from you, so comfortable.

Flipping through the papers, look up at the television screen, it’s actually just out of habit, you’d passed through a TON of ups and downs, maybe, there would be NO more news that can get you worked up, the weather’s changing to bad, typhoon is coming, it doesn’t make a difference to your daily living schedules, it’s just another change, and, with all those varieties as spices of life, it isn’t so boring at all.

Finally, I’d gotten all the time, to go to the libraries to read, and now, I will NEVER need to spend a cent on buying books; making a trip to the libraries, check out a few books I’m interested in reading, this can help me pass the time, and add to my knowledge base.  When it’s getting hot, might as well just stay in the air-conditioned libraries, and read books that fits my interests, in the cities, is just like in the oasis of a desert.

When I’m alone at home, I’d put on the operas from the fifties or the sixties, chased away the loneliness, if I’m in the mood, I can sing along too, and, it wouldn’t matter if I’m totally out of tune, the important thing is not to remain silent throughout the entire day.

Didn’t someone say, that the elderly should eat more fruits?  I’d changed into my going out clothes, to the marketplace, to shop for fruits and other types of groceries, picked a few bananas, a few kiwis and apples, a papaya, and a few oranges, after I’d paid, and was about to haul it home, the stand owner said to me, Mr. the fruits are too heavy for you, my husband will drop it off at your place a bit later.  I’m so spoiled, being watched out for and looked after.

The elderly should treat oneself kindly indeed, with a little less of those strict disciplines, laugh and cry as one pleases, I’m the only one that matter in my world, so, what if I get a bit stubborn at one time or the next?

The elderly would always forget things, the memories are deteriorating by the day, but, there are things in life, that you don’t need to recall so precisely, it’s okay to forget them, when one is about to leave this world, just take the good memories with you.

There’s nothing bad about being among the “gray-haired bunch”, there are a lot of people who don’t even make it, to see the day their hair become white, so, we must be even MORE optimistic, to not waste any of the days we have remaining, without worries of the future, and enjoy life in the moment.

After I’d retired I’d returned to Taiwan, and rented a place in the noisy streets of Taipei, the house is not only cramped, old, and it would leak too, but, I’m still living here with great pleasures.




Reviewing over my whole life, to this age, I can still receive this much respect and care and concerns from the world around, I’m truly thankful to the heavens above, but maybe, I should give more thanks to those kindhearted individuals.

This person has a positive view on aging, because he is still quite healthy, without problems of dementia or serious ailments, and, that, is a blessing, at old age, and, everybody wants to age like this person here, don’t we all???

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