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Helping the Mothers Return Back to the Workforce, a Company was Set up to Match Their Skills

This is a program, that helps women, get OUT of the, traditional gender roles, to help them find work outside the homes, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Der-Jen Human Resources Agency’s goal is to “help moms find work”; the founder of the program, Tsai saw a lot of women her age, because they had children, and after they took their maternity leaves, it’d become, harder for them, to return back to the workforce.  As she’d set up an independent agency, helping the women to have a friendly work environment, that they can take care of their families, as well as work at the same time, and her company received the “Enterprise Friendly Work Environment Contributions” award.

“What we’re doing may not bring in the big bucks, but, it’s, more than, meaningful!”, Tsai stated, that their workspace is put together with the desks, and the employees don’t need to follow the strict work schedules of nine to five, the flexibility of workhours allowed the employees to have more freedom, “the company is an example of allowing women to not get limited by the time of work in the offices, nor working in a specific space, and they can, all shine still”.

Tsai originally worked in the high-tech industries, in 2016, she’d given up on her high pay job, and set up a company on her own.  With only eight employees, and the objective of her company was to help match the female workers with the fitted workplaces fitted to their needs, the members of the families had the need of caretaking, and needed to go to and from work and home quite a lot, needed the flexible workhours, also, the balances of home and work too; and there were those women who’d left the workforces for way too long, lacked the self-confidences, and aren’t professional enough in their skillsets, they’d all needed the help.

Tsai told, that “combining the work and the families’ needs” was her original thought when she set up her company, “Der-Jen” is also the first human resources company that promoted the flexible work schedule in all of Taiwan, and called itself a social enterprise; from the very beginning of her company being set up, the hardships that they endured, most of the enterprises were all doubtful toward the “homemakers” returning back to the workforce, from the communications, the education, currently, the foundation offers about 3,000 women who are looking to return to work after they had their children.

so women can work, and take care of their children at the same time! Photo from UDN.com

The Der-Jen Human Resources recently combined workforces with the academic units, and started up the forum of setting up a friendlier environment for working mothers, and complied with the government’s program of “Women Returning to the Workforce”, designed many courses, to help reconnect the women with their going back to work, and it’d, set up the human resources classes for the private enterprises too; Tsai hoped to design a more flexible work schedule for women all around.

Making the Work Environment Friendlier, Tsai: What I’m Doing is Meaningful

Tsai worked in the technology industries for more than a decade’s time, she had already been promoted to a managerial position, and her career is on the rise, but as she’d found, that other women around her, due to getting married, starting their families, giving up on their dreams, and the achievements they get from work, leaving their stable workforces, and their wages, she’d pushed forth a friendly environment for mothers.

“People’s choices are related to their personality traits!”, she’d said, in the technology field she’d worked in the “innovations, and the most advanced” job, including before the government’s expansion southbound, she’d led the workers in her company to expand her company to Southeast Asia, to going into the 3-Dimension printing, the resources shopping sites.  But being creative in her thoughts, and with that strong sense of justice, she’d slowly wondered, “are the technologies working in helping people live better, or are they, controlling, our behaviors?”, and she’d started, having a different belief system.

In 2012 in a chance encounter, Tsai came into contact with “social enterprise”, she was in the midst of contemplating wanting to do something meaningful, and, she’d, matched to the programs perfectly, in the end, she’d left the technology industries, and set up a similar social enterprise, the Der-Jen Human Resources Agency.

Tsai told, that as she got deeper in, she’d found, that the matter of gender in the workforces is quite, complicated, in the process of helping, she saw the stories of others unravel before her eyes, and it’d, helped her accumulated the experiences, and felt, that she’d become, a source of power that can, help the society move forward.  She said, “the various people in their various positions, playing their roles well, finding how each can contribute to the society, I’m really glad, to have found the work I really enjoy doing, that’s also, meaningful too.”

And so, this, is a good program, that this woman set up, to help mothers who left the workforce to have children, who wanted to, return back to work again, as the work environment usually isn’t that friendly toward women who’d had children, and most of the enterprises would think twice before they hire mothers, because of how the mothers needed to consider the welfare of their own children, and this woman’s agency, is set up, to help the women find the jobs that can help them do both: work to bring in the pays, and to take care of their young.

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Placing My Demented Wife into a Nursing Home Temporarily, I Have Found a Way, to Alleviate the Stress of Caretaking

From the Newspapers, translated…

In order to put everything into caring for my demented wife, I’d filed for retirement early, ended my career as a public service worker.  Seeing how my wife had stashed the fruits inside the closets, causing it to mold, and contaminating our clothes, and would often take things from the freezer section of our fridge, without cooking, and just, started eating them, I’d finally realized, the extent of her dementia, but, other than placing her on medication, I couldn’t think of another way, to help resolve the situation.

Especially my wife couldn’t stabilize herself as she walked, and is very insecure, and totally dependent on me, would cling to me all day long, and, it’d severed me from my social activities, as well as the outside world, and, I’d strayed from my friends and families, and, the get-togethers after my retirement, the class reunions, I couldn’t manage to get myself to, it’d made me feel so very isolated, so tired, so sad, and so helpless, even to the extent of feeling, that there’s NOTHING in my life worth living for anymore.

Until I’d gotten note that the nearly sanitations department’s Tsaotun Nursing Home had a daycare program for the elderly, that specializes in placements of demented elderly patients, after my wife went for an evaluation, the center took her, and, would schedule various classes and activities for her to do, for example, karaoke, handicrafts, drawing, and, simple exercise routines, it’d allowed me room to breathe from day to day, and, the quality of my life improved, and I’d gotten the chance, to do what I enjoy doing every single day.

In taking care of my wife for almost twenty-five years, and now, I’m out of the shut-in world, out of the sadness, no longer fatigued, strained, or stressed out, no more negative feelings left………But, unfortunately, there are just not enough facilities that offers daycare programs for the demented elderly population, I hope, that the government could set up more facilities like this, to alleviate the economic and the caretaking burdens of the families.

And so, this, is a social welfare issue, isn’t it?  Because, if you’re the SOLE caretaker of a demented elderly person, you’d eventually feel the stress, especially like from the case above, when the wife became too codependent on the husband, and, if you can’t find a place, that you can place your demented loved ones into, for even just a couple of hours a day, then, you will surely, feel crushed, and, that, is not good at all, because if you, the caretaker isn’t feeling well, how, can you possibly have the strength, or the heart, to take care of the one you’re looking after???

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Opening Up the Umbrella of Social Welfare, Allowing the Children of Migrant Workers to Have a Home

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The predicaments of these migrant worker children had gotten the world’s attention.  Chen from the Labor Department yesterday told, that even IF the parents had gone missing, or are illegally living here, the government should still assist in the placement of these children in a fitting home; the manager of the Labor Development, Liu said, if the legal migrant workers gave birth in Taiwan, the government could use the public nursing systems to assist, so the workers wouldn’t have to constantly worry about their young.

The CEO of the Industrial Development Department, Tsai suggested, that Taiwan is lacking in people-power for the future, that the government is trying hard, to keep the students who came here to study here, that if these children can have a chance to become experts in their separate areas of studies, then, why not?

The legislator, Wang suggested, that there should be laws set up to protect the benefits of the migrant workers after birth, like how if they were to take their child back to their home countries for a year to care, and they wouldn’t have to worry about losing their jobs here; to break the boundaries of the current adopting restrictions, allowing these children born to migrant workers, to be entered into the welfare programs of Taiwan, to be adopted, by the social welfare programs or societies here.

Liu said, the babies of migrant workers should be divided into to parts: children born to illegal migrant workers, and children born to legal ones.  For the children born to legal workers, if the individuals couldn’t send the children back to their homeland to raise, and that the child had no one legally to rely on, the government could provide the cares, and the pricing should be reliant on how much the workers are making; and there are plans, to encourage the enterprises here, hiring the foreign workers, to set up their own childcare centers locally, for the migrant workers to use.

But toward those migrant workers who’d “gone missing”, Liu told, that “it would be more difficult”, that they might have to follow the laws, and send the mother and child back to their homeland.  Chen however, believed, that just because the parents are illegals, the child is still innocent, and, on a humanistic view, while the immigration offices is still looking for the missing parents, they should try to discover these illegal children, to help lace them, and the government can ask the nonprofit organizations for the placements too.

Chen said, that right now, the migrant workers can work up to twelve years total here, there are lawmakers who proposed, to elongate the time to fifteen years, the Labor Department is not against it, but the migrant workers had given so much time and energy to this country, plus the number of the labor workers are sloping down, it’s time, that the government and the society start discussing the immigrations policies.

And so, these, are some ways, to resolve this problem of unwanted children, but, it’s quite ideal still, because, if this policy is implemented, guess WHO will be picking up the tabs?  The taxpaying citizens, and, yeah, maybe you wouldn’t mind, but, someone might, because, why should we CARE for someone else’s kid?  And, they’re here, illegally, so, why should we give them the benefits, that not all of us even have?

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Hearing the Music with Love, Helping to Make the Dreams of Those Who’d Damaged Their Spines Come True

Giving back to the society, acts of charity and kindness, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Spinal Injuries Foundation and the Taipei Symphony on February 1st will be holding a benefits concert, with the conductor, Lin, and violinist, Su, to perform the classical symphonies, using music, to help the society hear the difficulties, and the needs to get a job for those with spinal injuries in the population of over 20,000, and all the proceeds of the concert will be going to help those with spinal injuries get a job, offering them occupational trainings and such.

The consultant of the foundation pointed out, that there is a yearly increase of almost a thousand individuals who injured their spinal cords due to multiple accidents in Taiwan, and the average age of those injured is twenty-seven.  He’d stated, after these youths had gone through this serious impact of their lives, the only dream that they have is to “help oneself stand back up again”.

Chien said, that those with spinal injuries may be paralyzed, but they have strong wills, and could still use their intelligences to make a living, to care for themselves, and establish their sense of self-confidence and dignity.  He said, getting them a job offering is equivalent to solving their economic difficulties, that the Foundation hoped to help these injured individuals to get assimilated into the society with the practice job skill training programs.

This, is the third time that the Foundation had worked with the Taipei Love Symphonies, all the proceeds of the concerts will be donated, entirely to the foundation, into job skills trainings, entrepreneurship assistance, helping to make the workspace more friendly, and it could also help those who wanted to start their own business with funding.

And so, this is something good in the world, and, because these individuals were hurt, and are now, in need of funding, to help them stand back up, so, the symphony joined into the cause, to help them get more funding for the programs that are to be set up to assist those who need it.  That just shows, that there are many private sector nonprofit organizations that are still doing wonderful work all around.

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The Ninety-Year-Old Man Started Smiling Again After He Had Company to Eat with Him

On social welfare, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The spirits of accompanying elderly in meals, through the communities, came into play.  The An-Kang Church member, Chang, after the death of his wife three years ago, hadn’t stepped out of the house because of his losses, had gotten together with the elderly meal program, and slowly, was able to get out from the loss of his wife.

Chang came to Taiwan with the nationalist government, operated a small food shop with his wife.  They were married for seventy years, and, three years ago, his wife passed away, he’d lost the center of his life, he’d given up on the Tai-chi he’d done since he was a young child, just sat by the window, gazed out, not only was his sight going bad, his hearing also deteriorated, even his legs which were very muscular, could no longer walk anymore.

N the support of his children, the member of the Ankeng Church, Chang took him out, and had him attended the church functions.  The leader of the church, Cheng said, that Chang would inquire everybody, “how old am I?”, and now, he’d picked up his Tai-Chi practices, warmed up, along with every single pose in the system, and, everybody would get rowdy and asked Chang to teach them, and, he now called out to everybody he meet, energetically, “I am ninety-three this year!”

The church was set up by Pastor Kao, and the church had been in place for over forty years to date, passed down from father to son, to keep showing care and concern to the community.  From the earliest days, there were only three members, to now, almost forty, at the start of this year, the church registered for the elderly club programs, and, the original meetings now have more functions, taking care of the elderly in the areas.

And so this, would be a community outreach program for the elderly, because the elderly man lost his wife, he couldn’t walk out of the gloom, but, with the help of the members of his church, he was able to find a new sense of purpose, which lifted his moods.  That just shows how socialization is still very important, even in the elderly years.

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Education and Social Welfare, Shouldering the Responsibilities for the Society, Helping the Less Fortunate

Everybody chips in here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The focus of today’s education being on morality, the parenting-related fields also shouldered up the responsibilities, like how some of those communities would ask for funding on the Cultural Affairs Department, to push forth the children’s art books, to help develop more mind boggling games, and some had offered free experience coupons, so the less fortunate and the families with handicapped children can also have a chance at an enriching childhood.

The Three-Out-of-Three Group, two years ago had helped with the organization and operations of the public childcare program of Sanchung in Hsinbei City, back then, Wu who was in charge of overseeing the operations said, from the angle of giving back to the community, the Three-Out-of-Three Group had gotten involved in the operations of the public childcare programs, but, in the two years, they’d realized that there was still a difference between what she wanted to see happen, and how the organizations operated.  “From the standpoint of the government, the public childcare programs focused more on the number of people it’d served, back then, the Sanchung Public Childcare Program took in seventy-five children of zero to two years of age, and the teacher to student ratio was one to five, and, you can imagine how anxiety-stricken the instructors/caretakers must have felt.”

The five-year-old, the Fort of Knights had, in the past, long-term supported the China Trusts Foundation of Lighting Up the Fires of Life, the CEO, Tsai stated, that from the moment the school was working, the Fort of Knights had provided free coupons for those less fortunate, Last year, they’d donated 3,500 tickets for the Taipei city government, to be given out to less fortunate families.  But, the usage of these free coupons isn’t at all that high, a lot of the moms from the less fortunate families said, that they would not take their kids to the malls, because the kids would ask them for things, and, the Fort of Knights couldn’t do anything, but feel helpless of the situations.

Even so, the Fort of Knights had no intentions of getting into the communities yet, the settings in the malls are beneficial, because there’s parking, it’s convenient, and, if they opened up centers away from the shopping malls, then, the parents may have to get out of their ways to take their kids there, and, it would cause survival issues for the company, and, the continuation of bringing in profits would be the only way to keep the spirits of how the Forts of Knights planned to combine education and art.

Tsai said, the Fort of Knight had been a long-term supporter of Lighting Up the Fires of Life, to sponsor the Hope Choir Group to come to Taipei, Kaohsiung to perform, and had once sponsored for the school of special education for their students to come to visit, but, because there was a class of regular students there already, the regular kindergarten took the kids away immediately, after this event, the Fort of Knights were even more careful and took in more considerations in hosting these events.

Sister Hua-Hua’s Story House in the past year, had scheduled for Syinlu Organization, the Da-Tong Orphanage and allowed children with ADHA, autism, or have developmental delays to visit there, and, designed the programs according to the mental development levels of the children.

Wu told that sometimes the special eds kids would scream aloud, and, normally, the family restaurants wouldn’t want them to come, “but we believe, that education should serve the purpose of helping children who are different than the rest.”

And so, this, is a privately owned organization, that’s helping out with the social welfare of the communities, and, if there are more programs like these set in place, then, there would be a hell of a lot less problems in the world.

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The Support for the Caretaker of Families, 6,500 Individuals Received the Assistances They Needed

A much needed assistance, for those in need, a social welfare program here, translated…

Four years ago, Mr. Song’s wife was diagnosed with a deterioration in her brain stem, at first, she could still manage to talk, to walk, and now, she’s completely, bedridden, and, the life of the family had completely gotten turned upside down because of it, in the program to offer assistance to caretakers, it’d made Mr. Song feel that he’s not all alone, in caring for his wife.

The Department of Sanitations yesterday had an exhibition of outcomes of the Family Care program of the year 2014, the person in charge of the division, Huang stated, that the city government started putting forth this social supportive network program for the families, and had already offered assistance to 6,500 individuals now, allowed the caretakers, along with the ones, needing the care, to have a better quality of life.

Mrs. Huang, who’s 67 years old, her husband had been paralyzed because of his stroke a decade ago, she said, “at the very start, I didn’t know how to care for him, I’d set my alarm for three in the morn, to check his vitals, to flip him over, and I’d feared that he might get hurt physically, if I weren’t careful enough, I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in such a long time, I’m about to crack.”

Last year, she’d applied for family support, and learned, that there are courses, offered, to caretakers, and, she’d entered into the program sponsored by the Department of Sanitations in Hsintien District.  Mrs. Huang said, “the courses are amazing, I’d learned a lot of tricks and learned a lot of the correct views to caretaking of the ailing.”

“We should learn to love ourselves, taking good care of myself, so, I can accompany my husband down the road.”  She’d said, every day, she’d taken time, to go out for exercise, to go to the libraries to read, and used the techniques she’d learned in the courses, to adjust her husband’s schedules, and used a more effective way, to take care of her better half.

This, would be a program that we’re in need more of in the world, because, the population IS aging, and even IF you’re not directly involved in the matter, you will become either the caretaker, or the one being taken care of, and, this program helps educate people on the matters of aging well.




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Helping the Handicapped Individuals with Employment, “Their Persistence Became My Motivation”

A do-gooder, a story of inspiration, found on the papers, translated…

The twenty-nine-year-old Lu turned theories into actions, helped the people who have psychological difficulties find work, she’d accompanied them, with great patience, smiled and told, “Their persistence is my motivation”, she’d viewed the group of people she helped as a lesson in life, yesterday, she was commended for her hard work by the Labor Department.

In the six years, Lu had helped those who are emotionally troubled build up a ladder, finding a fitting job is very difficult for them, and, the regular passage to getting a job became especially difficult for these individuals, she said, “their unrelenting, never giving up spirit moved me.”

“What they need was not compassion, but a chance,” Ling, someone Lu had counseled and accompanied for over a year’s time, was matched for over ten job opportunities, even though, Ling is very active in finding work, but, because she is imbalanced in her perceptions, that’d caused her to get overly anxious, become delusional, and slow to act, she needed medications, to subdue her symptoms, and she’d gotten shot down when she’d looked for work.

The defeats that the cases met had caused Lu to feel passive, but she’d felt Ling’s persistence in working hard, to find a job, she’d helped her set a goal, which they could work towards together, and slowly, helped her, to make changes to her behaviors, and, Ling walked on eggshells, with every opportunity she helped her case get, until two years ago, she’d finally helped her case find a fitting job.

Based off of statistics, it takes 202 days for a person to go through the employment trainings, to getting a job; in the process, Lu would offer counsel step-by-step, from taking the transportation, to interview, to working at the posts, she’d did everything to show her cases herself, to help her cases become independent, “seeing how much they’re improving, it’d motivated me to work hard alongside them even more.”

When Lu was in technical high school, she’d once wanted to be a veterinarian, but, before she started help saving lives, she’d had to kill a live rooster in class, and, in order to become a veterinarian, she must first, take a life, it’d filled her up with guilt, and, she’d tossed out her dreams of becoming a vet, instead, she’d earned herself a social worker’s certification, and started working in the friends of the rehabilitated individual organization of Hsinbei City, and found a path, that’s suitable to her.

Yesterday, Lu received an award for outstanding assistance for handicapped individuals; and there were many others just like her, who’d received the awards, for helping the handicapped individuals in the population.

And so, this woman gave it her all, in helping people with disabilities, find out what they’re good at, what they can do, and assisted them in getting a job, and we need more stories like these, and more people who do this, to help inspire the world all around.

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Ya-Du Became a Counselor’s Office, Helping Youths to Stand on Their Own

Another story of inspiration, of hope, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In order to help encourage the kids in the orphanage to stand on their own, the Ya-Du Li-Ji Group announced its plans of funding and setting up a plan to help the children and youths who’d lost their home stand up on their own, the six subsidiary shops, starting next month, will be offering children fifteen and older who’d left the orphanages opportunities for job training, as long as they’d sent in their résumés, there would be interviewed scheduled for them, and once they’d passed their trial period, they would be able to work for the group’s franchise.

Based off of the statistics done by the orphanage child care and concern organizations, the underage criminals rose to 13,000 last year, it was 12,000 more than two years ago, and, among them, there were more of those children who didn’t have a home to grow up in, and the organizations tracked down the 376 youths who struck out on their own, and found that the unemployment rate is around twenty-two percent.

The Ya-Du Franchise Group found the general managers from six of its hotels back to Taipei yesterday and made an announcement of this program to help the youths in the population, other than giving assistance to the rents and the living expenses, they’d also provided the “matchmaking” of employers and employees, not only did the hotel franchise offer these young people the opportunity to apply for jobs, the organization had offered assistance in areas of writing one’s own résumé, and the techniques to answering interview questions.

The general manager of the hotel, Wang said, he hoped that through this opportunity, of hands-on experiences in the workforce, and teaching the youth interview skills, they’re able to “give the younger generation a fishing pole, and turn the hotels into a counseling office for the youths who are out on their own.”

This is, a corporation’s way of giving back to the community, and the services they’re providing is all too vital, it’d offered the skills needed for these teenagers to get a job, so they can manage to pull themselves out of their own unfortunate former circumstances, and we should have more programs like this in the world.

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Training People in the Elderly Care Industries, Solving the Crises of Losing Jobs in Midlife

Because there’s now, this HUGE market for the caring for the elderly in the population, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There is an increase in the population of people sixty-five and older, and, how do we care for the elderly population became a huge issue that we must face up to as a nation now, training the younger generations as caretakers for the elderly not only will resolve the issues of caretaking for the elderly, it can also resolve part of the problem of unemployment.

The CEO of the foundation, Chou pointed out, that the aging population can be problematic, but it can also be a way, of helping to resolve issues of midlife unemployment too.

Yesterday, Chou attended the Sixth Social Welfare Enterprises International Forum, and she’d used her own experiences of working as a caretaker in the distant regions of Pingdong as example.  She said, that there’s an estimate of 460,000 elderly who are unhealthy, the average lifespan of those who’d lost their abilities is seven years; getting lost easily, and those demented elderly who can’t live on their own, the number went up to 130,000 individuals, but only close to ten thousand of these elderly has a manual for being demented, issued by the government, who are receiving government assistance right now.

Chou said, that in the distant areas of Pingdong, the resources are even scarce, that out of a hundred demented elderly, only one can receive the care that s/he needed.  She’d stated, that there’re are about 5,700 demented elderly in the Pingdong region, and, based off of the community’s way, only sixty of those 5,700 can receive the right kind of assistance that they needed.

Chou brought up the example of how there are eight native tribes in Pingdong, but now, the elderly meals on wheels program doesn’t make the deliveries to any of these eight tribes.  She said, that the Foundation she’s in charge of made home visits, delivered meals on wheels, and provided the basic care needs for the elderly who lived alone, and this helped establish the system of support in the distant regions in Pingdong.

Chou claimed, that through the resources and the help from the locals, the foundation had helped the 126 caretakers, to assist a total of 808 elderly in the population, and their monthly salary is up to $25,000N.T., and the yearly wage is over forty million dollars.  She said, rounding up the resources, offering the caretakers a sound salary for the home visits, a job that benefits two families, the demented elderly, along with the caretakers’ families are both looked after.

Chou said the next step of the plan is to set up the training centers for such caretakers in the southern districts, to allow more of the younger generations to get into the field.  She said, that the unemployment problem in the distant regions of Pingdong would make the transitions to this new work easier, and at the same time, it can resolve the issues of not having enough caretakers, fitting, to take care of the demented elderly, and at the same time, manage to resolve the issues of the younger generation not being able to find jobs.

And so, this, is a good social welfare program, that benefited all sides, because NOT only would the younger generations who are desperately seeking a job get one, and the elderly in the region would also be well looked after.

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