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A House Painter Set Up a Foundation to Help the Unfortunate, Continuing the Love Onward

A foundation, that helps out, those in need, long-term, instead of, just one time, and on occasions, and this, is one that will, have the, long-term, effects on those who are, in need, set up by this man, who began, with that thought of, “I want to make a difference” and “I want to help others”, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The CEO of Love580 Foundation, Chang, worked as a house painter, two years ago, to fulfill his wish of giving back to the community, he’d set up the foundation, and became its C.E.O., but his families were against him, until they saw how many he’d helped, then they were, supportive of his cause, Chang said that he was an “innocent rabbit who’d accidentally, fell into the hole of not-for-profit organization”.

The foundation originally assisted the cancer patients write the letters, or to fulfill their last wishes, for the patients wanted to leave something behind for their, loved ones, and, there were the less fortunate who’d come to ask for assistance too, hoping the foundation can help them out, and Chang, within the abilities of his foundation, helped as many as he could.

the photo of the man at the office, with the donated goods from the society behind him, courtesy of UDN.com

Chang said, his own father died of illness, he’d not left anything behind for them afterwards, that was what sparked the thought of “leaving the love behind”, he’d originally thought, that he will start this until he had the money, but, seven, eight years had flew by, and, the thought of setting up the foundation stayed, and he’d not gotten more money, nor was he, more, leisurely, and two years ago, he’d, suddenly, started up this foundation.

Chang said, as he set up the foundation, his families were, against it, believed, that they weren’t well to do, he’d even, camped out at the office of the foundation, but for the two years the foundation’s been set up, it’d, helped, many of those who are, in need, and, his families watched him, and his children also believed, “there’s nothing wrong with what dad’s doing”, and now, his wife helps out regularly at the office of the foundation.

Chang pointed out, that he’d, watched a son who was rebellious, ran with the wrong crowds, truant, thumbed across a letter from his own father who’d passed, wrote, “I wish my son……………”, and it had, caused the child to change completely, he’d, let go of his truant tendencies, stopped hanging out with the wrong crowds, and, buckled down to study, and he’d gotten accepted into university, he’d believed that this was, something meaningful, to pass the love on became, one of the work of his foundation.

In recent days, a lot of the locals in need came to the foundation to seek out assistance, Chang told, that a lot of the foundation only give a one-time help, but, his foundation, other than helping those in need resolve the difficulties in the moment, it’d also, help the cases find work and, helped them budget their money better, and, keep a long-term follow-up of the cases, at the same time, sharing the process of how help is gained online, to let the public know, how their donations are, being, spent.

And so, all it takes, is still, just, that one thought of kindness, one moment that touched someone’s heart, to start something wonderful like this, and we need more people who are selfless in giving to the community, because there are, those who are in need, and this foundation doesn’t just offer the one-time help, like a lot of the foundations do, it helps the cases long-term, and that’s, where the effects show.

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Hearing the Music with Love, Helping to Make the Dreams of Those Who’d Damaged Their Spines Come True

Giving back to the society, acts of charity and kindness, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Spinal Injuries Foundation and the Taipei Symphony on February 1st will be holding a benefits concert, with the conductor, Lin, and violinist, Su, to perform the classical symphonies, using music, to help the society hear the difficulties, and the needs to get a job for those with spinal injuries in the population of over 20,000, and all the proceeds of the concert will be going to help those with spinal injuries get a job, offering them occupational trainings and such.

The consultant of the foundation pointed out, that there is a yearly increase of almost a thousand individuals who injured their spinal cords due to multiple accidents in Taiwan, and the average age of those injured is twenty-seven.  He’d stated, after these youths had gone through this serious impact of their lives, the only dream that they have is to “help oneself stand back up again”.

Chien said, that those with spinal injuries may be paralyzed, but they have strong wills, and could still use their intelligences to make a living, to care for themselves, and establish their sense of self-confidence and dignity.  He said, getting them a job offering is equivalent to solving their economic difficulties, that the Foundation hoped to help these injured individuals to get assimilated into the society with the practice job skill training programs.

This, is the third time that the Foundation had worked with the Taipei Love Symphonies, all the proceeds of the concerts will be donated, entirely to the foundation, into job skills trainings, entrepreneurship assistance, helping to make the workspace more friendly, and it could also help those who wanted to start their own business with funding.

And so, this is something good in the world, and, because these individuals were hurt, and are now, in need of funding, to help them stand back up, so, the symphony joined into the cause, to help them get more funding for the programs that are to be set up to assist those who need it.  That just shows, that there are many private sector nonprofit organizations that are still doing wonderful work all around.

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