Opening Up the Umbrella of Social Welfare, Allowing the Children of Migrant Workers to Have a Home

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The predicaments of these migrant worker children had gotten the world’s attention.  Chen from the Labor Department yesterday told, that even IF the parents had gone missing, or are illegally living here, the government should still assist in the placement of these children in a fitting home; the manager of the Labor Development, Liu said, if the legal migrant workers gave birth in Taiwan, the government could use the public nursing systems to assist, so the workers wouldn’t have to constantly worry about their young.

The CEO of the Industrial Development Department, Tsai suggested, that Taiwan is lacking in people-power for the future, that the government is trying hard, to keep the students who came here to study here, that if these children can have a chance to become experts in their separate areas of studies, then, why not?

The legislator, Wang suggested, that there should be laws set up to protect the benefits of the migrant workers after birth, like how if they were to take their child back to their home countries for a year to care, and they wouldn’t have to worry about losing their jobs here; to break the boundaries of the current adopting restrictions, allowing these children born to migrant workers, to be entered into the welfare programs of Taiwan, to be adopted, by the social welfare programs or societies here.

Liu said, the babies of migrant workers should be divided into to parts: children born to illegal migrant workers, and children born to legal ones.  For the children born to legal workers, if the individuals couldn’t send the children back to their homeland to raise, and that the child had no one legally to rely on, the government could provide the cares, and the pricing should be reliant on how much the workers are making; and there are plans, to encourage the enterprises here, hiring the foreign workers, to set up their own childcare centers locally, for the migrant workers to use.

But toward those migrant workers who’d “gone missing”, Liu told, that “it would be more difficult”, that they might have to follow the laws, and send the mother and child back to their homeland.  Chen however, believed, that just because the parents are illegals, the child is still innocent, and, on a humanistic view, while the immigration offices is still looking for the missing parents, they should try to discover these illegal children, to help lace them, and the government can ask the nonprofit organizations for the placements too.

Chen said, that right now, the migrant workers can work up to twelve years total here, there are lawmakers who proposed, to elongate the time to fifteen years, the Labor Department is not against it, but the migrant workers had given so much time and energy to this country, plus the number of the labor workers are sloping down, it’s time, that the government and the society start discussing the immigrations policies.

And so, these, are some ways, to resolve this problem of unwanted children, but, it’s quite ideal still, because, if this policy is implemented, guess WHO will be picking up the tabs?  The taxpaying citizens, and, yeah, maybe you wouldn’t mind, but, someone might, because, why should we CARE for someone else’s kid?  And, they’re here, illegally, so, why should we give them the benefits, that not all of us even have?


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