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A Matter of Last Names…

Who the HELL says, that after we women marry, we MUST take your last names?  And, why don’t you ALL, start taking OUR last names instead?  I mean, it’s only fair, right, as the “rituals” of a married woman taking HER husband’s last name had been happening since………how LONG now?

So, it’s time for a change!  This is still a SEXIST thing, making us women, subordinates to Y-O-U, and, by becoming your wives (1 @ a time), we’re NOT only signing on as ASS-WIPES, because let’s face it, all you losers are looking for when you find a significant other is a SURROGATE mommy who can BREAST feed you, who’s gonna kiss your boo-boos, and, where, is it written down (meaning in P-R-I-N-T!!!) that we MUST become the mothers of your children?  And, what about what WE want?  Because, you ladies DO realize, that after you’re wed, and had your babies, you’re basically done, right???  Uh, yeah!

Matter of last names, I won’t BE taking ANYBODY’s LAST names, because I will NEVER be married to NOBODY (and your point being???) but me.

Once again, this, is still a W-O-M-A-N talkin’, just so you all know!

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If It Were a Man, Would You Still Ask These Questions?

This, is sexist!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Sometimes, if you want to know if something has hidden meanings, all you need to do, is a substitution, then, it all becomes, clear as day.

I’m going to serve up THREE practice questions, from a hot woman in tennis, the obituary of the author of Thorn Bird, to the Golden Globes and the Oscars, you can see instances of gender discrimination everywhere, but, the genders, they’re fighting back now.

One is for the recently ended Australian Open, the interview by the courtside had initiated the responses toward gender discrimination.  “Can you turn around for us?”, the reporter for the Australian Television Station, Ian Cohen, had sparked the rants on gender discrimination.  Cohen smiled toward Williams, who’d just finished a hard game in tennis, and asked her the above question; she is the world’s TOP female tennis player.  “Would you ask Federer, or even, Nadal, to twirl for you too?”, this sort of a substation, IS the best way, to FIGHT back toward this sort of an idiotic interview.

In another single’s match, the female Canadian player, Eugenie Bouchard, was also, asked the same question.  The twenty year old was stunned at first, then, she’d spun around shyly for him.

It’s ENOUGH!  In his eyes, don’t the techniques weigh MORE than the skills, compared to the sexy figures, and the young bodies?

And, these sexist questions had sparked anger from the seventy-one year old, Billy Jean King who’d won twelve trophies in tennis in her career.  She couldn’t help but shouted back, “If this is NOT gender discrimination, then, WHAT is?”

At the same time, the Australian press made ANOTHER Chauvinistic mistake.  After the writer of “Thorn Birds”, Colleen McCullough had passed.  The Australian press reported in her obituary that sums up her life, “McCullough, Australia’s best selling author, is a hunter of men.  Ordinary looking, clearly obese, and yet, she’s still intelligent and warm.  She’d once said, ‘I don’t care what I wear or what I look like; what’s interesting is, that I have all the men I want’”.

Would this be, what the writer of “Thorn Birds”’s proudest achievements, what she would be remembered by the world as?  Her biggest achievement in life was with her slightly obese figure, and getting ALL the men she wanted?

And so, you see here, that women ARE beginning to FIGHT back toward losers’ sexist remarks, and this shows a change in the “power struggle”, because more and more women are realizing, that they don’t have to be perceived as sex toys, sex objects, and get ridiculed by losers, and, this, is a good thing, because at least, we’re getting the balance back, slowly, that is…

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My Mother-in-Law Only Liked Boys, Relationship Between a Mother and a Daughter-in-Law

This, IS the 21st Century, you DO realize that, don’t you?  So, why are you, the elders still SUCK in your 17th to 19th Century mindsets???  Translated…

In the day and age, because of the burdens, some of the families only choose to have one child, but I kept believing, that a child who has the company of a sibling would grow up happier.  After I’d had my firstborn son, finally, right before he was about to turn two years of age, I had a second child, and, it was, a daughter, just as I’d hoped.

My in-laws lived in the country side, with my husband’s eldest brother, and my husband and I rented our home away.  During my pregnancy when I’d visited his house, I’d heard my eldest sister-in-law told, “When the neighbors asked, mother-in-law would tell others that you’re carrying a son, said that we’re a family who reproduce sons.”

After I heard, I was a bit unhappy, and that, was when I realized that my mother-in-law only liked sons.  Until after I’d given birth, and my in-laws came to the hospitals to visit, my mother-in-law still inquired, “Was it a boy or a girl?”, back then, I was too glad, that I had an older son already, otherwise, I would surely, go under the fires.

After my daughter was born, I was too busy, caring for my children, and, headed home was too tiring for me, and my kids would have to pack everything up, and, as I’d returned home, I’d be faced with the cobwebs, and so, every time we’d made plans to head back, I’d have to think for a very long while.  This time, when I’d gone back, my mother-in-law asked me if I wanted to have another child, I was shocked.  Even though I wanted to, but, I couldn’t afford to have another child, but, my mother disagreed with my reasoning, I’d changed my thoughts, told her, “The fortune-teller said we would have more girls than guys, and now, I already had a son and a daughter, if I have another, it would surely be a girl again, do you still want me to have one more?”

She’d replied immediately, “then, don’t even bother if it is a girl!”

Actually, whether you have a son or a daughter, s/he would be a treasure in the parents’ minds, why must you be so hung up on having a son? Because that, is the TRADITIONAL and AGE old belief of the Asian cultures, because girls will eventually marry off, and take someone else’s last name, and the babies they reproduce would carry the husbands’ (1 @ a time) last names, and that, is why this mother-in-law is still way too OLD school, and, we ARE living in the TWENTY-FIRST century here (or, did my TIME machine crash back in the 17th, 16th, 15th, or 18th Centuries again???), so, DROP those age-old beliefs of boys are better than girls, because they will have your last names, and, need I remind you all, that females are the ones with the ability to CARRY the kids, unless, you’re talking about the seahorses, or the leaf dragons of the deep sea varieties!

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A Marriage is NOT Easy to Manage

Of course it isn’t easy, to manage a marriage, you MUST give it a TON of love, and room to grow, if you want it to grow well, translated…

Through the introductions of a friend, a foreign bride, Winnie came to ask for my opinions on some things.

In the process of our conversations, Winnie told me that she is in a bad jam, she’d owed sixty million dollars, and each and every month, she must pay at least a hundred thousand dollars worth in debts, other than her own living expenses, she still needed to mail the money back to her parents.

I asked Winnie, “Are you unwed?”

She said, “I’m married, and my husband is a professor.” I was shocked and asked her, “You are in this trouble, and why does your husband NOT help you out?” Winnie answered, “He said, that I brought it on myself, that I must deal with it on my own.” Later I’d told about how my husband and I got along, I said, “I respect my husband, and so, everything major, I’d asked his opinion on it, and, after he’d said okay, then, I’d go and do it.” Winnie said, “I get it!  From before I’d had three shops, I’d taken care of things on my own, I thought I was capable, I was truly, too proud from before.  I thought that I’m a good wage earner, I’d even told my husband, ‘you’re just a school professor, you can only do research, and nothing else!’  I wasn’t respecting him enough.  And now, I’d lost money in my investments, naturally, he wouldn’t want to help me.” I’d smiled and told Winnie, “You know what?  My mother was just like you, a macho woman, later, my parents divorced.  I’d seen how my parents interacted with each other, and I’d decided, that if I must show my capabilities, then, it would be away from my husband’s vie4ws, in front of him, I’m a princess, and so, everything, he decided.  But, my husband actually knew, that I have outstanding work performances away from home, that, was one valuable lesson I’d learned from watching my parents, and, this lesson came a bit too late for you.” I hope that Winnie can truly understand what my philosophy of marriage is, and hope that she could improve the interaction between her and her husband.  After this storm, and, they finally get along better.

And so, this still shows, how when we women become TOO capable, you LOSERS just CAN’T handle it, and, hello, hello, hello?  Why the FUCK (and yeah, so???) must WE dumb ourselves DOWN for you freakin’ egos?  And, who says, that we need you, you are the ones who need us, hello, hello, hello???  You LOSERS are NOTHING MORE than just a F***ING (maxed out???) T-A-D-P-O-L-E!!!

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When She Earns More than He Does

A BLOW on HIS E-G-O, uh-huh!!!  Translated…

My good friend Sunny, who’d become a wanderer in love, had been having troubles, finding her prince charming.  And so, she’d stopped the claims of “love is everything”, but she still wanted to meet her one and only true love.

Recently, I’d learned from her Facebook that she’d met her current boyfriend in English cram school, and was in this new love.  From Facebook, he seemed to be a perfect gentleman who cared for her a lot, and she’d enjoyed being spoiled by him too.  But, from our common friends, I’d learned, that even though Sunny’s boyfriend is a couple of years older than she, he’d followed Sunny’s words like orders, and did everything he was told by her.

As they marched toward living together as a trial for their marriage, the guy not only took care of ALL the household work, and he is a great cook, he’d taken care of the matter of preparing the meals, to allow Sunny, who’s had a hard day’s work to come home to a well-cooked supper, she’s living in bliss that’s for certain.  However, in the workforce, the man had set his sight too high, and couldn’t measure up to the demands of his profession, lacked a skill, and kept changing jobs, isn’t stable in his earnings, and still relied on his parents for economic supports.  Gladly, however, Sunny made more than enough, and she didn’t nickel and dime who paid more in the relationship.

And this showed the changes in modern day women’s view of love, being economically independent had caused some women to refuse to compromise, playing the traditional roles in the families, and chose to become the primary earner, to get more freedom.  Hopefully, with the changes in the world, more people will slowly accept that “man taking care of the house, woman taking care of earning”, Sunny can finally find her happily ever after.

Because the world is still way too SET on the beliefs of???  Oh yeah, you LOSERS (and no, still NOT name-calling!!!) should be the primary earner of the households, and, due to your fragile EGOS, that, is why this world is unaccepting of cases like this, and, there’s NOTHING wrong with man taking care of inside the households, I mean, which of you ladies would mind, coming home, to see your guys in their stupid little (fine, I’m S-O-R-R-Y!!!) APRONS, in their oven mitts, carrying that baked turkey from the oven and say to you, “Dinner will be served in thirty minutes”?  And, the roles of the genders are altering, because the world is still EVOLVING (yeah, it’s still E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N, you MORONS, no offense!!!), and, if we don’t evolve, then, we will totally become EXTINCT, and, unless you wouldn’t mind getting “wiped out”, you had better evolve!!!

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