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The Four-Year-Old Young Child Died, After Being Left Alone on the Roads, the District Attorney Asks for a Heavy Sentence for the Stepfather

Because the children were her and her ex’s, you have the right, to ABUSE them, is that it???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chen from Changwha after marrying Hsieh, he was accused of physically disciplining the three young children Hsieh had with her ex, this March, he’d, picked up the two young boys, threw them onto the streets, of the two, the four-year-old young boy was picked up by him, and, thrown onto the pavements, the child died immediately after getting thrown onto the road.  After he’d committed murder, Chen turned himself in, yesterday, the district attorney’s prosecuted him on murder, and asked the judge to sentence him more heavily, based off of the laws protecting youth and children.

The indictment pointed out, the thirty-three year-old Chen married Hsieh this January, and lived with the three children Hsieh had with her ex, Hsu, and he’d used the excuses of how loud they were getting, how they weren’t eating their meals properly, and used his legs, to “sweep” the four, five, six year old young children, after they fell to the ground, he’d told them to get back up, and continued punishing them to stand against the walls or kneeled down.

At the start of March this year, Chen and Hsieh were talking using LINE, he’d heard the six-year-old young child, Hsu getting fussy on the back, and as he’d arrived home, he’d, beaten the child up, and, grabbed the child, and threw him into the pile of items in the kitchen, causing the child to have multiple injuries.  On March 14th, Chen felt the kids were, getting too loud, he’d, punished them to stand against the wall, then, swept them all down one by one, with his leg, then, called them to stand back up to continue punish them to stand, the youngest child, the four-year-old Hsieh (carried the mother’s last name) told him that he felt “dizzy and didn’t want to stand,” and wanted mommy, Chen lifted his right left, swept the child off to the ground, the child’s head hit the ground, and was punished to kneel until the nighttime.

On that same night, the young child, Hsieh started vomiting, and at 3:30 in the morning on the fifteenth, he’d waken up, and vomited again, Chen asked him how many times he was going to do it, there was no reply, the child was dragged out of bed by Chen, and kicked and punched.  Hsieh got up, to protect her own young, and was ready to take the kids out on her scooter for some snacks, and as Chen asked Hsieh the young boy, “Are you really hungry now?”, and because the young child didn’t answer, he was picked up, and thrown outside onto the pavements, the child died immediately.

Chen started performing CPR on the boy, and, eighteen hours later, he’d, turned himself in to the police, but the district attorneys believed he’d intended to murder the child, asked the courts to have him in custody, and the district attorneys charged him on murder, and laws against children and adolescents.

And so, this is still all, after-the-fact, and, it’s already, too late, because???  Oh yeah, ANOTHER (and no, still NOT the last of this, “dying breed” here!) kid dies, from the abuse, because this loser took his anger out on his own girlfriend’s children, which don’t have his blood, and because these children aren’t related to him by blood, I guess he felt okay, that he could, beat the CRAP out of them, and this time, this young boy died in the process…










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A Man Abused His Girlfriend’s Young Daughter, Got a “Heavy Sentence” of Fourteen Years

Did you NOT read that last case of the newborn being COOKED by the mother’s boyfriend???  So, why the FUCK (don’t pardon me this time!) is this still happening???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chou, in Yunlin two years ago, moved in with a married woman, Ke, and because of Ke’s young one-year-three months old daughter won’t stop crying, Chou had multiple times, used rulers, sticks, or cloth hanger, to beat the child, he’d even scooped up the child, and fly-kicked the child, causing her to fall to the ground, the infant, after these abuses, because of the back of her head was beaten, she’d fallen into a coma, then died.

The D.A. charged Chou and Ke together, the first trail, the courts sentenced Chou on abused to death to eleven years, eight months, and sentenced the mother on abuse for three months and she is to serve one more month in jail.  The second trials maintained the ruling toward the mother, but believed that Chou didn’t follow the payback plans, and he is without remorse, he’d charged him on abuse to death on fourteen years and a half, and, on the damages part, he could pay a fine.  The highest courts maintained the rulings of the appeal courts.

As the trial was proceeding, the grandmother of the child showed up and started wailing, screamed at Chou, called him “inhumane, I must get you back for my granddaughter’s sake.”  Even though, Chou had reached a settlement of two million dollars with the infant’s father, Chou still hadn’t paid a single dime.

The verdict pointed out, in an online game, Ke had met Chou, who fixed up the air-conditioning systems, two years ago in May, Ke took along her daughter, and moved in with Chou in Yunlin, the one year three months old daughter would cry often, and Ke would used glue sticks to beat her own daughter’s back or legs, causing the child’s back to swell and bruise.

Chou claimed he was a psychic, claimed that the infant was possessed, not only had he used the punishment toys, rulers, to beat her up, he’d also burned the child with incense and beat her body with a clothe hanger, last June, he’d even fly kicked the child, the child flew across the living room, fell beneath the sofa, and, went into shock, thankfully, a friend of Chou’s performed CPR, to help save the child’s life.

A few days later, the young girl had her bottle, and as sitting on the toy car, Chou, all of a sudden, started hitting the child on the back of the head, the child cried two loud cries, then, fell into a coma, Chou once again, ask his friends to perform CPR, and lifted her to the hospital, the child never woke up again, she’d died six months later.  Chou claimed that he’d only lightly hit the child as a disciplinary method, and Ke claimed that she wasn’t there, but the courts didn’t believe them.

And there are still a TON of parents who are NOT supposed be parents, in this case, the man has emotional problems, and he took his anger of whatever out on the girlfriend’s young daughter, and, fourteen years is still too lenient, these sort of LOSERS should be locked away for L-I-F-E, if you ask me!

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A Man Abused His Friend’s Two-Year-Old Daughter and Made the Son from His Previous Marriage Take the Fall for Him

More bad news, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman from Hsinbei City, Hsieh, helped looked after her friend’s two-year-old daughter, the girl was suspected of getting abused to death by her ex-husband, Lee, but Lee had threatened Hsieh’s thirteen-year-old son to take the fall.  Five months later, the teen cried as he’d told his mother, “I’m afraid that you’d go to jail, and that my siblings will get separated” that, was why he’d taken the fall.

After Hsieh learned the truth, two days ago, she’d told Lee (age 35), “If you don’t turn yourself in, then, I will go to the police!”, forcing Lee to come clean to the police, he’d admitted to the abuse.  He claimed, “Even IF Hsieh was my own flesh-and-blood, I’d still have him take the fall for me!”, the police booked him based off of abuse to death, sent him to the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office, and the D.A. was granted the right to take him into custody.

The police investigated, that the mother, Kuan, of the child (age 29), because her husband is serving time, she couldn’t take care of her children alone, last year in September, she’d asked her friend, Hsieh (age 36), to take care of her baby; Hsieh is a single mother, with four kids, when she’d sold yam regularly, the thirteen year old eldest son would help take care of the younger siblings.

Last year on a day in October, Hsieh called up his mother, told her, “Something’s wrong with my younger sister, she’s kinda weird, she didn’t make a sound.”  Hsieh rushed home, and rushed her daughter to the E.R., a month later, the child had subdural hematoma, and her brain swelled up and she’d died, and because there were bruises on the child’s arms, knees, and eyes, so, abuse was suspected.

As the police questioned, the adolescent, Hsieh took the falls, said that because the young girl was crying like hell, he’d smacked the back of her head, threw her onto the mattress.  Back then, Hsieh was sent to juvenile court, the judge thought that he should finish school, didn’t take him into custody.

A few days ago, Hsieh told a friend, “I may be jailed!”, the close friend inquired more, and that, was when he’d disclosed the truth, and after he’d returned home, he’d cried to his mother, “I didn’t do it, I don’t want to go to jail!”

Hsieh stated, that on the day that his baby sister died, Lee came to their house, his mother was away, his baby sister wouldn’t stop crying, he’d heard Lee yelled at her, “BE QUIET!”, later, he didn’t hear a single sound, at noontime, Lee was so stressed, told him to contact his mother.

Hsieh said, that afterwards, Lee threatened him, “If you don’t take the fall for me, your mother will get taken to jail, your half-siblings will be taken away.”

Two days ago, Lee went into the station, and came clean, that because the infant girl would cry a lot, he’d become annoyed, and would often smack the back of her head, and her body, or would carry her up to his chest, and threw her down onto the mattress, that he’d lost track of how many times he’d done it.  The police also called Hsieh and her son into questioning, and they’d confirmed that Lee had told Hsieh to take the fall for him.

But yesterday when Hsieh came in front of the press, she’d denied all the claims, and when Kuan was mentioned, she’d asked, “Who’s that?”, and facing her ex, Lee, she’d told the press, “I don’t know him”.

Kuan yesterday got all worked up said, that afterwards, she’d still considered how Hsieh had four other kids, that she didn’t blame her at all.  But later, as she’d discovered multiple wounds on her child, and Lee told her that that was from falling off of the yam carts,” she just kept lying, and I can’t forgive that!

Kuan said, that since the very start, she’d never believed, that the youth had done it, because he’s a good child, always listened to his mother’s words; if she’d known earlier, that Lee had been abusing her daughter, she would’ve “quit her job, and brought her back home no matter what!”

And, this, is still how hindsight worked.  And, this LOSER had utilized the son’s closeness with his mother, to trick him into taking the fall for the abuse and death of this little girl, and, the man showed NO sign of remorse whatsoever, and that, is NOT good examples parents should BE setting for their own children!!!

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The Son Would Get Fussy at Bedtime, the Father Disciplined Him Three Times a Week, the Multiple Handicapped Son Died

Another tragedy, caused by the parents!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A eight-year-old boy, with multiple handicaps, was suspected of being beaten to death by his own father two nights ago for being too fussy, the next morning, he’d become limp, his body cold, after being rushed into the hospitals, he was dead, the police believed that the father had disciplined the son too severely, causing him to die, and booked him based off of involuntary manslaughter, the D.A. set the bail for ten thousand dollars.

The child’s father admitted to the police, that his son who has multiple disabilities, at eleven at night two nights ago just wouldn’t stop crying, and wouldn’t fall asleep, he was so angered that he’d grabbed his son, placed him on his laps, and started whipping the child’s inner thighs with a cloth hanger, and after he’d done, “disciplining” his son, he’d gone to bed, leaving his wife, to soothe the child over until five in the morning, back then, the child was still very alive and active.

At eleven o’clock the next day, the wife found the son, not moving, in his bed, his body was totally cold, and that there was vomit from the food he’d had two nights ago, she’d called her husband immediately, he’d rushed home, to perform CPR onto the child, then, rushed him to the hospital.

The Banciao Branch of the United Hospital E.R. doctor, Lin pointed out, that the father was frantic, screaming, “help save my son!” but by the time that the doctors got to the child, he was without ANY signs of life, and there were FIVE markings on his back and legs.  After the hospital did emergency resuscitation for fifty minutes, he was still pronounced dead.

The child’s mother claimed that the child had cerebral palsy, and could only lie on his back to sleep, that he couldn’t flip over on his own, that yesterday early morning, she’d gone up to check up on him multiple times, but didn’t find anything that’s weird, that her husband had used the cloth hangers to whip her son three times this recent weeks.

The social services stated, that the family is registered as a low income household, and two years ago, they’d applied for home schooling, and the Department of Education would send people to check up on the child’s progress once a week, and the recent visit was on March 10th, and the instructor didn’t report seeing anything out of place, that they’re going to look further into the matter.

Here, you have a kid with SPECIAL needs, and, he just got a BIT too fussy for whatever reasons (it didn’t specify in the papers, so I wouldn’t know what it is!!!), and so, the father lost HIS temper, and “disciplined” the child too hard, and KILLED the child, and, the bruises still didn’t show UP immediately after he was beaten up!!!

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The Teenager, Jeng Was Disciplined, Members of the Cult: NOT My Fault

Call it the CONCLUSIONS of the investigation, from that case where that teenager was ABUSED to DEATH by the cult that his mother was involved in, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The District Attorney’s Offices in Changhwa investigated about the high schooler student, Jeng’s abused to death, yesterday, they’d called in eighteen members of the cult, among them, an electrical engineer, Yeou, was suspected of physically abusing the high schooler; and, the seven members of the teacher’s guild in Bei-Gang Agricultural and Skilled Worker High School, including an instructor, Wang, were all listed as defendants, and the D.A. asked the judge, to increase the bail to $200,000N.T., and the people charged had been increased to nineteen individuals.

Wang yesterday went to class as usual, the police waited until he finished second period, then, they’d gone in and hauled him out, and, many of his coworkers didn’t know what was going on; Wang’s colleague said, that he’d taught math, and is a very good instructor in their view, and usually kept to himself, but recently, his father was ill, so, he’d returned to Kaohsiung whenever he was able to, and the next day, he would come back to school to teach, that he was involved in the case of abuse, and his colleagues are all shocked about it.

The D.A. had interrogated Jeng’s father, Huang, she’d disclosed to them the details of her son’s abuse, the district attorney’s office called in eighteen members of the cult, other than Wang (age 38), Yeou (age 41); and seven others who are students who are still minors, they are ALL witnesses’ children, or the children of the accused, and the police are trying to find out, if they’d all gotten abused or not.

“Someone is disciplining her child, it’s NOT my business”, many of the “followers” told the police, they’d learned that Jeng, the high school student had a spat after supper with his mother last year, on May 18th, and they’d also seen Wu, along with others, helped Huang the mother discipline the high schooler.  A female cult member said, that later, the high schooler was taken to another smaller room, she saw Chiao-Ming Chen in the chair of that small room.

The D.A. claimed that they will be prosecuting the case according to abuse to death, last night, other than taking Yeou into custody, Wang, along with other members of the cult are out on bail of $100,000N.T. and $200,000N.T. respectively.

And so, while they waited for JUSTICE…well, at least, someone IS being held responsible for this teenager getting ABUSED to death, and even though that is still NOWHERE N-E-A-R justice, but that, is as good as we can work this, for now.

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In the Eighteen Days the High Schooler, Jeng was Incarcerated, He’d Been “Tried” by the Cult Ten Times, He’d Stopped Eating, and that, Was What Killed Him

From the “series” of reports on the papers, about the CULT that ended up, killing that high schooler???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The D.A. in Changhwa on the investigation of the death of the high school student, Jeng, found that a year ago, he was put on “trial” by the founder of the cult, Chen, and when his answers didn’t match their expectations, they’d slapped him, and after the “trial”, he must write out a confession too; and this time, he was incarcerated for eighteen days, been tried ten times, and because his body and mind couldn’t withstand the tortures, that, was what had caused him to die.

The D.A. sorted through the details of the case of the death of the high schooler, Jeng, turns out, that because of Chen’s own marriage had problems, that, was why she’d needed all the specifics of things, asked her followers, to be truthful and honest to a fault to her; she’d taken the approach that psychologist had on “Group therapy”, she’d called on the “believers” whom she thought was “off” to appear at night, to get “treatment” from the higher up officers, and the rest of the group.

But the police found, that this had become too bad, that in the group sessions, if the one being “healed” had stuttered or contradicted oneself when interrogated, then, the person who’d asked the question would go up to the person, and start SLAPPING her/him across the face, like in a “public trial”; and because these sessions happened during the night time, it felt like how a legendary court officials in the ancient times doing his interrogations.

Chen claimed herself to be the “master healer”, and held these “public trials”, Lu, and the Hsus, higher official, Lin, along with Wu, had all played the role of the “therapist”.  The D.A. found over a hundred confessions at Chen’s home along with the gathering place, almost everybody belonging to this cult had written at least ONE confession AFTER they were put on “trial” by Chen.

In these confessions, eleven were written by the high schooler, Jeng, one was from when he was a second-year student in high school, he was first, interrogated on what he’d been doing?  He opened up about how he went online, but because he didn’t give the details, he was slapped across the face multiple times, and had confessed on how he will NEVER lie again.

The police chased the leads and found, that on the evening of May 18, Jeng, because he’d arrived a bit later to the Silent Gardens, he was put on “public trial”; Jeng was really getting annoyed, he’d challenged Chen’s authorities, said to her, “I’m been on drugs, joined gangs, after I get into college, I’m getting AWAY from this CULT, and away from my own mother too………”, it had angered Chen, along with other members of the cult.

And, Jeng was slapped across the face by the members and he’d gotten angered and reacted, and then, the group tied him UP with a boys scout rope, then, was beaten with pipes and bamboo, until he was hurt all over, then, locked inside a small room, and the next time, he was placed before the authorities and tried again, that made him even more rebellious, and was abused, once again.

The police found, that on May 20th, Jeng stopped taking in any food as a silent rebellion, and, after he’d starved himself for two days, he’d started to twitch, and as Chen saw, she’d told Huang, the mother, “That, is withdrawal from the drug use”, and Huang believed that Chen had the intentions of helping her son get cleaned even more, asked her son to write out a confession, but Jeng was angered even more, and so, he’d started bullshitting in the confessions.

He’d written a total of ten confessions, meant that he’d been “tried” for ten times, in the end, Jeng was already malnutritioned, and fell into a coma; on the evening of June 5, his mother realized, that something was dead wrong, that, was when Chen had asked Hsu, to drive him to the hospitals, but it was too late.

The man, who was a manager of a company in China, Wu, had returned here, two days ago, is a high up official of the cult, and had participated in the “disciplines”, plus, he’d gone back and forth on his claims, yesterday, the judge ordered him to be taken in, and that he was to have NO visitors.

And so, this, is as FAR as justice WILL go, and, they will be found guilty, for torturing this high school student to death, and, that kid WAS in high school, and, he’s naturally going to rebel, and yet, the “follower” of this cult (b/c that, is what IT is!!!) were so fucking (oopsy!!!) blind, that they’d participated in the tortures of this innocent, NORMAL high schooler, and ended up, murdering him.








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