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The President’s National Day Speech IS the Emptiest of the Six Years Before

She took to the podium, testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, then, it began, with the audience under the “stage”, looking confused, ‘cuz, NO sound came out of this LIAR’s LIPS!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A lot of politicians and news media paid strict attention to the president, Tsai’s national day speech, calculated how many times she’d said “Republic of China”, and “Taiwan”.  In actuality, what she meant by “Republic of China” may not be what we, ordinary citizens take “Republic of China” as.  And, in this year’s speech, what’s worth most noting, or most worrisome is, the problem that the president faces in running the country internally, she’d NOT mentioned anything on it.

she surely, DOES, enjoy the spotlight, attention all right!!! Photo from online

Her speech, about HALF was on international relations, the relations with China, and the self-awareness of Taiwan as a whole.  And, toward the rising concerns of Taiwan’s safety, she’d only mentioned, “When we’re better, we get more pressures from China”, this sort of a “sweeping under the rugs” manner of reply.  Then what?  We can, just, keep on, living in this, “most dangerous zone”, kept watching the major world powers in the game of shouting match, seeing who STRIKE whom first, without ANY mention of how she will be, bettering the country’s situations practically.

here she is, a world-class, LIAR!!!

「中華民國中樞暨各界慶祝109年國慶大會」10日在總統府前廣場登場,今年國慶以「2020民主台灣.自信前行」為主題,總統蔡英文出席發表演說。中央社記者張皓安攝 109年10月10日
“I’ll HUFF, & I’ll PUFF, & You will ALL get, BLOWN A-W-A-Y!!!” Photo from online

Then, let’s take a look at the internal affairs.  In her speech, she did, pose, that “pretty question”: “a lot of people inquired, what, are we going to do for Taiwan next?”, but, the president didn’t give us a substantial response.

She’d only mentioned, “cohesive community”, “understanding”, that we will use the “strengths of our society”.  But, there are, the disagreements of various people in the society, it’s hard to reach that consensus.  That’s why the “political powers” need to get involved, with the bipartisanships, of the parties different ideals, and policies, with the people, voting for WHAT they believe.

If it’s not pressing, then, we can slowly, come to an agreement with time, with conversations, with adjusting and adopting to one another.  But, most of the public policies are pressed by time, and we’d needed to rely on the party politics, the elites of the society, to help us find the right direction, so we the people can vote on the matters.  But, through her entire speech, she’d mentioned, amending the constitution, the justice of turning around the methods, energy policies, she’d only, lightly mentioned these, without telling people where she STANDS on these issues, NO direction, and in the end, she’d told that she will need the “collective powers” of the community to help the country find the right directions.

This is like the mistakes in the logic of linguistics, “the run-around”, with the empty words, the embellishments of word usage, without ANY substance.

Besides, during these past six years, the housing costs still continued hiking, for most of the younger generations, all they are wishing for, is a stay, but, it’d become, an impossible, dream.  And for those of us who took out the heavy mortgages to buy the homes, the burdens of the monthly payments of the mortgages, it’d, stripped us of the means of pursuing the life of our own, ideals.

The shocking eye-gouging incident, showed that the “net of social security” she’d promised she’ll be setting up isn’t set up properly.  While, on the matters of debts in the government, the inappropriate special budgets, the bankruptcies of workers insurances, the crises of reduction in birth rates, long-term care issues, etc., etc., etc.  all of these, are closely related to everybody’s life, the leader of our country has no answers for, no direction, this is, the huge mistake of the person in power right now.

Recalled back to the 2016 National Day speech that Tsai had made.  She’d mentioned the reforms of the retirement funds, the provisions of public daycare programs, the innovations of the industries, the self-operations of national defense, etc., etc., etc., the practical directions of her policies.  But unfortunately, in her speech this year, there’s nothing practical, of what she is planning to do toward the internalization of the country, and the tensions between China and Taiwan, but tanking the military on the frontlines of the defense, there’s NO mentions of any measures she will be taking, to keep the peace with China; while internally, she’d only, lightly, stated the empty words, without giving us a practical direction of which policies she was going to employ, and the desired effects of these policies, she’d lost the responsibilities, the ability to shoulder the country’s wellbeing, as a leader of the country in her national day speech.

And so, this is what we get, after we’d voted the BIG-BAD-WOLF as the president, she’s still, using all those, embellishments of words, to TRY and fool all who will be fooled by her, and because the citizens of this god DAMN country is still, in that state of COMATOSE, they’re still, buying her words, and she’d played us, for STUPID, and there’s NOTHING that we the people CAN do ‘bout it!

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