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Monsters Teddy & I Saw

There were, many monsters that Teddy and I saw, and each and every time, I’d closed my eyes tight, and, hugged onto him, very tightly, until the monsters went away.

Monsters Teddy and I saw, for a very long time in my childhood, all I had, was Teddy, and, all Teddy had, was me, and, we’d relied on one another for protection and support, and, somehow, don’t really know how, but, it’d helped us both throw, and now, I’m grown.

Monsters Teddy and I saw, they usually only comes out, in the darkness of the night, they don’t visit us during the daytime when there’s light, or, when mama’s around for some unknown reasons.  Monsters Teddy and I saw, they’d screamed out in pain, and their voices, so sharp that I feel my ears would bleed!  But, Teddy always told me, not to fear them, that he’ll be there, to keep me company, and I trusted that he will.

Monsters Teddy and I saw, they’re now, all gone, so is Teddy, because he got too old, too torn up over the years, and, although it was painful, throwing him out, I had, still, parted, with those childhood nightmares and memories in the end………

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