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When the Child Cuts Her Play-Doh into, Tiny Little Pieces, with a Plastic Knife

When a child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny little pieces, with a plastic knife, you gotta give it to her, for having, such trained, fine motor movement, but wait…

When the child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny little pieces, then she, SMACK all them, tiny little pieces hard, what, does that mean, huh?  Is there, a TRAINED child shrink in the house right now?  (paging the child psychiatric experts…………), oh wait, nobody’s, “home”!

how a hurt child might play…or you may just see it as, “boys will be, boys!”

photo from online

When the child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny little pieces, with a plastic knife, she just, wanted, to inflict “pain” on something that she has, control over, something that won’t feel a thing, that’s, her way, of telling her STUPID adult counterparts, that something HAD, happened to her, and yet, her parents, took her to the shrink, because she’d started, wetting her bed (and she should be, potty trained, oh, ‘bout???  Two years back!).

When the child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny little, pieces, don’t take it for an ordinary child’s play, ‘cuz it isn’t, unless, she shows that talent, for cooking from a very early age.

When the child cuts her Play-Doh into, tiny, little pieces, this Teddy, Dolly, Doggy, and after you, walked out of that room, she’d, started, SHOVING those Play-Doh “food pieces” violent, DOWN her Teddy, Doll, Doggy’s, THROATS!

And that, is how WE, children (yeah so, I’m still one here, ‘k???) P-L-A-Y…

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Dispute in the Doll Corner

Teddy: Hey, look Barbie is leaving her beau, Ken, for GI Joe…

Raggedy Ann: So, it’s been a long time coming, Ken’s been sleeping around with Barbie’s friend, (whatever her name is, how the HELL should I know???)

Ken: Who, what, (still don’t have a clue, sigh…), who’s leavin’ me (only responds to HIS name, just like a doggie would)???

Porcelain Doll: HEY, keep it down, will ya???  I just put the baby down for his nap, what the HELL’s going on???

Teddy & Ann to Porcelain: Barbie just left in her red convertible to meet up with GI Joe.

All the dolls sit in a circle, the way we had back in group therapy and hear Ken tells his side of the story, the way that we had done, back in Group back in 2000, and everybody can connect too…

Wow, who’d thought, huh??? I mean, dolls do therapy too, so funny is the thing

Queen Tina is bursting out laughing, watching from afar, man, those dolls really do come alive at night, don’t they???  The REVENGE of the WHACKED out DOLLS, episode 20, so where are the 19 other previous episodes, you ask me, well, how the HELL should I know???

In this cute little scene, Teddy & Ann are the gossipers, and we still don’t like gossipers, but sometimes we have to rely on those gossipers to find out the truth, and you have to have sound judgments to separate truths from fictions, otherwise, you would not be fair, and I do NOT like being unfair, but that’s just me, so…

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