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Nobody Cared About the Ones Left Behind

This, unfortunately, IS the cold, HARD T-R-U-T-H!!!

Nobody cared about the ones left behind, because we spent so much time, on the ones who were already lost, not realizing, that we needed to focus more, on the ones left behind, to pay attention to them, so they don’t get lost too.

Nobody cares about the ones left behind, we simply don’t have the time here.  Nobody cares about the ones left behind, that, is the cold, hard truth, nobody gives a DAMN, because, it’s NOT in MY backyard, and, even IF it got into my backyard, so long as it don’t come in the house, we’re all all right, aren’t we?

 Nobody cares about the ones left behind, we ruminated on those who had been taken, we’d focused all of our attentions on the ones who were lost, instead of paying MORE attention on those who still have a fighting chance, until, they don’t even have that anymore.

Nobody cares about the ones left behind, because the world moves on, and, everything eventually becomes, yesterday’s news, and, we all know how quickly all of that gets, don’t we?  Nobody cares about the ones left behind, because we are way too trapped, in our separate lives, to even give a FUCKING (oopsy!!!) D-A-M-N!


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Stating the Her Aunt is Her Mom, on Parent-Child Interactions


My eldest sister had always been a career woman, when her second daughter was born, her in-laws are already elderly, and couldn’t manage to watch her daughter, and so, she’d given her child to her sister-in-law who was living close by.  Sometimes, she’d come home too tired, and, just allowed her daughter to stay at her aunts.  And so, my eldest sister’s daughter became a daughter to her younger sister-in-law, and, because her sister-in-law didn’t have any children, they’d loved her daughter as their own, and, would call her “baby”, and, her niece would call her, “Auntie-Mommy” too.

But, there’s the after effect of this, several times, my eldest sister’s family came back home to visit, and, we bore witness to how when my eldest sister wanted to kiss my niece, she’d turned her head, and, had that look of disgust too.  This behavior, we didn’t pay it much heed when she was still pre-kindergarten age, we’d just blandly told my eldest sister, to watch her interactions with her own offspring.  Without knowing, that a couple of years later, my thirteen-year-old niece still interacted with my eldest sister like so.  A few days ago, I saw my eldest sister’s face, looking like she’s going through something difficult, we didn’t know what to say to her.

In my niece’s mind, she seemed to accepted that her aunt was her real mom.  And now, she’s living in school, and only comes home on the weekends, she’d run straight, to her aunt’s place, and stayed for the weekend there, and, when my sister wanted to see her daughter, she’d paid her sister-in-law’s house a visit, it’d made me feel bad for her.

Because my eldest sister’s earning had helped out with the household economics, my brother-in-law wanted her to keep working after the marriage, and, toward how his own daughter reacted to her mother like so, he couldn’t do anything about it either.

There’s no right or wrong in this matter, maybe, the ones directly involved didn’t feel something was up, after all, they’re all, related by blood, so long as they got along with one another very well, there’s nothing wrong with this sort of interaction style.  But, we’d hoped, that my niece no longer rejected kissing her own mother, to treat her own mom, and, her auntie-mommy equally.

And so, this, is what you get, for NOT spending enough time around your own offspring, just pawned her off on a relative, and, the parents are still not the one at fault, because the parents must work, to provide, and, it’s a difficult situation to manage that’s for sure!

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Unspeakable Crimes Against Her Dolls

Hush up!  Raggedly Ann, go in the corner, with Raggedly Andy!

That, was how she’d ordered her dolls around, when they came to her, telling her that those monsters in the nights had hurt them…

Unspeakable crimes against her dolls had been committed, by her, their loving owner, and that, was merely, the reflection of her day time life.  Unspeakable crime against her dolls, who’s going to come to their rescue?  Nobody!  Just as nobody came to HER rescue that very first time, and the next, and the next, and the next times afterwards, when her mama’s boyfriend came to her.

Unspeakable crimes against her dolls, the dolls ended up, not being able to handle the pains imposed on them, they’d all run off, one by one, but, she’d always managed, to get them all rounded again, and, those who tried running off would get it, HARDER from her.  Unspeakable crimes against her doll, these bad things are happening to her dolls, because they’d all happened, to her too, and, because she’s too young, and couldn’t tell her mama WHAT, was happening to her, she’d taken her anger out on her dolls, and, in the end, all her dolls were placed, in coffins, one by one, and laid to rest, just like her childhood was………

Unspeakable crimes against her dolls, why are these still happening?  There should be, a protective network, to help those dolls in trouble, to help them, get away, from those abusive owners of theirs, isn’t there?  Why isn’t one such protective network set up?  Oh yeah, I forgot, because dolls don’t have life, my bad then!!!

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An Alternative Kind of Lullaby

And no, this, still AIN’T YO grannies’ lullaby either!

An alternative kind of lullaby, a lot of young kids are being exposed to these days, instead of those gentle tunes that gets you into the sleepy moods, you’d hear GLASSES, shattering, and parents, bickering, and from time to time, you’d heard those high-pitched screams too!

An alternative kind of lullaby, we’re providing for our children these days, because standing by their cribs or bedsides and sing, with our voices, is already, OUTDATED, and, WHO does that anyways???

An alternative kind of lullaby, that, will be playing, in ALL the houses across this god DAMN (and your point being???) global world, and, there’s still NOTHING, that anybody can do, save for maybe, covering your young ears, to prevent those loud screeches and screams, from entering into, and resonating, through your minds…

An alternative kind of lullaby, hear them kiddies, SCREAM out in P-A-I-N!!!  Oh wait a minute, you can’t, because you’re at work, SLAVING yourselves, so your offspring can have a better future, have it easier than you did, while, their nannies, well, let’s just say, that those nannies, they’d get horny from time to time, and, you, as the parents still hadn’t noticed the subtle signs?  Or maybe, it’s because of how S-U-B-T-L-E those barely noticeable signs are, that they’re so easily missed by You, either way, you WILL BE burying all of your offspring, and I’m still not the one with the huge SCYTHE, although, I did get one, from my birthday last year, or, was it the year before, let me think…………………

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Worries on Her Childish Mind

Who the F*** says, that children don’t have any worries???

She had a TON of worries on her childish mind, like how that little girl in her kindergarten class wore the brightest colors, to distract the rest of the world, from knowing how she really feels.

Or, how even though, she couldn’t make out what her parents are fighting about, but she’d heard them at night, getting louder, louder, AND louder with each other, and they thought she was already, fast asleep, in her bed.

Growing up, she had a TON of worries, that she’d never once, shared with anybody she knew, oh no, she just carried those worries, on her tiny back, and, those worries, they grew heavier, heavier, AND heavier as she got bigger.

Worries on her childish mind, she can’t help it, she’s just extremely “sensitive”, that, was how she was born, and, there’s NO way she can change that, unless it’s by systematic desensitization, but that’s way too confusing for her right now, but maybe, when she’s older, she’ll understand what that is, and how to do that, who knows???

Worries on her childish mind, they never ceased to exist, and even though, she’s an adult now, she’s still haunted by the worries she’d had on her back, as a child.  Worries on her childish mind, she was destined, to live the life of a worrywart, from the moment she was born!







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The Day Before the Rampage

This, is still the CALM before the storms!!!

On the day before the rampage, the perpetrator (shooter???) went to school, attended her/his classes as s/he had always done, and kept to her/himself as s/he had done, for ever since s/he’d started going to school.

The day before the rampage, nobody noticed anything wrong with the shooter, because the shooter wears her/his mask well, and because of how well s/he covered her/himself up, nobody knew, until the next day they all came to school, and GOT shot!

The day before the rampage, you may feel that chill, because how calm things appeared to be, on the surface, while feeling, that something’s building up, you just don’t know WHAT it could be, because it still hasn’t happened Y-E-T.

The day before the rampage, everybody still went about their business, like they all did, the parents dropped their kids off at school, then, headed off to work, like ANY given workday, and, NONE of them still has a SINGLE clue, of what, was about to happen, the very next day…………

The day before the rampage, that boy who shot a TON of people, was still his antisocial self, and because he’d been antisocial ALL along, ever since he’d started school here, everybody took the day before the rampage as any regular school day.

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Abuse, Taken as Normal

This happens, because that, was how you were raised, by those two primary attachment figures (hello, hello, hello???  That’s still your mommies and your daddies???), and because those STUPID (b/c that, is what you ALL are!!!) adults in your lives have absolutely NO clue, because they’d ridden along the train called “Denial” for so very FUCKING long, they don’t even realize, WHAT, they’re doing to you, is actually something very E-V-I-L, and so, that, would be how, abuse, can be, taken as normal.

Abuse, taken as normal, like I was raised, I didn’t even realize, that I was abused and neglected by you-know-what’s (instead of you-know-who’s???), and yet, I still managed, to rise UP from my fucked up childhood days, and become this STRONG woman that I had come to really appreciate, and love tons (yeah, still got my large E-G-O intact too!!!).

Abuse, taken as normal, you DO see, how it is, possible, even though, abuse is so very dead wrong, that a LOT of people out there (still NOT “naming names” here!!!) can keep on doing it, because it’s been done to them, and, they just fail to realize it, for whatever reasons they may have.

Abuse, taken as normal, once abuse became “normalized”, real love seemed out of reach, and, you’d still mistaken other people’s abuse of you, as love, and, you still got ZERO clue (here’s one: GET one, people!!!), of what the F*** (pardon the “French”!!!) happened to me, and why does it feel like, I’m still goin’ ‘round, and ‘round, in that vicious cycle??? And, all of this still keeps happenin’ because?  You either don’t want to, are not ready to, isn’t willing to DEAL, with the aftermath, and, trust me, when I tell you that clean up IS a total B-I-T-C-H, that your former, fucked up childhoods had left…

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Everything Seemed “Normal”, Until He Pulled Out that Gun, and Started SHOOTING at Random…

Everything seemed all right, until the MOMENT that that NUT finally C-R-A-C-K-E-D, and, ALL the signs that were already “showing” but weren’t given enough attention to, well, are now, getting “noted”, FINALLY!!!

Everything seemed “normal”, until he pulled out that gun and started SHOOTING at random, and, you’d hear people SCREAMING, people bleeding out, and, it is just so totally, a HUGE M-E-S-S all around.

Everything seemed “normal”, until he pulled out that gun and started SHOOTING at random, and, as you may have guessed the outcomes of these “things”, he ended up, using that GUN on himself, and that, would be the END, of the miseries of a TON of people!!!

And now, as the story “came out” (kinda like how homosexuals come out of the “closets”???), people start to wonder: WHAT, exactly, it is, that’s made a “seemingly normal”, an “average” kind of person, CRACK like that?

Everything seemed “normal”, until he pulled out that gun, and started SHOOTING at random, and, at the end of the day (that’s still just within TWENTY-FOUR short hours here!!!), everybody is already getting T-I-R-E-D of the news of the unaccounted for deaths, but, on the twenty-FIFTH hour afterwards, well, the world moves on, and gives ITS total and UNDIVIDED attention, to something else…






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A Young Child, Reaching for Her Father’s Celll Phone

And YES, I was, the SOLE witness of this shocking E-V-E-N-T, on the trains on the way home earlier on.  There was a young child, she was sitting in her father’s lap, and I saw her little hands, reached, inside of his father’s coat jacket inside pocket, and, she pulled out a FUCKING (oopsy!!!) Smartphone (you know, the kind that makes people DUMBER by the minute???).

And this “trend” will spread, from this stupid neighborhood of mine, into yours, if it hadn’t done so already, and, NOT enough parents are paying ENOUGH attention to the EFFECTS of EARLY exposure to electronic devices, and people, CRACK open that book, and READ to your kids already, after all, they NEED the “face time” with you, so, do NOT P-O-P your kiddies in FRONT of that Smartphone, and, let those stupid electronic SHITS become THEIR babysitters!!!

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Mother Was Only Away for Ten Minutes, and a Ten-Month Old Drowned

Are you kidding me, after ALL the stories on the N-E-W-S, and you still don’t learn?  Translated…

A twenty-two-year-old young mother, after finishing up bathing her son, left water about ten centimeters, so his son could keep playing in the water.  She went into the bedroom, to do some chores, unknowingly that her two-year-old daughter was playing with her brother, accidentally turned on the faucet, causing the child to drown.

After the accident, Kao was broken-hearted, she claimed that she was cleaning up the bedroom, ten minutes later she heard her daughter scream, she rushed to the bathroom, saw that her son had went “belly up” and wasn’t breathing, she called the ambulance.

The woman blamed herself “I didn’t pay attention to the older sister playing with the faucet.”, she said, she’d left about ten centimeter’s water in the tub for the children to bathe in, maybe that the older sister turned on the faucets, when she heard her daughter scream, the bathtub was filled with water, “it was too late”.

The hospital said, that when the boy was brought in, there was NO sign of life, after resuscitating him for one and a half hour, he still died; the woman was crying like crazy when the y couldn’t revive him.

The woman is currently eight months pregnant, she will be due in February next year, she’s taking care of two toddlers, she couldn’t free her hands.

The Nanny’s Network from the family center in Hua-Lien, Li-Yun Wang said that after the child’s finished bathing, s/he should be taken out of the bathroom, and placed in a safe environment, “there are too many factors of danger in the bathrooms, it is the most dangerous place in a house.”

Wang also said that in their professional nanny trainings, they’d point out how if the water temperature is too low, it might cause the child to get a cold, or if it’s too hot, then, it might caused them to get burned, slipping, and accidentally ingesting of cleaning agents, the professional training for nannies will stress, before the age of 3, a child should NOT be left alone in the bathroom, if playing in the tub, then, must prepare a floating device, like the doughnut.

Call this NEGLIGENCE, because you should N-E-V-E-R leave one young child in the care of another young child, that would be Y-O-U-R job, to look after your children, and, it only takes one minute for an accident to occur, and, it can’t be repaired.

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