Bending Our Backs, Picking Things Up

The words that “accompanied” a photograph with a woman by the beach, bending at her waist, to pick something up from the waters, translated…

We were taught, at a very early age, to climb up higher and higher, to get higher grades, to achieve a higher status too to become the top, and, we will have a happily ever after like in the fairytales. But God is more than fair, He’d spread the happiness, evenly, across the world, it’s abundant now.  When I no longer sought out the glam and the glamour of the hotshot title, and wanting everything that isn’t even mine, I’d lowered my head, and found those who are in need of assistance all around me, with my palms downward, the kind of happiness I picked up is like, a wide open sea.

And so, you’d learned, that climbing the ladders, working hard to get to the top, all that you’d worked so hard to achieve, is absolutely NOTHING, pointless AND useless too, and that, was when you’d changed your behaviors, and, with that, everything around you changes, because you’re seeing the world, in a brand new and different light.







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