Photographs without the Faces

Strictly from my over-sized, BIG B-O-B-B-L-E H-E-A-D still…

I’d stumbled upon a dozen photo albums, with photographs, and they had you in it, but, in the pictures, your face don’t show up clearly, and, over the years, I’d realized, that you didn’t like being in photographs, and, even IF someone DID capture you without your knowledge, you’d told the people to DELETE the pictures.

And these, are the photographs without the faces, because I’d used that Sharpie, and blacked it all out, NOT because I only wanted to know what those picture-perfect people are WEARING, so I can learn to DRESS like them, but because I really just don’t need ANY reminders of the past.

Photographs without the faces, they’d haunted me still, as each of those faces WAS once, someone’s daughter, someone’s child, BEFORE those bad people came and took them away, of course………

This, is what I will hang UP on my walls now, photographs without the faces, because I INTENTIONALLY took my shots, without ANY people, and even IF my shots had people in them, they’re in the background, NOT the front, and that (uh-huh, uh-huh), is how I LIKE it (uh-huh, uh-huh)!!!

Photographs without the faces, they’re all, STARING BACK at me, and they’re really making ME quite uncomfortable, but I can’t find an escape from their glaring gazes, and I just want to quickly, DIG a FREAKIN’ hole in the ground, and HIDE inside…



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