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A Stubborn Little Flower

There’s a picture of a beautiful, red, feather-like flower that comes with this one, translated…

In the Cracks of This Intertwining Concrete World

A Small Flower is Blooming, Quite Radiantly

No Matter How Many Cars Sped by Its Side

Regardless of How Many People Walked Right Past It

Nor is it, Afraid of the Dusts that Fell from the Skies

It’d Still, Managed, to Keep Itself, in Full Bloom

Showing Off its Radiant Colors as Well as Its Beauty

Blooming, Smiling, Encouraging All the Little Flowers Close by to Do the Same:

Just Bloom!  Do Your Best, to Shine Through!

After You’d Bloomed, You Had Lived, Grown, and Left a Mark of Being Here

Been Beautiful Once, and, Survived, Through the Hardships

And so, this, is the strength of life, and, from this little flower, you can see, how it bloomed, so radiantly, although it knew, that it’ll wither and die one day, that still didn’t stop it, from embracing life to the fullest extent, and, IF a small flower can manage that, then, shouldn’t we people, at least, TRY to do the same???  A good lesson, taught, by a beautiful flower indeed!

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Let’s Walk Together

Imagine this, a man, taking the hands of a child, as they walked across the waters on the beachfront, translated…

I don’t have any great sounding lies of the future

To help you cope

But, NO matter how hard it gets

I will walk alongside you

Giving support to one you love, showing her/him that you will always be her/his strong and stable support, and that, is what being a good parent is all about.

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The Freeze Frame at the Train Station

This, is a photograph of a native, waiting at the train station, translated…

Without you, how will I be

Able to Carry the Heaviness of the Years

And so, this is someone, waiting at the station, a child, or a spouse, perhaps, to return?  But, will the person really come back?  Nobody knows, and, the person can only hope and wait, without knowing whether or not her/his wait at the end will be worth it or not.

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