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The Warmth of Our, Early Morning Hours

Taking your young grandson to school, spending the precious moments of caring for him, because he won’t stay little forever, translated…

After we were retired, we’d not needed to rise early, to sign in, we can, sleep in, until we wake on our own, then, slowly, leisurely, carry through breakfast, read the news, go out for walks, so very, leisurely.

But, this kind of leisure living started, shifting, after my grandson entered into preschool.

Because his preschool was a bit away from home, and, we’d planned, that our daughter-in-law will ride with him on the bus or the MRT, and we’d, made sure the time too, and yet, as school started, the epidemic hadn’t slowed, there are, the risks of, taking the public transportation systems.  My son can pick him up after his work, but what of the mornings?  My daughter-in-law can’t drive, nor ride the scooter, only grandpa who lives in the same community can do the tasks!  And, as grandma, I’d, naturally, tagged, along.

like this…photo from online

And so, our routines changed to the following: waking up at 6:30, then, grandpa walks to the garage ten minutes away, drive the car back to our son’s parking spot to wait, then, coming home to eat the breakfast I’d prepared for him.

And this isn’t relaxing one bit, we’d, tensed up our nerves, and, listened close with our ears, we don’t dare to have the radio on, and yet, we have a ton of friends, who’d greeted us good morning daily on LINE, and, with every chime, our heart tightened a bit.

The preschool didn’t set a time to arrive, and my daughter-in-law didn’t want to pressure my grandson for school, and she’d not, planned to, rush him, for now.  And so, we’d, raised our ears up, to listen to the call, from 7:30 to 8:30, for, about an, hour’s time.

And, all the wait’s been, worth it!  The joyous moment came, with my young grandson’s, “Grandma, grandpa, good morning!”  he’d had a good night’s sleep, and was in a good mood.  Started chatting up on the fun things he’s classmates, his school teacher, or that he’d gazed out the windows, and, recognized what characters he could, and, he’d, started, commenting on the ads on the buses too, his chime-like voice, warmed both of us.

As we arrived to school, he’d, high-fived us goodbye.  He’d rushed in to find his friends to play with, while we were, having a hard time, seeing him off, and, we’d, recalled the childish words he’d said to us, on our, drive back home.

Although, our lives are now tied, by my young grandson, and, we’d gotten back on schedule, to waking up with the alarms, but we knew, he’ll, grow u to fast, and, we will, grow old too soon, and, there’s only, one, two years of, chauffeuring him, and so we’d both, looked forward to it, every day, and, cherished the moments too.

And so, this, is on grandparenthood, because your children had to work, and, you are left, to take your young grandson to school, and, this made your retirement a bit tried, because, you now have to, return to your work schedules of, waking up early, to take your young grandson to school, but, you’d, enjoyed spending the time with him, taking him to preschool, after all, children grow up too fast, and you can’t keep them small forever.

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