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Using Religion as an Excuse, Pulled His Wife Along, with His Arms Around His “Spare”, They’d Gone on a Trip Together

This man has the BALLS, I’ll give you that!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lu had an affair, he’d even set up so that his wife, and his spare, Hsu and he went together, on a worshipping trip; he’d lied to his wife, that Hsu was a coworker, and lied to Hsu about how his wife was his ex-wife, and, he was able to, get away.  Later on, Lu started becoming suspicious, and, his wife checked his cell, and found, that her husband was having an ongoing affair, and the other woman was pregnant, she sued her husband and Hsu for adultery.

As the Taipei District Attorney’s Office was investigating the details of the cases, Lu paid his wife, and she’d dropped the case against him, and, Hsu was found, to not known about Lu was already married, and yesterday, both of them got the charges dropped against them.

Lu who works in the transportation industry has a son with his wife, during 2013, he’d met Hsu, who was two years older than he, they became a couple; because of Lu’s job, he’d often taken Hsu out on trips, and, because they are both very religious, they’d gone to the temples.

At the start of last year, Lu took his wife and Hsu on a worshipping group trip, Lu lied to his wife about Hsu being his coworker, and his wife believed him, but, after that trip the three of them took together, Lu had found an assortment of excuses, to go to work early and to come home late, his wife realized that something wasn’t quite right, started zooming in on her husband’s whereabouts.

Last August, Lu’s wife snuck into her husband’s text message to his own mother, and it was about how he admitted to having a “spare wheel”, and she’d found another text of Hsu’s words of anger to her husband after they had a fight, it’d mentioned, “These two children are my pains forever, you wouldn’t know”, that, was when Lu’s wife realized, that the “coworker” her husband talks about was actually his whore.

As the D.A. prosecuted the case, Hsu admitted to having sex with Lu, but claimed that she didn’t know he was already married; Lu also told, that he didn’t tell Hsu that he was already married, and so, the D.A. believed, that there was no proof, of Hsu knowing, that Lu was already married.

Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be shitting me, right?  What the F***?  And this man still hid behind the BIG shield called “religion”, wow!  And, this still just shows, how BAD they can behave, IF we don’t keep them in check!


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Seduction of a Subordinate’s Wife, the Manager Ordered to Pay $4.5 Million N.T.

Price for your INFIDELITIES, it’s still getting more, and more costly here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wang, took advantage of the time when his subordinate, Liu was away, working in China, seduced Liu’s wife, and this affair lasted for over five years, after Liu found out, he’d SUED the both of them for adultery, and asked for $4.5 million N.T. for emotional damages.  Wang thought that the amount Liu asked for was too high, he’d claimed, “when a doctor committed adultery, he’d only paid half a million dollars”, wanted the just to reduce the price; but the judge believed, that his behaviors are wrong, and that it’s damaged Liu’s family, and decided that Wang and Liu’s wife MUST pay him the amount.

Based off of precedents, the price for “covering up the shame” ranged from three hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand dollars, the amount of 4.5 million dollars is very rare; and on the criminal front, Wang and Liu’s wife were both sentenced to five months in jail separately.

Liu, after being told of the verdict, he started getting angry, said, “No amount of money will be enough to make up for the damages done to me”, “I can’t believe that my superior at work is like this”.  He’s now, filing for divorce too.

The Taoyuan District court investigated, and found, that Liu worked in the paper industry, seven years ago, he was sent to China to work, before his move overseas, his department head, Wang encouraged him to perform well in China, Liu was thankful to his encouragements, but, the moment that Liu was off, he’d started seducing Liu’s wife, which developed into a full blown affair.

So that just shows you, that men are NOT the only ones who are having affairs these days, and, in this case, BOTH the man (the manager), along with the WIFE are EQUALLY guilty, because it still takes TWO to T-A-N-G-O here!!!









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Slaved His Life Away Until Age 56, Then He Realized that His Wife Wasn’t His Wife and His Children Aren’t His Children

This, is really, very, EXTREMELY S-A-D, for the man, wouldn’t you say so???  Translated…

A man named Chen worked odds and ends after he was married, pulled in an eighteen-hour workday on a daily basis, and, it wasn’t until ten years later that he’d discovered that his wife had an affair, that the two “sons” he took care of as his own aren’t related to him at all, he sued his wife for $4.37 million, and he filed to “disown” the two children who weren’t his to begin with, wanting to have NOTHING to do with his two “sons”.

“I’d worked hard all my life for my family, and, in the end, I ended up being the biggest joke!”  Chen stated in court, that he’d worked hard his entire life, and, ended up like this, “whenever I’d think about my two sons, realizing that they were from my wife’s affairs, I’d feel a TON of pain!”  Now, the man relies on tranquilizers to fall asleep at night, and had become suicidal too.

Based off of understanding, Chen’s sons are now thirty and twenty-nine years old, both unmarried; having taken care of them for since they were born, he’d felt close to his sons, but, he still couldn’t accept “someone else’s children”, so, he filed a suit, to DISOWN his children, the courts used the DNA test results to prove that there IS no parental relations.

Chen was married to his wife thirty-one years ago, after they were married, she hadn’t ended her relationship with her boyfriend, Hsu, instead, she’d taken advantage of the time when Chen’s off at work, to screw with her boyfriend, had her two sons on the second and third years after their marriage.

Because Chen worked days and nights, it wasn’t until fourteen years ago did he start to discover his wife’s affairs, he filed for divorce, and, he still didn’t know that his two sons weren’t relate to him by blood.

Four years ago, Chen calculated the dates, and suspected that his second son was from his ex-wife and her boyfriend, he had the son’s DNA tested, and, he wasn’t his, Chen sued to disown his son; last year, he’d found out that his eldest son took his mother’s last name, suspected that he was from his ex-wife and Hsu, once again, he filed to disown, and, just as he’d suspected, the eldest also wasn’t related to him.

Why is blood so important, oh yeah, because we are TOO into having our SONS, but, think about it, if you’d loved that kid like s/he was your own, what difference would it make?  Not too much is my guess.

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Sex as the Motive for an Affair

Can someone hand me that SIGN that says: STUPID???  Translated…

More and more public figures are paying a HUGE price for their extramarital affairs, especially for the politicians, if the purpose of having an extramarital is SEX, then, the “news” became scandalous, and, more often than not, the individuals involved would SEVER their OWN political careers too.

The retired reporter of CNN, Frida Ghitis believed that men are really stupid, how ELSE do you explain it the increasing number of successful men, intelligent, and capable too, having affairs, putting an end to their careers and personal lives?

These people include the former president of the United States, the ex-CEO of international money funds, and the famous golf players too.  Ghitis believed that these men who would PULL the grenade safety for the sake of temporary pleasures might have something called “diminishing capacity to THINK syndrome”.

Or, they just can’t keep their DICKS in their pants, and, for MOST losers out there (no offense), affairs ARE about S-E-X, because, let’s face it, you DO have your NEEDS, and, think about it, you wouldn’t want to HUMP the exact same woman each and every single night for the remainder of your lives, would you?  Because it goes against the EVOLUTIONS, because it IS prewired in males of ALL the species out there (I’m thinking) to spread their “seeds” to as MANY females as they possibly can to ENSRUE that their D.N.A. gets passed down to the next generation, and, it IS the same with us, women, or females, across the species, think about it, if it only take three nanoseconds (I’m thinkin’…) to POP our kiddies out, then, we’d be JUST like you, but, it doesn’t, it takes us a WHOLE NINE months, and plus, we HAVE a LIMITED number of O-V-A, and that’s been “set” since we were B-O-R-N, so, each “egg” that we have inside of our OVARIES are extremely PRECIOUS, and we WOULDN’T BE humping and dumping like crazy, because that, is just NOT our “style”!!!

Just because you LOSERS can’t keep your DICKS inside your pants, that still doesn’t give you the RIGHTS to BLAME it on your wives (1 @ a time???) for NOT being SEXY or HORNY enough for you, does it?  Uh, HELL NO.

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A Wife Cheated, Got Dumped by the Other Man,and Getting Sued by Her Husband

And, guess W-H-O this woman has to blame?  Herself, that’s W-H-O, translated…

A man named Chang had gotten “connected” with an already-married old flame, Deng, and they’d had sex for two or more times a week, later, Chang asked to break up, Deng attempted

suicide by swallowing pills, after the husband, Tseng learned, he sued them both, and the D.A.s officer in Banciao charged the man and the woman with adultery.

When being questioned by the D.A., Chang admitted that after being apart from Deng for over ten years, they’d only shared phone calls, but he denied having sex with her; while Deng had specifically stated the characteristics of Chang’s body, and said that he was “shorter” and couldn’t have a normal erection.  The D.A. took Deng’s words and believed that they DID indeed commit adultery.

Based off of understanding, the 34-year-old Chang was Deng’s first love in elementary school, but after they’d graduated, they’d gone separate ways and lost touch, until last June after searching via Facebook they found one another.  When they met up, Chang, who was single already knew that Deng was already somebody’s wife, and still chose to have an affair with her, even took her to a motel to have sex.

In order to have rendezvous with Chang more conveniently, Deng had used the excuse of work, started renting away from home since September, and had sex with Chang twice every week, Tseng, the husband had absolutely NO clue of what was happening, didn’t know that his wife was having an affair with an ex-lover.

After two months of being underground lovers to one another, Chang talked of breaking up, and, no matter how hard Deng had pleaded and begged, he wouldn’t change his mind, causing Deng to down a bottle of sleeping pills last November, after she’d gotten into a cab to go meet up with Chang to talk, she passed out.

The cops saw and took Deng to the hospital, redialed her last number, called Chang to let him know of her hospitalization, but after Chang got to the hospital, he called Tseng, Deng’s husband; after Tseng got a call from the “strange man”, he was doubtful, but went to the hospital, and saw that his wife had attempted suicide, after inquiring the reasons, he then learned that they were having an affair.

Either this husband is way too SLOW to catch up, wasn’t even paying the least BIT of attention, or that he’s just plain B-L-I-N-D, and, guess where this woman ended up?  With her foothold in H-E-L-L, because
she’s already D-U-M-P-E-D by her old flame, and her husband is now SUING her
for ADULTERY, so, was it worth it?  For
that extremely pleasurable ONE-NIGHT-STAND with the old flame?  I dunno, you tell me!!!

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