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Using Religion as an Excuse, Pulled His Wife Along, with His Arms Around His “Spare”, They’d Gone on a Trip Together

This man has the BALLS, I’ll give you that!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lu had an affair, he’d even set up so that his wife, and his spare, Hsu and he went together, on a worshipping trip; he’d lied to his wife, that Hsu was a coworker, and lied to Hsu about how his wife was his ex-wife, and, he was able to, get away.  Later on, Lu started becoming suspicious, and, his wife checked his cell, and found, that her husband was having an ongoing affair, and the other woman was pregnant, she sued her husband and Hsu for adultery.

As the Taipei District Attorney’s Office was investigating the details of the cases, Lu paid his wife, and she’d dropped the case against him, and, Hsu was found, to not known about Lu was already married, and yesterday, both of them got the charges dropped against them.

Lu who works in the transportation industry has a son with his wife, during 2013, he’d met Hsu, who was two years older than he, they became a couple; because of Lu’s job, he’d often taken Hsu out on trips, and, because they are both very religious, they’d gone to the temples.

At the start of last year, Lu took his wife and Hsu on a worshipping group trip, Lu lied to his wife about Hsu being his coworker, and his wife believed him, but, after that trip the three of them took together, Lu had found an assortment of excuses, to go to work early and to come home late, his wife realized that something wasn’t quite right, started zooming in on her husband’s whereabouts.

Last August, Lu’s wife snuck into her husband’s text message to his own mother, and it was about how he admitted to having a “spare wheel”, and she’d found another text of Hsu’s words of anger to her husband after they had a fight, it’d mentioned, “These two children are my pains forever, you wouldn’t know”, that, was when Lu’s wife realized, that the “coworker” her husband talks about was actually his whore.

As the D.A. prosecuted the case, Hsu admitted to having sex with Lu, but claimed that she didn’t know he was already married; Lu also told, that he didn’t tell Hsu that he was already married, and so, the D.A. believed, that there was no proof, of Hsu knowing, that Lu was already married.

Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be shitting me, right?  What the F***?  And this man still hid behind the BIG shield called “religion”, wow!  And, this still just shows, how BAD they can behave, IF we don’t keep them in check!


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Adultery Became Hard to Prove, the Sexually Illicit Sex is Found to Pay

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, He, was accused of having an affair with a married coworker, Kao, and even though, the D.A. didn’t prosecute her base off of insufficient evidence, but the judge in the civil court believed, that the two had LINED each other in intimate manners, and called each other “honey”, talked of “taking baths together”, and even IF they didn’t have any intimacies, they’d still broken the rules of normal interactions between colleagues, and mandated that He pay Kao’s wife a three hundred thousand dollar fee.

Kao’s wife stated, that last year in September, she’d accidentally discovered her husband had LINED one another, and that they had had sex multiple times, and when they texted each other, they’d referred to one another as “honey”, like “You’re the most beautiful mate of my life, I love you, honey”, or “I love bathing you”, etc., etc., etc.

Kao’s wife said, that He knew that her husband is married, and still committed adultery and texted the sexually illicit massages, and not only that, she’d stated how much she hated it that her husband is living with her, had asked him to divorce.  She believed that He had intended to break up her marriage, asked He for a $800,000N.T. payment.

He said, that she and Kao were acquaintances, that they’d not met up often, but would LINE each other, and that even though, they’d called each other using intimate nicknames, but, there was NOTHING intimate physically going on between them.  And because Kao’s wife didn’t have the physical evidence, and had based off of the conversation on LINE, and called her a “home wrecker”, that it’d damaged her reputation, had libeled against her. He said, that she didn’t know that Kao was married, and that the D.A.’s investigations turned up empty, and didn’t prosecute her, which further proved that she and Kao had nothing going on, and that she didn’t destroy the marriage between Kao and his wife.

The judge believed that He had used LINE and contacted Kao using “husband” and “wife” when referring to one another, and had mentioned how Kao helped bathed He, that it wasn’t normal, that it’d broken the norm of interactions between a man and a woman, and colleagues, and that it was NOT what Kao’s wife can put up with any longer.  Plus, He had asked Kao to move out and leave his wife, and even IF she didn’t share any intimacies with Kao, she’d completely ignored the respect she should’ve given to Kao’s wife, and that she’d damaged Kao’s wife’s marriage, and so, He was found to lose.

And so, NO punishment still comes to this L-O-S-E-R, and are you FUCKING kidding me?  This, is so clear, the two individuals are apparently having an affair, hello, hello, hello?  And now they got caught, the man hid behind his wife, while the woman, she tried to weasel, but this time, the system worked in the wife’s favor.

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Committed Adultery 488 Times in Seven Years

Forget about the SEVEN YEAR’s ITCH here, and try SEVENTY ITCHES PER year, from the Front pages, translated…

A woman, Chang, had SEX with her brother-in-law a total of 488 times, got sentenced for one and a half year in prison for certain.  The Kaohsiung district attorney’s office wouldn’t allow her to pay a fine so she won’t have any jail time.  Chang was displeased with the results, the judge allowed her to pay a fine, but the D.A. wouldn’t let it go.

Chang (age 51), from seven years ago, got paid $50,000N.T. per month by her brother-in-law, went behind her sister’s back, had SEX with her brother-in-law.  The brother-in-law worried that he didn’t get the “good end of the deal”, started keeping track of every time they’d done it.

Two years ago, her brother-in-law found that she fell in love with another, confessed to his own wife, the sister got pissed and decided to SUE.  The courts sentenced Chang to one and a half year in prison, and a fine.  Chang filed to dismiss her jail term and just pay a fine, the D.A. thought that she’d slept around close to five hundred times, that if she wasn’t punished by the jail term, she will NEVER learn.

The judge believed that the D.A. didn’t get to the reason behind Chang’s sleeping around with her brother-in-law, and didn’t tell her that a fine won’t keep her out of jail, that the D.A. had violated the procedures.

And plus, it’s slowly become a trend, to pay OFF one’s infidelity “charges”, Chang’s verdict stated that she could pay a fine and escape her jail time.  The D.A. felt unfair, is already working on a case against her.

Everybody is interested in how this case of “House vs. People” will turn out in the end.  Without a SET verdict on the law, Chang would still have to be sent to jail for her crimes.

Wow, if you can pay some money for your affairs, and ESCAPE the charges of being an adulterer, who wouldn’t do that?  And, if the woman won, then, that would be a VERY BAD example for all who follow her “footsteps”, because you can now, PAY a fine, for your first adultery, and then, you’d commit a second, and pay another FINE for that, then a third, a fourth, to the UMPTEENTH.

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Helping His Wife’s Best Friend Move, the Man Ended Up, Moving in with His Wife’s Best Friend

This, is precisely W-H-Y you should NOT introduce your husbands/wives (1 @ a time) to your BEST friends, from the news online, translated…

A woman named Tang felt sorry for her good friend, Hsu who’s lost a relationship, would often help console her, and help her find a job.  She’d even had her own husband help her good friend move.  Without knowing, that Huang, her husband started cohabiting with her best friend for over three year’s time.  The husband then used the excuse of being in debt, and how he didn’t want to drag his wife down with him to ask for a fake divorce, so he could keep his girlfriend on the “side”, while still sleep with his own wife.

Tang did NOT have a clue of this for six years, and, it wasn’t until last year that she accidentally found out that her best friend had been sleeping with her husband, causing her family to break, and her heart to wrench with pain.  She sued them both for adultery, and asked her husband and her ex-best friend to pay her one million dollars for the damages.  The Banciao District Court judge ruled the husband and the ex-best friend guilty, gave the husband a four months jail sentence and the other woman three months, which they can get out of by paying money, and yesterday, the judge mandated the two individuals pay the wife $300,000N.T., and the case can still be appealed.

Tang, who works in the editing industry, said that she’d met the 46-year-old Hsu, they became best buddies instantaneously.  She saw how Tang has two underage daughters, and is struggling on her own.  She had often held conversations with her, and helped her find a job too.  In 2006, Tang had even asked her husband to help Hsu move, without realizing, that this was the beginning of the infidelities.

Huang and Hsu started dating, and, they’d moved in together, in 2009, the man used the excuse of being in debt, and how he didn’t want to drag his wife down with him, to file for a fake divorce, Tang believed the words of her husband, but, they were still a couple legally.  Last March, Tang discovered the letter that her husband wrote to Hsu, with the record of when they started living together, sleeping together, etc., etc., etc., that, was when she realized that her husband had been sleeping with her best friend.

Tang decided to sue the best friend and her husband.  When being asked, Huang admitted to committing adultery with Hsu, Hsu said that Huang had initiated it, told her how his wife would spend all her time at the temples, that, was why they’d gotten too close.  Hsu told Tang that she was deeply sorry, but, she doesn’t have the money to pay for the fines.

After the judge reviewed the evidences, he decided that Huang and Hsu would serve out their sentence in jail, and that when the case was brought to court, it hadn’t passed the deadline yet, and the two individuals had hurt Tang’s marriage, so the husband and the best friend would have to pay Tang $300,000N.T. for emotional damages.

So, this, is the price for cheating, now, I still have to ask: was it worth it?  I mean, just because your wife is NO longer “providing” you with “it”, you still shouldn’t find another to “score”, and, just because some women are willing and ALL of you are A-B-L-E, that still doesn’t legalize ADULTERY, does it?  Of course N-O-T, this just shows you, if you cheat, you WILL get C-A-U-G-H-T!!!

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