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How @#$%ED (maxed out!) up the policies of quarantine set forth by the CDC is here, and how this god damn government still can’t make up its own mind of setting up just ONE set of rules that applied to all here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The newly set quarantine of three plus four policy started up, before the very first case of “getting released”, the mayor of Taipei, Ke shouted at Central Government, “the Central Government is making a mess, again!”.  Although, it’s unseen, if the cases will hike back up again, but the messes from the policies, the holes, we can be absolute, that “three plus for does NOT equal seven!”

As the single day’s confirmed cases kept exceeding toward “how can the world catch up to Taiwan”, toward the situations of all the countries around us are opening up their borders, the experts found, that controlling the borders strictly is now, pointless, and naturally, the days of quarantines are reduced.  But, as another mutated strain of MERS-CoV is hitting close, the new policies that are too far from humanity and completely too far-fetched from reality, rather than it’s for the sake of preventing the virus from spreading, it’s more like the preventive shots that the government wants the country to get, to not take responsibilities for what might occur.

The wounds of “three-plus-eleven” of last year still fresh in our minds.  And, as we desperately needed to block off our borders, the CDC had, loosened the means of quarantines for the pilots, causing that opening of the pandemic.  And as we’d complied with the rules of scanning the barcodes, the government enforced the strict punishments of fines, “plus eleven” still can’t keep the behaviors of minority of pilots in check; and now, the government wanted to use the “plus four” mandates to block off the mutated strains, the government’s totally, delusional now!

Although the CDC set up the guidelines of “Getting outside when it’s absolutely necessary, can’t stay out all night”, etc. etc., etc., but, this is a challenge for the management, of human nature.  No limits to the number of times people get to go out, then why would it be “necessary” as a mandate, and this rule set forth by the CDC is bound to get not followed by the people here.  Like the mayor, Ke stated, “You go out every day, you can infect your fellow coworkers from the office, but you can’t bring the virus home and infect your families with it,” totally ironic, and a huge hole punctured by the CDC.

Toward the doubts, the head of State, Su stated, as the Central Government, and the people all working together to block off the mutated strains, then we can be successful in this war with MERS-CoV.  But, the central government’s ambiguous policies, without means to ensure the enforcement of the policies, they’d written the equation of “three plus four equals three”, but had the locals and people write down the equations of “three plus four equals seven”.  And thus, the key to working together successfully, lies in how when everything goes right, it’s on me, but when things go wrong, it’s, on you!

And, this still just showed how irresponsible this government truly had been, since the very start of the pandemic, and this government still does NOT give a flying FUCK about the welfare of we the people, but hey, what can we do?  We’d been, enslaved by the DDP too god damn long here, we can’t even fight it in us to fight anymore, so yeah, people of this “free” country gets, FUCKED (no need to pardon me!) here completely.

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The CDC Had Been Evasive for TWO WHOLE Years & Can’t Evade the Responsibilities

Because that, is how the DDP, rules, by BULLSHITTING we the people, and we’d, allowed them to, because we the people are way too, mother @#$%ING, retarded here, hello, hello, hello, as this is still, an ABUSER/ENABLER interaction style of interactions?  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

And They’d, Blamed Us, for Misunderstanding Them, for More than, Two Years?

As the pandemic of MERS-CoV grew out of control locally, for days, the cases of death from MERS got up to over a hundred per day, to the total number of deaths to date to close to three thousand, after the contracted died, they’d all been, swiftly, cremated, and this was, the deepest sort of pains for their families.  And the CDC, that refused to downgrade the level of MERS as a legally defined infectious disease is to blame, until yesterday, Chen, the director of the CDC finally stated, that he will talk with the funeral homes to find a most fitting way for both the families and the funeral homes.

Toward the criticisms of the rules from outside, Chen took out the documents yesterday, stressed that “there’s only the rules of twenty-four hour notices from the facilities where the contracted died, there’s no mandates on the swift cremations”.  Meaning, that it was all, a, misunderstanding by the funeral homes, but to the families, this was, infuriating, had it not been the government’s setting the rules firmly, then, the local offices of sanitations, the hospitals, the funeral homes are the ones, that’s gone off on their own, making that all-too-big an, error?  But the point is, everybody had been “misled” for more than two whole years, so how come, the CDC that’s still hosting its, daily press conference, come out an clarify?

On the questioning of the outside, Chen kept reciting the written rules coldly, explained, that since the start of setting up the rules, the rules of cremation for those who’d contracted MERS-CoV hadn’t been altered, that there was, NO time limit.  Then, pray tell, how quickly is quick enough?  An hour?  How about twenty-four hours?  This sort of an ambiguous claims, how can we not misunderstand?

And besides, the assistant deputy director, the second-in-command of offices of internal affairs, Chen, as he’d attended the news conference on the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV last June stated, “the local funeral homes should still practically go by the rules of twenty-four hour period after death to cremate, that the rules specified on how to prevent the virus from keep on getting passed around”, but this made the online community furious, once more.

In reality, a lot of the medical experts had been calling out to the CDC, to lower the level of MERS-CoV to type four legally defined infectious disease, other than doing away with the reporting in the paperwork, the restrictions of quarantine, paralyzing the medical energies, it can, get the hospitals, the funeral homes away, from the mindset of “Category five infectious diseases” which is by government mandate, within twenty-four hours’ time, the cremations needed to occur.  And the losses of close to three thousand families, Chen can’t dodge responsibilities of, by keeping himself out of the responsibilities using the press media.

So, this head of CDC, dodged behind the press, and it’s still the rules that aren’t, clear-cut, just like how the CDC had been, for two plus years, since the outbreaks first started here, this still just showed, how the DDP abused powers, ruined the lives of the people who are still alive (sigh…), as well as those who’d DIED, during the outbreaks, because they can’t get lain to rest, have the proper burials here!

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Do We Have Enough Space for Quarantines?  Is the Medical Care Provisions Fully Set Up?  Did the Young Children All Have Their Vaccinations?

The impotence, the incompetence, of this, government, that’s still, ruining ALL the people’s, lives here, and there’s, nothing that WE the people, CAN do, as the DDP still, runs this, god damn country toward SIX feet UNDER!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Another Two Infants Died, We Don’t Want to Coexist with Death

Seeing the digits that the CDC posted yesterday, of the 122 who’d died from contraction, there were two infants of not yet a year old, and I can only imagine that the pains, being, too difficult, for their parents, to bear.

The policies switched from clearing off all the contractions suddenly, to coexisting with the virus, and the CDC still presented the data the statistics in its daily press meetings at noon sharp, and all we see, is the digits rising up sharply, and yet, in the policies, the CDC seemed to only want the people to get used to the idea of coexisting with the virus, and accept, that the number of those who’d died under the confirmed contraction cases is, a norm, and, mentioned, that so long as our rates of death is lower than our neighboring countries, then, the policies of defense against MERS-CoV is considered, successful!

And every time the CDC showed that diagram of those who’d died, it would always indicate, that the individuals who’d died from contraction had other previously existing medical conditions, I really don’t know what this is for?  We’d found, that there are, less-than one-percent of the contracted who’d died, who’d not been found with the, preexisting, medical conditions, is the CDC hinting at how these individuals who’d died, who’d been found with other preexisting conditions, has other progressive conditions, that’s what’s made them harder to treat, that’s led to, their, deaths?  Is this a reminder, or is this, scapegoating?  Does this mean, that these individuals who’d, been confirmed of contraction, couldn’t coexist with the virus?  Is there, any, scientific meaning, to these sorts of, a memo that the CDC is, giving, to the people?

Is coexisting with the virus, a motto, a trend, a fact, or, is it, a policy?  And, at the same time, how do we, coexist with the virus?  What’s the most fundamental of prerequisites of this?  The end goal being?  The cost?

Recently, the daily confirmed contraction cases had been over 60,000 per day, and based off of this trend, we are, to coexist with this virus, for a long, long, long time, to come, but how, do we, coexist with it?  There are, still, a ton of, unanswered questions regarding this.  In the past month, there were those who’d coexisted with the virus under the lacking of the quick scan kits; some, after being confirmed of contractions, didn’t have enough space to quarantine in, forced to coexist with the virus; and there were more who are moderately to severely symptomatic, who couldn’t get the medical provisions they are in need of, who’d, coexisted with the virus.  And, based off of these two, unfortunate, infant deaths, there’s nothing we can do, how do the children, coexist with the virus, without the antibodies they are in need of? And how many more children in the future, will be forced to, coexist with the virus, who’d not been, fully, vaccinated?  Is this sort of, coexisting with the virus, really, unavoidable?

In this past week, the total number of death by contraction had been closed to a hundred or over a hundred, but is this, merely, a statistic?  As the CDC used the charts to show in the press conferences, making a note of these individuals’ who’d died, who had prior medical conditions, can the CDC go a step further, trying to understand, how they, contracted the virus in the first place?  Could these deaths have been, avoided?  And what’s the progression, of their path to contracting the virus?  Are there things that the individuals failed to pay enough attention about?

Life is, priceless, for every family that’s lost a loved one, it’s not easily, waved off by the death rate of one in tens of thousands, the pains will, follow them for life!  Everybody dies, there’s no need to live in fear, and worries, about our, timely, demises!

Nobody can be positive, that after s/he contracts MERS, s/he will be mildly symptomatic, and on the one in a thousand death rate, we the people still want to, try to get away from, as much as we possibly, can!  The people can’t avoid from contracting the virus, but the government can, do everything in its power, to help people out, to get us away, from coexisting with the morbidity rate from MERS, reducing the number of those who died, best as it can!

We need a scientific approach to defending ourselves, but the scientific means does NOT including, explaining of the statistics of the contractions, but to try and predict, how to avoid these deaths, and find a way to coexist with the virus, that is, the direction to which, this government needs to work towards, to protect we the people here!

Yeah, but the DDP, it does NOT care, the CDC is a parrot (and no, Yeah, but the DDP, it does NOT care, the CDC is a parrot (and no, you still don’t get THAT CRACKER!), repeating the statistics, but not doing anything, to help us, defend ourselves, and we are all, on our own, under this, incompetent, government of ours here!

And there’s, nothing that we the people, CAN, do!

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As the Provisions of Medical Care Units Run Low, the Patients Couldn’t Pick Up the Medication, Chen Became an Ostrich in Dealing with the Matters

How this HEAD of CDC (off with HIS HEAD!!!), still shoots off his, loud mouth not given us enough of what we need, and just, putting the entire country’s people at the risk of, a GENOCIDE!!!  How brainless, these officials are, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For two whole months, the deficiencies of quick scan kits, the medications, the children’s vaccines, all came up, the government’s “getting ahead”.  Chen, wanted his reputation again, started, getting ahead of the rest.  He’d stated, that the various agencies are already discussing “opening up the borders of the country”, around, “next month-ish!”

Whoa!  If this is NOT getting ahead of ourselves, then, what is, and, we’d, gotten too far up ahead here.  From the pandemic in Taiwan currently, we’re, staying at the plateau phase of development, we can’t estimate when we are going to, climax yet; while Chen is already, planning what comes after as the numbers dropped down, can we say, that he’s not, getting, too, far up, ahead here?

The problem is, that the skills Chen employed, to “get ahead”, are only all applicable, when nothing is, going on; as for when the virus is hitting us hard, he’d, come up, empty, many a time already.  This sort of a “following the flow in getting ahead”, mostly, will cause us to drown, in the waves that are, coming back towards us!

Besides, Chen had, pretended to direct things in the CDC, but, he’d fallen, way, way, WAY behind the local government’s suggestions of what the CDC should do; as he’d cried wolf too many times, who will, trust him again, when he’d stated, that he will, get the country, ahead?  Besides, based off of the virus running free here, even IF the borders are opened, who DARE enter?  The recent number of confirmed contractions, often stayed at the highest of the world, even the U.S. had elevated the alerts against this country to a level two, a “high risk” place to travel to.  And at this time, Chen started, leaping to how we’re, opening up the borders, is this, his, grabbing at the, last straw?

Whoever invented the phrase of, “getting ahead” had done it too well, to make us, remember it, but it’d, disappointed us all, as the country, came up, shorthanded.  What’s even worse, is that Chen’s directions, never falls in accordance to what we the people desperately needed, the only thing that’s getting ahead as he led the CDC, is the, propagandas.  This is, all too clear, on his statements of opening up the borders of this country.

Yeah, this is the leader of the CDC here, living in, the TWILIGHT ZONE, in a, parallel universe, compared to the rest of us, down here on the island, he thought of how wow, we are, getting ahead, from the times before, we were, protected, because the people here, are all afraid to contract the virus, and, because from the start of MERS, we’d done fine and dandy, the head of the CDC, the DDP, the president, had not taken the advantage to stock up of what is needed, the vaccines, from before, accepting the donations of the vaccines of AZ that no longer protected against the Delta strain, let alone the Omicron, and now, as we all needed the quick scan kits, we’d, run short on it again, and it was like that mess of the mask from two years ago (was it???), when we had to go by our ID numbers of odds and evens, and allotted three masks per purchase, and two or was it three purchases from the local pharmacies, and you call this SHIT, getting ahead?  More like, getting, left, way, way, WAY, behind.

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The Storms of Death: Those Who’d Died in Vain, in Front of the Head of the CDC

Hear those FARTS, still, coming out of the head of CDC, Chen’s mouth here???  Yeah, someone, put that SOCK in him already, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The pandemic continued spreading in the country, the confirmed contraction stayed at the plateau range, with the total deaths, tripled, for three consecutive days, there are over hundreds of morbidity per day.  The rate of thousands dead from contraction since the start of this year, already exceeded the total number of deaths from these past two years’ confirmed of contractions; the experts had estimated, that this current wave will cause tens of thousands in the population to die.  But, since the storms of deaths hit, the CDC seemed to be, unaffected.

Toward the problem of the high morbidity rate of contraction, the CDC had emphasized how they were mostly the unvaccinated, with the progressive conditions, those who’d signed the DNR, or focused on the ninety-nine-percent of mildly symptomatic and asymptomatic, stressed that “we’re doing well, keeping the contraction numbers down”; and now, it’d only admitted, that “this is a warning sign” at the most, “we shall see”.  The CDC stated it too lightly, but behind that, it’s the tragedies of the people’s, losing their lives.

The pandemic hits the people of all ages, especially the elderly population.  The Public Health Department experts of N.T.U. pointed out, that this wave of pandemic had caused the morbidity rate of individuals over seventy to grow higher than the same time last year, showing that the lacking in provision of medical help had caused the “number of deaths to exceed” in the elderly population, to the point of twenty-eight extra lives gone every 10,000 in the population.  Yet, the commander of the CDC, Chen only brushed it off lightly, that MERS-CoV is especially dangerous for the older populations, we’d not needed to compare the statistical measures to know that.  But even if Chen doesn’t want to compare the stats, countries such as South Korea, New Zealand all gave the same lessons, and so, why does Taiwan still suffer from the lack of needed medical provision?

The CDC’s not admitting that the lacking of medical provisions existed, is because it would BUST the huge bubble of the CDC’s claims of “getting ahead”; Chen stressed furthermore, that the medical provision systems aren’t on the verge of collapse, otherwise, he couldn’t, continue, performing on this stage of his.  But, the medical workers criticized how Chen had, boasted about the vacancies of the hospital beds, ignoring that there’s not enough medical staff on duty in the hospitals.  If it weren’t due to the lacking of medical workers on duty at the hospitals, why would Chen’s adding more patient per nurse in a hospital cause the entry level nurses upset?  Until a nurse who’d contracted the virus, who got called back to her post, and, at resting time, she could only, line the floors with cardboard box to sleep in a photo got shown to Chen, then, he’d started, exclaiming, “How did this happen?”

And yet, “how did this happen?”, is not a question that should be posed by Chen.  This question, we all want to ask Chen.  The rate of morbidity getting higher in the older age groups, the younger generations dying because they couldn’t get their needed medications on time, the infants who’d contracted the virus, who couldn’t be saved, because of lack of hospital provisions, along with the inconvenience of the testing, the delays of medical treatment measures which were necessary, all caused this speed up of rate of morbidity, shocking.  But, how, did this, happen?

Now, let’s look at the increased number of morbidity in the long-term care systems.  The long-term care facilities, the nursing homes, they’re, the hardest hit areas of the current wave of the pandemic, the CDC only offered us a simple estimate, to the twenty-sixth, there were the total of 919 homes with confirmed contractions found, with a total of close to 9,000 residents, and 3,500 workers confirmed of contraction.  But, based off of the statistics posted by the Department of Sanitation & Social Welfare from April, there are a total of 1,077 homes, about a total of 52,000 elderly residents; in other words, if the statistics are correct, there are already eighty-five percent of the facilities with the confirmed contraction cases, seventeen-percent of the residents living there contracted.  Especially, of the daily deaths, the rate of those in the assisted living facilities went from fifteen-percent to twenty-six percent in a matter of only a few days, to thirty-five percent in a single day.

and, this is what someone SHOULD do, to the head of CDC !

photo from online

Actually, during the pandemic of MERS-CoV, two years ago, the nursing homes of U.S. became the graveyards of elderly population first, so tragic; and this year, Korea also, couldn’t keep the assisted living facilities safe, with the confirmed contraction rate of death of thirty-five percent; and, more than half of the deaths by contraction of MERS-CoV in Hong Kong were out of assisted living.  All of these lessons, the CDC hadn’t taken heed.  At the height of this pandemic, the only way to reduce the rate of morbidity of this particular group is by increasing the coverage of the vaccinations, the quick-scans being done regularly, and, the medications administered on time, that’s the only way, we have, of protecting this high-risk group; but the CDC still lagged behind, and it’d taken it to finally realize, that we don’t have enough of what’s needed, the vaccines, the quick scan kits, and the process of getting treated by the medical professionals, had finally caught up, but it’s still not, running smoothly enough yet.

In the long-term care policies of Tsai, the residents of assisted living facilities had long been neglected, to the point that they weren’t, included in the programs of Long-Term Care 2.0 at the very start, until the president, Tsai fought for her stay in office, then, the programs were upgraded, and made up for the lacking.  In the outbreaks, the residents are still, ignored in the assisted living facilities, in need of more support, but not getting any at all.  What’s ironic was, Chen kept boasting, that the morbidity rate in the long-term care facilities had stayed at about one-percent, that we’d not followed in Hong Kong’s footsteps, “we are doing, all right!”

Doing all right?  Not only those in the assisted living facilities, including the elderly population, the younger generations, the parents of young children, the words of Chen, in the ears of those who’d lost someone to the outbreaks, they feel, the more, upset.  So what of, those who got, sacrificed by the system that’s, not set up, correctly, and fully operational, do they deserve to die?

And yet, this, is what the head of the CDC does, to cover his own inability, trying to, paint the stats over, but he couldn’t anymore, from before, the outbreaks are far, far away, we are still, trusting his lies, but now, we are hit, locally, in our communities, with children, elderly, the younger generations, dying left and right, and this LOSER still bullshit the people, but we’re, no longer, buying it here!


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Prioritizing the Defense Against the Spread of MERS-CoV?  The New Rules of Coexisting with the Virus is Too Wayward for Us to Follow

The policies of the CDC is still, ambiguous here, and, we the people, got NO clue of what we should do, because, the heads are, bobbing right now, as the head of the CDC has his own, agenda, of running for MAYOR of the city of Taipei at the end of the year this year, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The commander of the CDC, Chen finally stated that in all of Taiwan’s total population, there may be fifteen-percent who will end up, contracting MERS-CoV, and, doing the math, that comes up to, 3.45 million of the public.

That’s, almost, one in, every six person, based off of this percentage, in a classroom of twenty-nine, there would be four, to five children who contracted the virus; in a university with 10,000, there will be over 1,500 professors, students who are confirmed of contracting MERS-CoV; and in the army population of 200,000, there would be, three whole platoons contracting the virus.  In the nearly 70,000 police forces, over 10,000 who’d contracted the virus.  And if they all went away for quarantine of the week’s, ten days’, or, fourteen days’ terms, how will the orders be maintained in the society?

And, all of these, supposedly contracted, to avoid taking up the medical resources, they would surely, start from the at-home quarantines, who will help supervise them?  Who will assist them?  And if these individuals have elderly, and young children of twelve and under to care for, who will offer assistance to them, how do they get their leaves of absence filed in?  How do you confirm who’s served their full quarantine days, and are now, safe to return back to their, normal, lives?  Not mentioning yet, the statistics of those who might progress into moderate and severe symptoms, even if it’s only, 0.1-percent, it’s the deaths of, 3,450 members of the public.  This government who boasted itself on its capabilities, showed us, that in this week’s time, it’s preparation of enough medications, the handing out of the fast-scans, how the sixth of the population should, coexist with the rest of the population, had all been, too wayward, and, is our government, really, ready?

In the past two years, the other countries, as far as the U.S. and Europe, and as near as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea, they’d all, demonstrated to us the proceedings, and slowly, headed toward, opening up their borders now, and formally announce the era of coexisting with the virus, and, our government had already, sorted through, the other countries’ responses, and saw how other countries had, dealt with this matter, and yet, it’s still, confused, as to how it will, answer this, million-dollar, question.

And, the head of the C.D.C., Chen had already, put out the words, that he will be up for the mayoral race of Taipei this year, and, this sort of a government still, kept, propagandizing how we’re, number one in defense against MERS-CoV.  The distances of the officials’ level of confidence, and the people’s worries, are, farther, farther, farther apart by the days now.

And so, this is still how when the HEADS of these god damn, mother @#$%ING (must refrain my self from “swearing” here!) government got sidetracked, with their own, agendas, how we the people can’t adapt, because, these heads of the departments that should be setting up the rules correctly, don’t, and, it’s still corruption, from the head, all the way, downward, and we the people, still, end up FUCKED (don’t pardon me this time here!) up in the very, end of all of this shit.

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Who Will Make up for the Losses of the Cancellations of the Tour Groups Due to the Three-Dose Mandates

The CDC is still, shooting OFF its mouth, at random again, without any warnings beforehand this time too, grabbing at those, last straws, to keep it, afloat here, the CDC is, surely, desperate right now all right, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CDC announced, starting April 22nd, you’d needed at least three doses of vaccines of MERS-CoV in order to go on the tours of the statues of deities around the island, or to go on tour groups, and a lot of the tourists, and many of the travel agencies got pissed off!  As the tourists wanted to cancel the trips, they don’t get the full refunds, while the tourist agencies are all, taking the calls of cancellations nonstop, with the phone keep on ringing in the offices endlessly.  The tourist agencies had lost a lot of business due to the outbreaks for two years on end, the third-dose mandate, is making things even worse for them.

I’m a student in tourism management, I’d known a bit about the business.  Most of the people in order to go into the tour groups would have to have three vaccinations, but if they don’t, the tour groups won’t make the minimum limits of individuals who’d signed up, or that they can’t go out with the tour groups, and the tickets that had been booked are all, nonrefundable and who shall be, responsible for that?  The travel agencies, or the customers, of even, the hotels?

Although the outbreaks are hitting us hard right now, with the confirmed contractions exceeding a thousand by the days, but the government can’t issue this sort of a ban, this would be stabbing the travel agencies, the tourism industries on the back again.  Even if we had our third vaccinations, it’s still no guarantee that we’d be safe from contraction, it’s just, that when we contracted the virus, we won’t get into the more serious conditions, so, I believe, that we should just, keep our old means, masking up, scan the barcodes to register, sanitizing our hands often, get our temperatures taken as we enter into a place, to do our own separate parts, to reduce the risks of contractions.

And so, the government’s desperate, in trying to contain the spread of MERS-CoV right now, that, is why it’s, handing down all of these restrictions, and bans, because we’d already, had the huge spread of epidemic before, and, due to not enough vaccines from before, too many had died, and this time, it’d, scared the government like crazy, that’s why it’s, issuing all of these rules, because the government does NOT want its own incompetence to get placed under the microscope again.

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A Name, SCREWING the Entire Population of a Country Over

Because of this FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!!!) government’s, IDEOLOGIES here, we’re all, dying, left and right, especially with Delta hitting us, hard as hell right now.

A name, SCREWING the entire population of a country over, odd, isn’t it, how a simple, single name of something, can have that sort of, an adverse effect?  Well, you better believe it, as this government where I’m residing, is led and run by, IDIOTS, by a DICTATOR, that got, publicly, voted into office, and, she’d, run all our lives down!

A name, SCREWING, the entire population of a country over, as the BioNTech vaccines finally arrived, it got, halted at the gates, because, the Chinese label of the agent is still taped (stapled, glued, how the HECK should I know how they put it on there, huh???) around the “packaging”, even though it was, manufactured in Germany (I think it was, but because Fosun Pharma is the agent of BioNTech in Asia east, that’s why it got the label of Fosun Pharm on it!).

like the name, Voldemort is to Harry Potter

arch nemeses…from online

A name, SCREWING the entire population of a country over, and, the vaccines are still, delayed eternally, because the government here is full of SHIT, it does NOT care how many of the population had died due to contraction of MERS-CoV, that’s NOT its, ultimate goal.  Its, ultimate goal, is, SEVER the country off from China, no matter what, and, in this country of, over about 30 million, there would need to be at least, 15 million who’d DIED of contract, for the deaths to matter to them.

Run by a popularly voted (yeah, a lot of us don’t even go to the polls anymore, ‘cuz, why the @#$% bother???) into office, DICTATOR!  And, there’s NOTHING we the people (I mean, we ARE, still, the people right, or, did we all get, “reduced” down to nothing but, MAGGOTS here, huh???) can do ‘bout it!

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The Commander, a Blind, Swordsman

And unfortunately, we the people are still, allowing this, IDIOT who’s BLIND, leading us, the masses who are, also, blind, it’s kinda like the THREE BLIND mice, isn’t it???  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, Taiwan finally got a taste of what it’d, felt like, to be, lagging behind.  Based off of the Bloomberg reports, Taiwan had fallen to FORTY-FOURTH on the list; the Economist’s “Normal Life” indicator, also, put Taiwan, into, the abyss, ranking us second to last.  As the presses inquired about the ranking, the commander Chen stated, that he’d not read the magazines, nor was he made aware of the reports.

The “Normal Life Indicator” is a quantifying measure of how close a country is to its original way of life compared to before the outbreaks started.  And, Taiwan ranked, not even HALF of Hong Kong which is, way up ahead, in the fifty countries that had been polled, we’re, the LAST!

and, unlike this one, the REAL, blind swords man, who CAN, fight…Chen can’t!!!

movie poster from online

Chen is in command, and made a ton of life-changing decisions, and yet, he’d, shut his own ears, not listened to the advices from outside of him.  This included the implementations of the rule of three-plus-eleven, he’d retracted his own statements repeatedly, and it’s, confusing to us all, people.  And now, the well-known international magazine gave us a very low ranking, the commander spoke on camera, telling the masses that he’d never heard of the magazine before.

If Chen felt ashamed, that would be well.  But, this message, was posted out in various media presses, and yet, our commander chose to, ignore.  And that’s when, everybody started noting, that this commander who’s once boasted, “how can the rest of the world catch up to Taiwan!”, in his eyes, there were only, the printed American and Japanese flags on the masks.

Chen is in power, who can get the vaccines, who can’t, which way to turn, east or west, with the defense against MERS-CoV, whatever he said, goes.  But, this leader is like the blind swordsman, without any sense in principle in making up the laws, the policies, started hacking blindly, while all our lives, are in, his hands.

he should be wearing that MASK, over HIS, EYES!!! Photo from online

And this, is what it’d, looked like, for us here, in this, FUCKING “country” now, we’re living without the vaccines we’re in dire need of, and, everybody’s fighting hard, for the limited resources of getting vaccinated, and, as soon as the registry opens, within  a matter of nanoseconds, there are, no more slots people can, sign up for, and, this IDIOT still thinks he’s done, a wonderful job, keeping all of us, citizen of this “great” country, safe?  Yeah, and yet, what CAN we the people do???  NADA!!!

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We the People, Just Want the Vaccines, WHAT are the HEADS of the Offices Doing?

With the lacking in vaccines, we’re all, going to get, KILLED here!  Well, look on the bright side, those of who survives, will, be proven that we are, STRONG enough to live on this EARTH, by process of elimination, from the “branch of science” of, EVOLUTION!  How this government is doing absolutely, NOTHING, to speed up the inoculation process, so we can have at least, a set amount of immunity as a whole here.  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

MERS-CoV had spread throughout the island now, and finally, the long-awaited donated to us 124 million vaccines from Japan had finally arrived, but the local governments started fighting over the measly number of vaccines available to each and every city.  It’s a simple problem of mathematics, but, it’d become, the chip of which the local governments bargained with.  The people only wanted to get vaccinated soon, while the central government and local governments seemed to ignore the cries of all the people here, how much, do we, the people, weight to them?  The first shipment of donated vaccines to us by Japan, Kaohsiung had received 9,1000 doses, way more than both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities which had been hit the hardest during this outbreak.  Although the command center reiterated that the rationing of the doses included the amount given to the military services, that the actual number that Kaohsiung allotted was only 80,000 doses, but this number was only mildly lower than Hsinbei City, and higher than Taipei’s.  This doesn’t seem reasonable no matter how you looked at i

And so, the commanding center posted out the “complicated calculation methods” to clarify its claims of how the doses were, allotted.  That the number of doses allotted is based off of sixty percent of the personnel from Type one to Type Three who hadn’t been vaccinated yet”, plus “sixty-percent of those who received the vaccines in the long-term care programs”, plus about thirty-percent of elders older than seventy-five years of age”, and minus the amount that they received from Moderna.

The calculations should be clear cut based off of sixty-percent of the type one to type three government personnel, minutes those that already received the vaccinations, this is a clear cut calculation, and people can understand it easily.  But the command center didn’t factor in the ratios nor considered the immune population of the cities to calculate the immunities, instead, “calculating based off of the number of those individuals who hadn’t gotten the vaccines”, it’s odd why they’re calculating in this manner.  Based off of the statistics of the outbreaks in all realms, there’s need for the “recount numbers”, and, it’s questionable of the Command Center’s “number sense”, and now, there’s, the “black box operations” being accused from it, it’s not overboard at all.

Not only that, the experts kept on calling out, that the population clusters that are easily infected, not as healthy should get the first vaccinations, the group that can easily fallen to the severely ill first.  But the Command Center is treating everybody as “equals”, disregarded the numbers of death every day in Hsinbei and Taipei cities to add more doses to send to these places, and just, calculated based off of ten-percent of the dosages received total, nobody knows what their bases for this “equation” come from.

While the plans of vaccinations for those at high-risks are even more hurtful to the members of the public, Kaohsiung could make the rosters for the elders in the cities to get inoculated, but the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei are waiting for the vaccine systems to start operating, and this made the elderly population who couldn’t use the high-tech gadgets live in the twilight zone.  The commander, Chen stated, that the vaccines getting used is not a “race, it’s how complete the systems are and how well the systems of inoculation worked”, and said, “unifying the policies is continually telling the people WHOSE turns is it to get the vaccines”, while the local citizens are, running around like headless chickens, because the government is trying to set up the systems of getting the people their inoculations up and running, how can those high up in the government understand the trials of life that we, ordinary, citizens, are going through?

And so, this, is what happens, when those, high up government officials stayed inside their, IVORY TOWERS (unlike the ivory tower of MY freakin’ mind here!) too long, they can’t see how us, ordinary citizens are, suffering, I mean, it’s NOT their loved ones who are dying of contraction, so it does NOT alert them one bit, and it’s this manner of “hey, I really could care LESS about the people out there, down below!” that’s going to, kill us all, and yet, this entire island is unlikely, to get, WIPED out due to MERS, unlike that final member of that South America tribe who’d contracted the virus and died, the end of that “race” of people there, because there are still, too many people on this, god DAMN @#$%ING island, that’s why, it won’t be until the virus wipes out ninety-nine-percent of this populations, that the government finally takes notice, and we the people are still, too, @#$%ED, up!  And, there’s NOTHING YOU can do ‘bout it!!!

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