Can’t I Just Be, a Warm Sort of a, Guy?

A people-pleaser personality, does NOT, make a good leader here, and this is still not a problem, individually, but from, the top down, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’d been, more than ten days since the tragic death of forty-six in the apartment fire, the outside waited, and waited, and waited, and yet, we still don’t see the mayor, Chen do anything about the awful living conditions, nor do we see him taking any responsibilities for the issues.  Chen may believe, that he can just, drag things out and people will eventually, forget, but, it doesn’t work that way in life; on the national revolution day, the city of Kaohsiung had two consecutive reports of factory fires, which burned his incompetence for running and operating the city out.

Not talking about a run of bad luck, but this “warm sort of a guy” of a mayor’s been, having it hard lately.  The case of impeachment of Chen, the DDP called that they will raise up the bar for the impeachment votes; and yet, as Chen’s lowering the bar just five years back, and calling it a “victory” in democracy was placed on the tables to talk about by the people.  He’d grilled the then mayor, Hu, “How many must die, before YOU get out of, office?”, and now, that’s been, tattooed, onto his, record as the mayor too.

the people-pleaser takes, the “stand”…

photo from online

The DDP took office of Kaohsiung for two years now, and it can’t, push the responsibilities back onto the KM, nor, use the factory case in Kaohsiung as a sorry excuse.  The fires that burned on the holidays on the 25th this month were both really hard, while, the factory officials claimed, “We just passed the safety fires check recently”, that sounds, familiar, doesn’t it?  Exactly identical to the posting of “building is safe of the case of City within the City apartment complexes.

Chen was once a committee member of the legislature, lawmaker, assistant secretary to the office of the president, deputy head of office, and many other titles in the government, he’d what the DDP works hard to put into office, a, political, star, but, this “warm guy” could care LESS about the lives of people, and the properties of the people, and people are now confused on who he’d been, “warmed up” to?

The population is moving out of the city of Kaohsiung, the businesses aren’t, doing well, stores closing down all over town, from the bottom half of September, in just five days, there’d been, four drownings in the River of Love locally, the construction security issues throughout the entire year.  If Chen doesn’t even CARE about human lives, and kept referring to himself as a “warm sort of a guy”, wouldn’t that be, blind!

Yeah, it’s BLIND all right, and this, is just one tiny SCREW that got loose in the big machine set up by the DDP, and, if a tiny freakin’ screw gets loose, then, the whole machine crumbles down, and that, is what’s, happening to the political party in power in this country, everything’s, coming, L-O-O-S-E here!

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