On the Longings, in Our, Hearts

Interactions of a father and daughter, on things that come into their lives, every single day, translated…

During the outbreak in the summer, my third-grade daughter and I are together 24/7 at home, and I’d had to, play the part of her teacher then, taught her the very first class.  I’d, selected the book, “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho, after I had her read, I’d asked her to think about the following: explain why the youth felt that “he’d learned more from the herd of sheep than he had in reading the books?” why is it that “in the key moments in life, we couldn’t do anything about our lives, only let destiny take over, this was, the biggest, lie”, along with, “When you truly want something really bad, the entire universe will work in your favor, and help you accomplish it?”

As she’d read that very first chapter, the first question she’d replied, “errr………I………dunno!”, I’d encouraged her, that it’s okay that she didn’t know the answers yet, had her gone back through the pages, to reread the passages, to think, to come up with an answer if she could?  After deep thought, she’d still, fallen, silent.

And so, I’d, switched into the mentor mode, spiritual guide, asked her, what she took from her interactions with everything she encounters in life, the cats, the dogs, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the bees.  In the end, I’d asked her, “What, can we learn, from the flocks of sheep?”

She’d fallen, more and more, silent as she’d heard me explained, and I’d felt a bit, helpless, halted the lesson, and, with a bad look coming over my face, asked her to think.  She’d run into her room, put her head down on her desk, and thought, and, it’d, taken her, over an hour, no words, no naughty behaviors, I’d become, a bit, panicky then, and that was when I realized, that compared to whether or not she could come up with the right answers to my questions, I’d, cared more about whether or not she’s, happy.  I’d entered into her room, inquired, “What’s wrong?  If you can’t think of it, take a break!  You want to watch some T.V.?  or, go out for a ride?”

She’d remained, silent still.  Did I, push her too hard, after all, she’s, only, nine, to think on things, she couldn’t, yet relate to?  suddenly, I’d become, that panicky, mothering roll, the father who’d, carried that apologetic heart, to dress her up or maybe, that was, her way, of telling me, “WHAT, is it, that you long for?”

Nothing but for my girl to be, happy!  Until my daughter told me, “I’m fine”, then, started, misbehaving again, and the world finally, came back to, normal…………………………

And so, this, is how this father and daughter interacted, the father and daughter were all that each other had, for whatever reasons, and, the daughter is the father’s world, and so, the father cares a whole lot about whether or not his baby girl is happy, is well, and, posing that question to his child, he’d, stumped her a bit, and, she just, needed time, to sort everything through herself, and after that, everything’s, back to normal.

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