How We Severed the Ties, a Poem

On changes one observed in the society today, translated…

I’d laughed aloud, without conscience

You’d cried, with that strong sense of justice

Some people knew what should be done

But, they just couldn’t afford to wait for what happened next

He no longer talked of his faith again

You couldn’t afford to love anymore

We’d used our entire lifetime

And yet, it just never managed, to beat out that one-night stand

The snake of fire wrapped itself around the dormant man

The dream became so tiny, so dirty

The feelings of sorrow and regrets met back up

We were all, overcome with the frost of the cold of night

Didn’t have any other choices or options

The bulging green veins started popping out right before the onset of a huge storm

Held down the marchers going up and down the streets

Those who’d managed to pull us all down, couldn’t manage to change our minds at all: the gigantic monster of the abyss that never thought existed—

We can no longer

Disappoint it again

And so, that, is how you manage, to become totally bad, losing your conscience altogether, to the DEVIL, and, this poem, I think, is about the loss of faith in the current government, and foreshadowing the possible results of the upcoming elections here.

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Filed under Observations, Social Awareness, Social Issues, The Observer Effect

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