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Passing Through, on a Bamboo Raft, a Poem

On burying one’s own, offspring, translated…

A Bamboo Raft, Like a Red Lotus Passed Through

Vanished, into the Fog

“Affinities of Children, Thin Like the Foams on the Waterfront”

So True These Words

Watching the Sunset Light Withering in the West

Time Has No Place Here

Memories Can’t Hide

The Awareness, Electric Shocked

Who isn’t, Like that Small Raft

Drifting in-Between Life & Death

Listening to the Heaviness of the Repentance of Love & Lust

With the Broken Bridges, Severed Off Streams, the Dying Smokes

And so, this, is finally, coming to one’s senses about the finality of life, because you’d lost the ones you loved when they were too young, and you are, still living, you’d, needed to, cope with losing the ones you cared for, loved, your, own young…

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Child, a Poem

And no, this is still NOT my picture, found it online…


The winter’s sun managed to

Dry up the dampened verses taped on my back

And, all those who are behind me

All looked upon my back curiously

But, there was just, one child who’d just

Learned to read

Who’d started, reciting the verses on my back

This just shows how pure children are, because, as an adult, we’d been taught, not to do things, that it would be impolite, but, sometimes, it takes a child, to point out to us, the oddities of what’s happening, like that kid in The Emperor’s New Clothes, that pointed out that the emperor wasn’t wearing anything. 

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The Allegro of the Spring Breeze

A poem, translated…

Knowing You’re Coming

And Gone in a Jiffy, without Sitting Down, for a Cup of Coffee with Me

Just Tapped My Skirt, and You’re Gone

Not Allowing Me to Get a Clear Look at the Chinese Francolin You Rode on

This just shows, how the breezes of spring come and go so quickly, one minute it’s here, and the next, it’s gone, reminds you that you need to take advantage of the N-O-W, doesn’t it???

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I Came to Shenzhen the Winter After You Died

Written in memoriam of the poet who committed suicide, along with all the younger generations who left home, to come to the bigger cities to work, translated…

I’d read your poems on the papers, it wasn’t until you were dead, did you get discovered

As if, a huge inheritance, that no one came to claim

Simple, but deeply touching, like your short-lived twenty-four years of life

In just three months after your death

I came to this place of work you’d dreamed of, the Book Town in Shenzhen, to read poetry.  This still quite young town

Like a young man, still absorbing everything that he is intrigued by

Including poetry, but not including, any of your works.  I’d traveled from afar

The car passed through those glowing streets and the tall buildings

I completely understand the desires of the city like the beauties he’d dreamed of beholding too:

Money and dignity, hope and justice—oh yes

And, happiness too, happiness!

It was all too hard, to define happiness when one is still quite young

Because it’s ever-changing, and now

As I reached midlife, I’d worked hard, to avoid

Topics such as these, just like the subject of death.

I’d come to a distant, strange town to read poetry

“What could offer more bliss than this?”

Sitting among a group of strangers who are also intrigued by your poetry

I’d hoped, that you were among us

Standing up, read aloud your poem, “An Ironclad Moon”

And so, I’d sat myself down

And found something, something that offered me

More happiness than poetry………

So, I guess, that this poet found that he was blessed to be alive, and how he’d not lost hope, like that poet that committed suicde in China before, and, the narrator had taken the life of Hsu and used it as a reminder for himself, and, the poet’s life was not wasted, because he managed, to touch someone, even in death…

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Making a Meal


Stir-fried, fried

Leave it to the daytime

The evenings started shaving the food into thin threads

Whose memories, got salted by the gentle sea breezes

The overly cooked nights looked outwards

Only the dying lights from the stars

Sitting down with me

Caramelizing tomorrow

That, is a very interest way, to look at the things you’d currently cooking, isn’t it?  And this poet wrote with such vivid imageries too, doesn’t he???

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How We Severed the Ties, a Poem

On changes one observed in the society today, translated…

I’d laughed aloud, without conscience

You’d cried, with that strong sense of justice

Some people knew what should be done

But, they just couldn’t afford to wait for what happened next

He no longer talked of his faith again

You couldn’t afford to love anymore

We’d used our entire lifetime

And yet, it just never managed, to beat out that one-night stand

The snake of fire wrapped itself around the dormant man

The dream became so tiny, so dirty

The feelings of sorrow and regrets met back up

We were all, overcome with the frost of the cold of night

Didn’t have any other choices or options

The bulging green veins started popping out right before the onset of a huge storm

Held down the marchers going up and down the streets

Those who’d managed to pull us all down, couldn’t manage to change our minds at all: the gigantic monster of the abyss that never thought existed—

We can no longer

Disappoint it again

And so, that, is how you manage, to become totally bad, losing your conscience altogether, to the DEVIL, and, this poem, I think, is about the loss of faith in the current government, and foreshadowing the possible results of the upcoming elections here.

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My Bridge


My bridge, the earliest belonged to that of my homeland———

A thin wooden board;

From the coffin that’s slowly rotting away that we’d picked up from the public cemeteries.

Later on, it was, a stick from hauling

Made of a sort of a kind of bamboo

Something that the older farmers used to haul out the grains;

I saw it, carried the land on both sides of the riverbanks

The land from both sides of the riverbanks……

Ever since, I’d decided

My bridge had stayed, inside my heart

A hauling stick, that carried the responsibilities to pass down human history;

That’s never been taken off my shoulders since!

And this, is the moral responsibilities someone had imposed upon her/himself, and, by carrying that load, s/he is carrying one’s life, along with the lives of many others that came before, to help pass down the wisdoms from the older generations, kind of a passing the torch kinda deal.

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