Assisted Living vs. Assisted Suicide

Now, which one would YOU (yeah, I’m talkin’ to Y-O-U out there!!!) prefer???  Assisted living, or assisted suicide, that, would be the Soup of the Day.  And yeah, this, may be a bit BIASED too…

And now, let’s DISSECT both sides…

In assisted living, you are totally reliant on someone else to live, because you’d become too incompetent to take care of yourselves, you’re health is ailing, you are losing yourselves as humans, little, by little every single day, the only thing you have, is that you can still BREATHE (take ANOTHER large GULP of air with me here!!!).

Now, let’s look at the other end of the “spectrum”, assisted suicide, in this case, you are the one, choosing WHEN to end your own sufferings, like you got too tired, of going IN and OUT of remission, and those rounds of chemotherapy, they’d left you sick, puking your guts out, and you simply don’t want ANY more of it ever again, and, you’re asking, no BEGGING, is more like it, for someone to KILL you, because living had become a total HELL, getting transferred from home to the hospital, to get those chemo or whatever OTHER treatments with a TON of side effects to you.

And so, there you have it, both sides of the spectrum, as how I (b/c this is still MY pages, and whatever the HELL I say still GOES!!!) see the matter, your turns, to CHOOSE, and, DO choose wisely, because if you’d made the wrong choices, then, you will end up, suffering for the REST of your remaining years, however LONG they may be.

Note: this, is still NOT me, advocating you ALL go and KILL your ailing loved ones either, ‘k???

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