Seduction of a Subordinate’s Wife, the Manager Ordered to Pay $4.5 Million N.T.

Price for your INFIDELITIES, it’s still getting more, and more costly here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wang, took advantage of the time when his subordinate, Liu was away, working in China, seduced Liu’s wife, and this affair lasted for over five years, after Liu found out, he’d SUED the both of them for adultery, and asked for $4.5 million N.T. for emotional damages.  Wang thought that the amount Liu asked for was too high, he’d claimed, “when a doctor committed adultery, he’d only paid half a million dollars”, wanted the just to reduce the price; but the judge believed, that his behaviors are wrong, and that it’s damaged Liu’s family, and decided that Wang and Liu’s wife MUST pay him the amount.

Based off of precedents, the price for “covering up the shame” ranged from three hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand dollars, the amount of 4.5 million dollars is very rare; and on the criminal front, Wang and Liu’s wife were both sentenced to five months in jail separately.

Liu, after being told of the verdict, he started getting angry, said, “No amount of money will be enough to make up for the damages done to me”, “I can’t believe that my superior at work is like this”.  He’s now, filing for divorce too.

The Taoyuan District court investigated, and found, that Liu worked in the paper industry, seven years ago, he was sent to China to work, before his move overseas, his department head, Wang encouraged him to perform well in China, Liu was thankful to his encouragements, but, the moment that Liu was off, he’d started seducing Liu’s wife, which developed into a full blown affair.

So that just shows you, that men are NOT the only ones who are having affairs these days, and, in this case, BOTH the man (the manager), along with the WIFE are EQUALLY guilty, because it still takes TWO to T-A-N-G-O here!!!









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