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A Virtual Threesome


A man cheated on his “spare wheel” got caught, and W-H-O does he blame it on?  Peter.

A man named Chen had caused his affair partner to get pregnant, and abortion, and because his wife found out his cheating ways in an e-mail on his computer, the wife sued him; Chen claimed that he let Peter “borrow” his e-mail accounts, and the woman also

let Peter “borrow” his e-mail accounts, and the woman also claimed that it WAS Peter, who had impregnated her, but, they could never “produce” the character of Peter, and so, the D.A. in Shih-lin believed that they were having an affair, so the man and the woman were charged with adultery.

The man and the woman attended the same school in the U.S.  Together, they were alumni.  Last April, the woman returned to Taiwan, had sex with Chen, and got pregnant, she had an abortion when she was four months into her pregnancy.  In May, the wife got reminded of how close her husband and the woman had been by a friend, she checked his e-mail, found that he’d been having discussions with her on pregnancy and abortion, she got angry and sued him.

The wife said that her husband on the 15th, e-mailed the woman saying “baby, when I saw the picture of the ultrasound today, I felt moved, I love you so much, I will have a lot of babies with you.” The next day the woman replied, “I felt shocked as well, especially when the doctor told us we will hear his heart in two weeks, I feel so sad, I really want him to grow up strong, you need to keep this picture, it’s a prove of our love.” Thus, proven their adulterous ways.

Chen had denied the allegations of infidelity, claiming that he’d let Peter, a friend, borrow his e-mail account, and that he’s unclear of what’s written in the e-mail correspondences; Fang had admitted to getting pregnant and abortion, but, she claimed that it was Peter who had knocked her up.

The D.A. believed that Chen and Fang could NOT reproduce any evidence of information of this man named “Peter”, that “Peter” is made-up, and the woman claimed to not know Chen well, so, why would Chen let her send an e-mail using his account?

And, the fetus started having a heart rate, based on the words, “there will be heart rate in two more weeks”, Fan was pregnant last April, and, after Chen and Fan had corresponded online, they’d gone on business trips from May 13 to May 17, clearly, this showed that they’re not just everyday friends.

What happens when your affairs BUSTED wide open?  You can’t admit to it, because OMG, my wife’s gonna divorce me and take everything, so, you L-I-E, because that, is the only way to go, but, is IT morally responsible, the cheating and the aborting of the fetus?  Of course N-O-T!!!

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The Result of an Affair with a Married Woman

On the front page sections, translated…

A man named Hou is displeased that his married girlfriend, Peng wanted to break up, and so, he tried to extort her with their intimacy photos by mailing them to her colleagues and her husband; Peng was diagnosed with depression because of this, she ended up killing herself on the railroad tracks.  The Banciao district court found Hou guilty of having an affair, extortion, and sentenced him to two years in prison.

The D.A. started prosecuting Hou since last February, believing that he had used how women wanting their sex life to be private, to destroy her, the man was sentenced to five years in prison.  The D.A. believed this sentence to be way too light, and, will be deciding whether or NOT to appeal after they’d discussed and researched the results.

The verdict stated that Hou (age 40), back in 2009, had met Peng, who was a broker for properties, they had gone to hotels to carry out their affairs several times, and Hou had taken photos of the two of them being intimate together.

Two years ago, Peng wanted to break up, Hou started threatening her with the photographs, demanding a $50,000 and a $500,000 “breaking up fee”, he got turned down, and, he mailed the photos to Peng’s husband, along with nine other of her coworkers.  Facing her husband’s questions about her affair, Peng didn’t deny it, and so, the husband didn’t want to “wear the green hat”, he’d divorced her the very next day.

Peng could NO longer deal with the constant text messages from Hou, she’d called the cops, then, was diagnosed as clinically depressed.  Last year on January 23, Peng had mailed her last words to her nephew, wore a red shirt, as she crossed on to the railroad tracks with the train coming at her at full speed, on her last will, she stated “I’m so sorry for what I’d done to my family, I hope that Hou will get the harshest sentence.”

Based off of investigation, Hou claimed that the $550,000N.T. he’d asked her for was for the investment, NOT extortion, and pleaded guilty to ALL the other charges.  Hou still hadn’t gotten in touch with Peng’s family, Peng’s ex-husband, Lin, had already filed a civil and criminal claims against Hou for a total of one million dollars.

Whose fault was it?  The man’s, or the woman’s, or, are they BOTH to blame, after all, it still takes TWO to T-A-N-G-O.  The woman was dumb enough, thinking that she’d found TRUE love, when, it really wasn’t, because the man PROVED himself to be the DEVIL REINCARNATE!!!

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Seduction of a Subordinate’s Wife, the Manager Ordered to Pay $4.5 Million N.T.

Price for your INFIDELITIES, it’s still getting more, and more costly here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wang, took advantage of the time when his subordinate, Liu was away, working in China, seduced Liu’s wife, and this affair lasted for over five years, after Liu found out, he’d SUED the both of them for adultery, and asked for $4.5 million N.T. for emotional damages.  Wang thought that the amount Liu asked for was too high, he’d claimed, “when a doctor committed adultery, he’d only paid half a million dollars”, wanted the just to reduce the price; but the judge believed, that his behaviors are wrong, and that it’s damaged Liu’s family, and decided that Wang and Liu’s wife MUST pay him the amount.

Based off of precedents, the price for “covering up the shame” ranged from three hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand dollars, the amount of 4.5 million dollars is very rare; and on the criminal front, Wang and Liu’s wife were both sentenced to five months in jail separately.

Liu, after being told of the verdict, he started getting angry, said, “No amount of money will be enough to make up for the damages done to me”, “I can’t believe that my superior at work is like this”.  He’s now, filing for divorce too.

The Taoyuan District court investigated, and found, that Liu worked in the paper industry, seven years ago, he was sent to China to work, before his move overseas, his department head, Wang encouraged him to perform well in China, Liu was thankful to his encouragements, but, the moment that Liu was off, he’d started seducing Liu’s wife, which developed into a full blown affair.

So that just shows you, that men are NOT the only ones who are having affairs these days, and, in this case, BOTH the man (the manager), along with the WIFE are EQUALLY guilty, because it still takes TWO to T-A-N-G-O here!!!









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Sold the Car to Pay for the Fees For Catching Her Husband in the Act of Cheating

Because a WOMAN HAS to fend for herself, because it’s NOT like the “in-laws” are going to be on HER side, translated…

“You hired someone to catch my son cheating, I SUE you for breaking a vow!”, a woman named Chen was suspecting that her husband is having an affair, hired a private investigator to find her husband, and, it was successful, Chen’s father-in-law was suspected of being displeased by her actions, upon knowing that she’d sold the car he’d given to her as a gift, sued her, the D.A., after the investigations, believed that the father-in-law had given the car to the daughter-in-law as a gift, that it wasn’t a car under his company, so, they did NOT prosecute her.

Based off of understanding, Chen’s father-in-law had a business that was doing quite well in the vehicle-selling business, the thirty-something Chen had been married five years, with two minors, after she got wed, she quitted her job, to stay at home to take care of her husband and her children, all of her living expenses were paid by either the husband or the father-in-law.

Two years ago in August, Chen suspected that her husband was having an affair, she’d called a private investigator to find out for her, and surely enough on October 8, they were caught red-handed in a Motel in the Sanxia district, the husband was sentenced to a three-month jail sentence for committing adultery.

And, because the cost for the private investigator is around one million dollars, and because Chen was out of a job, she’d sold the foreign car that’s under her name to the private investigators as a payment; the father-in-law learned that she’d sold the car to pay for a P.I. on his son, he was angry, so, he sued her.

Chen said, that her father-in-law in 2007 bought the car that’s nearing the end of its lease date, and registered it under her name, she rarely goes out, the car had been used by the father-in-law; Chen believed that because the interactions between her and her husband’s family had been broken, the father-in-law had denied having given her the car as a gift.

Chen’s father-in-law stated, that the car was originally registered under the company, that he had listened to the advice of the rental company, that, was why he’d registered it under her name, but the payments and the taxes, he’d paid for.

Although the father-in-law did have the fees that he’d put up for the car, proving that the car is just a “loaner”, but the D.A. found out that during the New Year’s, the father-in-law would give the daughter-in-law money, treated her like she was his own, and that the household economics had been “shared” by all, the D.A. believed that the car WAS a present to the daughter-in-law so there was NO issue on “breaking of trust”.

Wow, the measures that people would take, are you kidding me?  Your son was the one who got caught red-handed, cheating on his wife, and his wife had paid for the fees of the investigators by selling a car you’d given to her as a gift, and now, you’re suing her for selling what you’d given to her already?  Are you kidding me?

This just goes to show the EXTENT of how a parent would go THE distance to PROTECT their own son, but, you FAILED to realize that OMG, your daughter-in-law was also someone else’s child, and, if you had done what you did, then, shouldn’t HER family do the same to you and your sons?  Put yourselves in each other’s “dresses”, “pants”, “shoes”, “red stilettos” or whatever, and walk that FUCKING (oopsy!) miracle M-I-L-E, and tell me you wouldn’t do the same IF she were your daughter!

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