Raped His Girlfriend’s Friend on Their High School Union

That, is what happened at a high school reunion, found in the papers, translated…

A 37-year old man, Yeh, went with his girlfriend to attend her high school reunion, after his girlfriend’s female classmate got a little too drunk, he took the girl to the hotel’s restrooms to clean up the mess, and raped the young lady; two weeks later, Yeh asked her to become his girlfriend, otherwise, he’ll make trouble for the girl’s boyfriend, then, took her to another hotel to rape once more.  The District Attorney’s Office of Banciao found Yeh guilty of forced sexual behaviors, sentenced him to seven years in prison.

Because you’re tired of sleeping with just your girlfriend, and, now comes the opportunity, as she took you to her high school reunion, you saw someone else, and, you fell in love, and, with a little booze, anything can happen.

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