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Appeared Older than Her Real Age

How the HELL was I supposed to know, that she was still a minor, she looked she was old enough, what, with that heavy makeup on her face and the way she’d strutted herself…

Appeared older than her real age, she’d started to understand, at a very early age, that the ONLY way she can get her father’s attention was by dressing UP like her mama, and, that, was what she’d done…

Appeared older than her real age, that, is what a TON of girls are trying to do, without realizing, JUST how precious those years of innocence actually are, and how once those times are gone, they ain’t NEVER comin’ back!  Appeared older than her real age, she walked into a bar, with her long and slender legs, and, because of the way she looked, the bouncer out front didn’t even ask for her I.D. as he should have!

Appeared older than her real age, she’d wanted to grow up, since she was still in pigtails, and, even BACK then, she’d tried on her mama’s clothes, her mama’s heels, and, applied her mama’s lipsticks, mascara, eye shadows, along with an ASSORTMENT of make up on.

Now she’d done it, she’s only in her twenties, and, she looked so weathered that people mistook her for being in her FORTIES, and for the very FIRST time in her life, she finally wished that the reverse (looking younger than her real age) is true, but, there’s NO turning back for her!

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The Scandalous Incest Was Brought Out as the Grandparent and Grandchild Watched and Discussed the Scenes from a Soap Opera

Things that get BLURTED out, from a careless “encounter”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of young kindergarten age sisters were raped by their eldest aunt’s husband, they’d kept it in for a very long time, one time, they were accompanying their grandmother as she was watching a soap opera, the grandmother reminded them, “Study hard, and don’t be like that leading lady that got sold into whoredom”, that, was when the two young girls disclosed how they were taken advantage of; the District Court in Hsinchu gave the horny husband of their aunt a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

The parents of this pair of siblings are divorced, they’d lived in with their father and grandmother.  The older girl is seventeen this year, the younger, just twelve; the eldest uncle is sixty, and runs a physical therapy place.

Two years ago in April, the siblings were watching a Taiwanese soap with their grandmother, the grandmother shared with them what was going on in the show, wanted the two to “study hard in school, to NOT become like the female lead who was sold into being a hooker”, the two of them disclosed how “they were taken advantage of by their eldest uncle.”

The grandmother was shocked and angered, she regretted not paying attention to her eldest granddaughter when she’d told her in kindergarten, that the uncle was a horny guy, back then, she thought that the girl was talking childish words, and disregarded that, and she blamed herself to allowing the abuse to go on, she’d asked the police to allow her to take the two young girls to the hospital to get examined, and asked the schools to help call it in.

The older sister said in court, that since her last year in kindergarten, the uncle had attacked her breasts, and he had raped her using his hands, and told her, “Do NOT tell grandma about it”, she’d mentioned, with a muffled voice, that he was an elder, believing, “So long as he left my younger sister alone, then, I will put up with it”, without knowing, that her younger sister became a victim too.

The younger sister of the victim told, that back when she was in the second, and the fourth grades, she was raped in her sleep twice by him, and afterwards, he’d told her, “Do NOT tell anybody, or, I will beat you up.”  She said, that the uncle would often touch her pubic region, almost once every month, she’d written about how he’s a “horny man”, etc.. etc., etc., to get her angers out into the open.

The uncle when brought to the courts, only admitted to touching their breasts and molesting them, denied having raped them, and, he’d “swore in front of god”, but, when they put him through a polygraph, the polygraph showed that he was lying, and so, the judge didn’t believe him, and believed that he had wronged his next of kin, and with absolutely NO sense of remorse, and so, the judge gave him a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

And, you THINK that fifteen years is enough?  Are you sure about that?  How long do you think it will take these two young girls, to get OUT of that nightmare of being sexually molested?  And, you believe that money would BE enough?  Yeah right, think again, these two young women are SCARRED for life, simply because NOBODY was paying close attention to them, and this sort of SHIT will keep on happening, NOT just in this part of the world, but, everywhere………

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Lost Her Virginity After Getting Drunk, She’d Tricked His Friend to Tell Her What Had Happened, and She Was “Taken” Twice

Because the legal drinking age here in just EIGHTEEN, and this, is PRECISELY W-H-Y one should NOT get drunk, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifteen-year-old high school girl in Hsinbei City went out drinking mixed alcoholic beverages until she’d passed out, after she woke, she suspected that someone had raped her, in order to get the truth, she’d told the friend from the next classroom to “do it again”, found out the truth of what had happened to her, and called the police.

The Hsinbei District Court believed, that Tsai, along with two other males, took advantage of the high schooler after she was out from drinking, prosecuted the three based off of taking advantage to rape; Tsai then had sex with the high schooler alone, it was consensual, but, because the high school age girl is NOT yet sixteen years of age, Tsai had another charge of obstruction of sexual rights slapped onto him.

Last year in the early morning hours of August 19th, this high school age girl was asked by her classmate, Lee, to go to his place to hang out; back then, there were three other boys from the same school, and all of them were drinking and smoking.  The female saw that everybody’s drinking, told them, that she’s thirsty and she’d wanted a drink too, the classmate from the next class, Tsai, mixed sorghum alcohol, beer, and punch for her.

After the girl had just one glass, she’d passed out and fallen asleep, Lee, Tsai, and Lin, the three high schooler saw it as a great opportunity, they’d stripped her bare naked together, took turns, kissing, fondling her; Lai didn’t dare to, and was called “chicken” by the other two males.

The three males took turns touching her, in the end, Tsai raped her; and then, the three guys put the girl’s clothes back on, when she woke, she felt pains in her vaginal region, and wasn’t dressed property, so, she’d suspected that she was raped by them.  She’d first asked Lee, and claimed that she had NO memories of what had happened before, but she wasn’t going to go after them for it; Lee believed her, told the other two guys, and, Tsai asked her, “so, you want to do it again?”

As the young woman was having intercourse with Tsai, she’d gotten the details of what had happened from before, after she’d gotten home, she’d told her father, and they’d called the cops and pressed charges.  Tsai admitted to raping her all on his own, and the other two males claimed that all they did was kiss, fondle, and that they did NOT rape her.

And so, this young woman, in order to GET to the truth, put herself in a BAD position again, and, there may be a BETTER way to do this, like going to a hospital for a rape kit, and yet, she didn’t take that way, and I’m still NOT saying that what the girl did was right or wrong, it’s just seeing how easily those girls give themselves away that’s so shocking is all…






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An Army General Accused of Sexual Misconducts with His Subordinates

I thought that there would be higher MORALE in the army, apparently not these days, found on NBC.com…

A general based in Ft. Bragg was charged with forced sex, multiple counts of adultery, and inappropriate relationships with his female subordinates while serving in Afghanistan.

And now, the Pentagon is “calling” for steps to prevent assault.

And, guess what this LOSER got?  Court martial, and, if you ask me, the punishment is still TOO light, but hey, that would be how they do IT in the army, where the females become BITCHES and WHORES for the men, after all, we ARE going to a war, where resources are limited, so, we still take ALL we can get, and this LOSER used his RANK to force his subordinates to have sex with him, wouldn’t that be equivalent to how a teacher uses her/his status to FORCE a student into a relationship?  And, here on the MAINLAND, how do WE handle that?  And, shouldn’t the army be even MORE strict, after all, someone WAS raped, but NOT penetrated, so, guess that wouldn’t count, huh???
Until something like this BLOWS wide O-P-E-N, things are still currently being SWEPT under the R-U-G, and because this IS the U.S. Army, we have a reputation to keep, and so, chances will be, that we’d PAY off the victims to make sure that these bad but TRUE “rumors” don’t get spread any further, right?


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Used Excuse of Helping Her Commit Suicide, a Man Raped a Woman He’d Met Online

Found online, translated…

A man, Hsieh, learned that a woman he’d met in a chat room had thoughts of committing suicide, asked her out, and, they’d bought charcoal to commit suicide together.  But, after the woman took the sleeping pills to get herself drowsy, he’d raped her while she was unconscious.  The woman had lost her conscious, so, she did NOT fight back.  She woke the next morn, realized what had happened, called the cops.

See, there ARE those men, who will take advantage of you and me out there, and, I’m willing to BET that this loser did NOT have ANY intentions of following through with HIS own suicide, he’s just looking for an opportunity to RAPE is all.

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Raped His Girlfriend’s Friend on Their High School Union

That, is what happened at a high school reunion, found in the papers, translated…

A 37-year old man, Yeh, went with his girlfriend to attend her high school reunion, after his girlfriend’s female classmate got a little too drunk, he took the girl to the hotel’s restrooms to clean up the mess, and raped the young lady; two weeks later, Yeh asked her to become his girlfriend, otherwise, he’ll make trouble for the girl’s boyfriend, then, took her to another hotel to rape once more.  The District Attorney’s Office of Banciao found Yeh guilty of forced sexual behaviors, sentenced him to seven years in prison.

Because you’re tired of sleeping with just your girlfriend, and, now comes the opportunity, as she took you to her high school reunion, you saw someone else, and, you fell in love, and, with a little booze, anything can happen.

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Blaming a Rape on a “Possession”

It’s happened before, so, WHY is it happening again?  Found on the News here, translated…

A man named Lee claimed himself to be the Zen Master, Ji-Gong, tricked a believer into taking him into her household, and used the excuse of treating an illness and changing one’s luck to molest the woman’s two daughters, and, when taken into custody, he claimed that he was possessed.  The District Attorney’s Office in Banciao processed the man based off of forced sexual behaviors and asked for a 162 years and 9 months sentence, and, asked the judge to give

him the most serious of punishments on the charges of rape.

The D.A.’s investigations found that the sisters claimed to have been raped for 31 times, and had been molested for 39 times, and, on the charges of rape, the D.A. asked for 5¼ years for each offense.

The prosecution papers pointed out that Lee (age 36) has no stable job, NO place to live, seven years ago, met the woman, Lee, who’s an avid believer, with her daughters.  Last November, Lee claimed to be the woman’s son from a past life, and, moved in to her household, used the excuse of building a temple to get money from her.  Lee was into the woman’s two daughters, claimed to be their father from a past life, and raped them, the girls didn’t dare fight back.

When Lee was arrested on April 10, he claimed that when he’d raped the sisters, he was possessed by Ji-Gong, what’s more outrageous is that the mother of the girls spoke on Lee’s behalf when he got arrested by the police.

Are you kidding me?  Why don’t you just start PIMPING out your daughters, I mean, after all, you let the “master” rape them, and on top of that, the mother had been blinded by the talks of the man, that, just shows you how vulnerable humans are, and how easily fooled humans can be too, so, STOP falling prey to those S-H-I-T-S already!!!

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An Excuse for Rape: Writing Your Thesis Statement

What can I say, save for that there are still P-S-Y-C-H-O-S everywhere, translated…

A married American Studies assistant professor at Dan-Jiang University used the excuse of helping his students write their theses, asked his two female students to have sex with him, to give him oral sex.  The highest court found him guilty based off of “usage of

power to rape”, sentenced the instructor to two-years-four-months prison term, and a jail sentence is inevitable.

Yeo is fifty years old this year, and was once a representative for the American Taiwanese Institute here.  Based off of investigations conducted by the university, there were FOUR female students who’s had sex with him, and one of them didn’t show up in court to testify, one of them had given a sketch drawing to Yeo, said that she was going out with him, and that he did NOT rape her.

The verdict stated that from 2004, Yeo had been an assistant professor at the university, and he had been extremely hard on his students.

The two females had taken his course, wanting him to become their advisor for their theses statements; Yeo had asked to have sex with them, and they’re afraid that if they told him no, he would prevent them from graduating, so they complied.

One of them , Tseng, had had sex with Yeo four times, at his place of residence, a hotel, a motel.  Another had just signed up for his instructions, the next day, she was asked to perform a blowjob for him at a karaoke television store; Yeo even asked his students, “if they felt that they’d been taken advantage of”.  Afterwards, the girls felt taken, recorded everything on tape, turned it into the schools.

Yeo claimed that the sex was all consensual, that they’re eventually going to get married, but the tape stated differently, in the tapes, Yeo said that he had NO intentions of marrying his students, and that “if you’re willing to be in a relationship with me, I’ll help you finish school.”

Yeo defended himself, that after he’d dumped one student, he then hooked up with another.  But based off of the judge’s own investigations, Yeo had had sex with his two students in overlapping time frames, that he’d been lying.

The verdict found that because Yeo was the instructor, he took advantage of the students’ vulnerable state of mind, causing the students to be in emotional distress, with absolutely NO sense of remorse.

This is just ONE case when someone in a “position of power” uses HIS power, to take advantage of someone else, and this happens NOT only when the male is at a position of power, it happens when a female is at a position of power as well, it’s just that this time around, the professor turned out to be a male, and, this is just O-N-E of the many cases that were BLOWN, WIDE OPEN, can you imagine how many more cases like this is still being covered up???

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