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A Man, Displeased at How His Father Would Get Drunk Too Often, Killed Him by “Accident”

Finally someone’s HAD it here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu, was suspected of being displeased at how his father would beat up his mother after he got drunk, on the late evening of the fifth of this month, he’d once again, had an argument with his own father, he’d used lamps, fans, and beat up his father, and the very next day, he went to work, like nothing had happened, until the police showed up at his door, did he realize that he’d beaten his own father to death, and yesterday, the court mandated him to be in custody.

The police investigated and found, that the deceased had two houses in the apartment building behind the Taoyuan back train station, his wife and his eldest son lived on the fourth floor, while he and his younger son shared the second floor.  The eldest son told, that his father is addicted to alcohol, and whenever he had the extra money, he’d spent it on booze, and would often get crazy and start throwing things and scream after he was drunk, and when the family didn’t provide him with the money for the booze, he’d hurt them physically.

Two mornings ago, the eldest called the father upstairs for breakfast, and found him lying on the floor, and even though he’d called up the emergency service vehicles, his father still died.  As the hospital was resuscitating him, they’d found blunt force trauma on the deceased’s head, and the police started investigating, and found that the younger son had returned home on the night of the fifth, and had a serious altercation with the deceased, and so, the second son was listed as a possible suspect.

The younger son told the police, that the father had gotten drunk long term, and every day when the father didn’t get the money for booze, he’d get physical, started throwing things, even beat up on his mother who’s had a stroke.  On the evening of the fifth, the son saw the house was a mess, and scolded his own father, the father punched him, and, he was angered that he picked up the fan, and fought back, just wanted to teach his father a lesson, didn’t know he’d hurt him so awfully, and so, he went to work as he usually had.

The neighbors pointed out, that the deceased had been punished for his domestic violence, afterwards, even though he didn’t get violent as much as he used to, but he still didn’t sober up, and, whenever he got drunk, he’d change, and would the neighbors would hear him, screaming out at his family, banging things, and it’s been going on for over a decade, and everybody took it to be normal now, and they didn’t expect that it would get so out of hand this time around.

And so, the abused fought back, hard, didn’t he, and, it still wasn’t from this last round of drinking and beating, it’s from the years of abuse that the son lived under, and watched his own mother get beaten up, and, all of that, pounded down on him, which made him C-R-A-C-K this time, and, this time, he finally killed his own father.

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Parachuting Through Life

That, was the way he’d treated life, like it was a death-defying jump, and each and every time, he had NO way of knowing, IF he’ll make it through all right…

Parachuting through life, it’s kinda nice, because you’re up in the skies so high, you could get a better perspective of things that are happening down there (on earth???), and you’d be able see things more clearly, compared to when you’re on the ground.

Parachuting through life, life’s a leap of faith, so, why don’t you, just put that blindfold back on, and take that very FIRST leap, and know, that whichever way, or however you end up, it’s meant to be.  Parachuting through life, he’d gone on several journeys already, and, even as he aged, he’s still, STARING danger, RIGHT in the eyes.

Parachuting through life, guess I must conquer my fear of heights first, then, I’ll be able to, live, just as vicariously, just as freely, and without the restraints as he’d done, huh???

Parachuting through life, and I still don’t give a SHIT, if I fall to my death, because we all die, eventually, so, why fear death, when it’s imminent, when it’s bound to happen to us all, and, why not, just throw CAUTION to the wind, after all, I’d lived my entire life, too careful, and it’s time for a change here…………

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Discrimination Against the Elderly, Ninety Percent of the Landlords Refused to Rent Houses Out to the Elderly

Ageism, discrimination, or whatever the HELL you want to call it is still fine by me, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Mr. Sun who is seventy-eight years old currently, who lives alone in Wanhua District, because of his living conditions being too awful, to damp, he’d fallen in his bedroom five times, causing his spine to displace, and he has difficulties walking.  He’d tried finding a brand new, better place to live in, but, when he’d called up the landlord, he heard that it was him, and the landlord hung up on him right away.

Mr. Sun not getting a brand new place is NOT an isolated case.  Wu, the CEO of the R.O.C. Elderly Welfare Foundation pointed out, that the rental market’s discrimination toward the elderly had become normal now, ninety-percent of the landlords refused to rent to elderly.

This, is totally B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!!!  I mean, sure, the elderly may have more difficulties, but, that’s still NOT valid enough a reason, to NOT give them the equal rights you would give to someone who’s a lot younger, is it?  And this, is still very B-A-C-K-W-A-R-D-S, and, yet, we are, already, IN the 21st Century, and, you will grow old one day too, what then?  Would you want someone to discriminate against you too?  Have some empathy here, and I still get that the concerns from the landlords are warranted, but it’s still NOT valid enough a reason, to NOT rent to the elderly in the population.


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Hurting Memories

Stop hurting me!!!  And, I’m still NOT talkin’ ‘bout bumping into the wall in the darkness, oh no, this kind of hurt, hurts a HELL of a LOT more!!!

Why, do those memories hurt, had you ever wondered ’bout that, huh?  And, why, why is it, that after someone’s gone (dead or left???), you desperately grabbed a hold onto their memories, especially the good ones?  What’s your mind trying to make sense of?  Is it still, attempting, to LIE to the rest of you (body, soul AND heart too???), the truth of it all?

Hurting memories, I’d had T-O-N-S, but, lucky, I woke, OUT of that god DAMN nightmare that was my “former” life (and no, I still didn’t D-I-E, NOT physically here!!!), and now, I’d conquered ALL of my hurtful memories, they’d become NOTHING more than that distant night terror (had one when I was a child too!!!), from my childhood, long, long, long, long, long (five longs, that’s long enough!!!) ago.

Hurting memories, well, they hurt me from before, but now, I’d gained CONTROL (and yeah, still a GOD DAMN control freak here too!!!) over everything in MY freakin’ life, and those memories that hurt, well, they no longer have an effect on me again!

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Changing Tracks, Gaining the Acceptance

On parent-child interactions, translated…

This year, my eldest daughter who’s in New York, entered into TWO international clothes design competitions: she’d earned the top prize from Spain; and in her entry in Italy, she’d gotten into top ten, and in July, she will enter into the finals.  These two international clothing design competition, my daughter was the only Taiwanese person who’d earned an award, and, she could be the pride of Taiwan, I suppose!

Recalling how years ago, when my daughter asked if she could change tracks, I not only didn’t encourage her, I’d even used sarcasms and mockeries, to show how unsupportive I was of her choice in life.  I’d used my way of thought from when I was raised, to put down my own children, not believing that my kids would have what it takes, to make their own dreams come true.  But now, my daughter, used what she has herself, and gained great accolades, that, was outside of my expectations that’s for sure, other than being happy about it, it made me introspect.

All the way to the top, my eldest daughter was filled with a TON of courage and hardship confronting her choice, originally, she’d already received a master degree in physical therapy from Yang-Ming University, she’d worked at the hospitals as a physical therapist for multiple years, she was paid very well, with steady scheduling too.  Other than work, she’d taken night courses on clothing designs at Shi-Jien University at night, it took her a total of a year and a half, for her to get her degree in that.  I thought, that that, was only her hobby from outside of work, without realizing, that she’s getting closer to her own personal goals in life.

One day, she’d abruptly told me she wanted to get a master in clothing design in the States, back then, I was furious, I strongly told her no.  Because that, was totally unrelated to what she’d taken her courses in before; I recommended that she go for a speech therapist degree, or to test for a therapist certificate in the States, that, would be the right thing to do.  Plus, her two younger sisters are still in school too, and we still have yet to pay up our home loans, economically, it would be hard, for us to give her any monetary supports.  I questioned her about why she didn’t choose the clothes designs major when she’d gone to college, then, it would’ve saved her this whole detour.  She asked us, “Would you have agreed?”

But, my daughter refused to get beaten, for her own dreams, she’d quitted her job at the hospitals, and entered into the economics department’s clothes design competition in Taiwan, she’d gotten first place in the 2010 competitions, at the same time, she’d passed her TOEFL exams, and sent her applications to two of the namely clothes designs graduate schools, and she’d gotten accepted in both, and was offered scholarships too, in the end, she’d chosen to head to New York to take courses in Parsons School of Designs.

And here, I want to give some advice, based off of my own experiences, respect, and believe in your own children, don’t be like me, careful on everything to the point of being unsupportive.  As parents, we should learn to let go when we are supposed to, allowing our kids to do what they enjoy, and, younger generations, if you still have dreams, go ahead, go after them!

And no, you still didn’t hear THIS from me, this, was the experience of a mother, who was all too UNSUPPORTIVE of her own offspring’s dreams, but, her daughter did NOT let the parents’ expectations beat her down, she still went AFTER her own dreams, and now, she’s an achieved clothes designer, she’d made it to the top, and now, the mother looks back, and see how wrong she was, and, had she been just a bit MORE supportive, then………well, it’s too late for that now, because we will eventually grow up, and then, we will NOT need you, parents, anymore!

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Refusing to Let the Negativities Get Me Down

It’s ALL in the A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E here!!!

Refusing to let the negativities get me down, and I’m still experiencing everything that’s negative here, and I wouldn’t NOT experience the pains, the sorrows, along with everything ELSE that’s bad, because it hurts, I’d already found a better way, to COPE, to deal.

Refusing to let the negativities of this world get me down, because I will NEVER allow myself to fall prey to depression again. I was stuck, in that deep, dark H-O-L-E for a very long time in my life, and I just couldn’t see the light, because I didn’t look closely enough, but now, I see the light, NO matter how dark outside it is.

Refusing to let the negativities of this world get me down, because there are just TOO many injustices going on right now, there are kids being murdered brutally by their parents, because the parents are the MISFITS, and wouldn’t admit and OWN up to what they’d done to their children.

Refusing to let the negativities get me down, because I will NOT get dragged, toward that deep, dark abysmal place I was once living in for too long in my life…

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If He Had a Good Friend

If he had a good friend with whom he could share his feelings with,  but hey, we ALL know, how you LOSERS don’t feel comfortable, being “in touch” with all of that icky stuff already!!!

If he had a good friend, then, maybe, things would have turned out differently, don’t you think?  After all, we are a social animal, and, he lived like a hermit (not a crab!!!), kept himself locked up, and the world had absolutely NO way of reaching him.

If he had a good friend, then, he would’ve been able to live through the emotional difficulties he was experiencing, but he didn’t, he just kept everything bottled up inside, and, one day, the bottle P-O-P-P-E-D!!!

If he had a good friend who will stay with him when he called, but he didn’t, and so, his suicide could have been prevented, but it wasn’t, because he never felt close, or vulnerable enough, to share that deepest, darkest part of himself with anybody else, and so, he took everything in, and, he’d suffocated…


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No Longer Silenced

No longer silenced, is the voices that I hear, they’d grown so FUCKING loud, and they’d kept me up, for nights, and nights on end.  I’d worked real hard, to ignore their pains, their sufferings, their anguished voices, but, in the end, they’d gotten so god DAMN loud that I can NO longer tune them out, so I’d started listening.

No longer silenced, I will NOT be gagged, E-V-E-R, because I’d found MY voice, and, I’m using it to B-I-T-C-H (and that, is still what I’m currently doing, in case you all were wonderin’…).

No longer silenced, because a child had been sacrificed, and, after that child was put up there, on the ALTAR, and offered to the whatever, as the fire got to her feet, she’d cried out in fear, but, all the onlookers just looked, waiting for one another to do something (here comes the bystander effect, AND the diffusion of responsibility!), and, as the crowd gathered up, NO one feels compelled to take any actions, to help save this child, as that next dude or dudette right next to me will do it!

No longer silenced, because I’d remained wordless LONG enough, and, the sufferings I’d felt, are too real, too painful to keep ALL to myself, and, it’d become sickening to my body, I MUST let them all out, so, there you have it.  Everything IS O-U-T, in the open now!!!

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The Deaths I Carried

The deaths I carried, they grow in number by the day.  The deaths I carried, NOT just my own, but everybody else’s as well, because I’m the “carrier”, and I still didn’t have a choice, in become THE carrier here.

The deaths I carried with me for all this time, and I didn’t have a CLUE of how those deaths ended up with me as their keeper, until N-O-W.  The deaths I carried, are NO longer burdensome, as they’d weighed me down before.

The deaths I carried, they would all hurt like hell, and they used to pound on, beat up my heart each and every night, and they’d all called my name so loud, that even the earphones couldn’t keep out the noises, but I’d learned to deal, and now, they NO longer bothered me.

The deaths I carried, yours, mine, along with ours, and in the beginning, it DID hurt like H-E-L-L, but now, after all the storms had passed, I’m still MORE than O-K-A-Y, as for you, you will NEVER be okay, you can keep on telling yourselves that everything is peachy, dandy OR whatever, but you know, deep down, in your tell-tale hearts, that that, would be a L-I-E!!!

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I Will NOT “Take” a Last Name

I will NOT “take” a last name, so, all y’all M***ER F**ERS (like I’d said, already “maxed OUT”!!!) can just take it, and SHOVE it!!!  I will NOT “take” a last name, because why the HELL would I want to even bother?  I mean, I already lived through the HORRIBLE consequences of having A last name, and, it still wasn’t at all that pleasant, and now, I KNOW I have the right, to NOT “take” a last name, and besides, who the F*** (my bad!!!) says that I MUST have a last name, oh yeah, it is the law, isn’t it?  But, I’m breaking THAT rule here, feel free to report me, y’all!!!

I will NOT take a last name, as last names are totally POINTLESS to me, and, I do NOT do anything that’s pointless, that’s useless, I don’t waste time on people or things here, because it IS still……uh, oh yeah, MY life, and I still hold the “ownership papers” on ME.

I will NOT “take” a last name, why?  Because I have the right NOT to, because it’s MY human rights, to NEVER be ENSLAVED by anybody whose names I take, and I will NOT be a slave again.

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