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I Had Never HIt My WIfe on Purpose Before

And no, still NOT a “wife-beater” here!!!  I had NEVER hit my wife on purpose before, and when she’d gotten BEATEN by me, it was ALWAYS because she had it comin’, like when she talked BACK to me, after I’d gotten so DRUNK that night, but I did make it up to her with kisses on her “boo-boo”, after I’d sobered up.

I had NEVER hit my wife on purpose before, unlike my father would BEAT the SHIT out of my mother just whenever he’d felt like it, even when he DIDN’T get TOO fucking drunk.  I had NEVER hit my wife on purpose before, like my father did, and my mother would ALWAYS shoulder the pains on her own, and, as I grew up watching that, I’d made my mind up, to NEVER hit a woman, for NO reason at all, and I NEVER had.

I had NEVER hit my wife on purpose before, when she gotten that SHINER by me, it was because she’d done something to PISS me off, and she KNEW how hard a day I had at work, she should’ve just stayed OUT of my FUCKING way, but she hadn’t, so yeah, I took out the frustration I’d felt at work on her, she shouldn’t have gotten in my fucking way!!! I had NEVER hit my wife on purpose before, because I’m NOT an abusive man, like my own father had abused my mother, and I watched him beat her black and blue, and felt angered by his behaviors, because I was way too small, to STAND UP for my mother, to protect her…





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