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The March for Democracy

We headed out, in the name of “democracy”, but, we’re actually just a BUNCH of students who knows SHIT, but hey, we’re a HELL of a L-O-T, better than those students that are caged UP in the classes, daydreaming away, aren’t we??? So, we set out, and, as I walked on, many, many, many MORE joined me, and I call that progress, and, the fact that I don’t know what I’m marching FOR is far from my mind.

The march for “democracy”?  What, exactly ARE you marching for?  What’s the cause, do you even K-N-O-W?  Is it to end some sort of injustice, NOT the imagined kind, but the REAL thing?  Is it to “voice” an opinion that you have against the current situation in the world?  What is it, that made you take to the streets?  Is it that because your parents are a certain political affiliations, and because they talked SHIT about the current incumbent, and you just thought, that it would be B-E-S-T, for you, to put their words into action?  WHAT is it?  Think that through, and then, if you still feel that you NEED to go out to the streets to MAKE yourselves H-E-A-R-D (not seen!!!), then, go out on the streets, but, do NOT follow the leaders blindly, because, a LOT of the times, those so-called leaders, they don’t know SHIT, I mean, you’re basically, the BLIND, leading the blind, and you DO realize, how you can slip and fall into those holes on the ground (under construction???), if you keep your eyes covered, and let a BLIND man lead you, right???

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