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He Wanted Your Money, and Not You

So, why won’t you just WAKE up already, woman???  A Q&A, translated…

Q Ms. A Wrote…

About a year ago, she’d caught her boyfriend in bed with another at his place, turns out, that the “spare” was her boyfriend’s boss, she’s eighteen years older than he.  The boyfriend took out $30,000N.T. from his bank accounts to keep her, acted as her chauffeur and fuck buddy, the two of them would go everywhere together, and the woman had promised to give him two million dollars too.

A worked real hard, to get her boyfriend back, but the boyfriend stated it all too clear, that he would rather have the money than the love, that he couldn’t live without the money the other woman gave him, so, he chose to break up with A.  A felt taken, decided to destroy both, so, she’d told her boyfriend’s other partner, and, the other woman, after realizing this, kicked her boyfriend to the curb, and ended the relationship.

After the boyfriend had been “fired”, he’d come back to A again, and A, who was unwilling to let go of the love they’d shared for three years, took him back, and moved in to his place with him, and she’d also shouldered up the responsibilities to providing for his family, his parents, AND him too.  The boyfriend’s family is registered as one of the low income households that lived off of government assistance, the family of three, none of them had jobs, the parents are easy-going in daily living, and when they have extra cash, they’d blow it off on lottery tickets, or donated it the church; and A, in order to help provide for the boyfriend and his family, she’d nickeled and dimed, saved up every penny she could, really lived, like a low income person too.

A had thought about, so long as she’d moved back home, she wouldn’t need to worry about her boyfriend and his family anymore, but she didn’t want to break up with him because of this.  She didn’t know what she should do?
A My Opinion

Let’s return back to the moment, the scenario when A caught her boyfriend in bed with another: he’d told her clearly, that he wanted the money, and NOT the love.  He’d chosen the spare with the money, and NOT want someone who gets a regular paycheck from a regular nine to five like A, that, was his true self.  And the reason why the boyfriend came back, was because the other woman dropped him, and so, he’d settled for lesser, just wanted to use his original motive, of scamming and living off of her!

A is merely a “substitute”, until he is able to find another richer “supplier”, he would dump A, without a second thought!  He’s a truly useless man, with NO ties to emotions, A did everything she could, to keep him and his family fed, not only the boyfriend, but his parents, they showed NO gratitude toward her, and, A risked getting dumped, when there’s a richer girl.

This, is not yet considering how his mother would waste the use of the utilities and the toilet paper too, do WAKE UP soon!

And, this woman still get TRAPPED, why is that?  Oh yeah, because she IS involved in all of this, so, she couldn’t see it clearly.  It will take something ELSE (oh wait, he’d cheated, and stole, and lived OFF of her too!!!), even W-O-R-S-E, like she nearly dying, and he still don’t pay ANY attention, for her to finally turn cold, I suppose, and, she’s currently S-T-U-C-K!!!

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Girls in “Knickers” and Bras

After all NONE of us can get ENOUGH of that stuff, can we???  So, we have here, girls, in their “knickers” and bras, and no, there’s still NOT showing ANY part of their tits OR “privates”, so, it’s still, all, MORE than legit.

Girls in their “knickers” and bras, yeah, maybe, you parents think that it’s cute, to take photographs of your two-three year olds, running round the house, with diapers (they are, in diapers, aren’t they???), but, what will that teach them?

Girls in their “knickers” and bras, tell me you don’t see what’s wrong with this picture.  Girls in their “knickers” and bras, and, if the girls were raped, then, the world comments on how “they were ASKING for it”, because of how much they “showed” themselves.  But, think about it, why would girls BE in their “knickers” and bras, IF you mother-FUCKERS aren’t watching, there’s still that SIMPLE law of economics, working here, you know???  The MOST basic of all???  The one on SUPPLY & DEMAND?

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A Little Bit Closure

How, do you get this???  I mean, is closure like that coffee that’s too bitter, that you can add MORE sugar to?  How, can there BE a little BIT of closure?

A little bit of closure, NOT a whole lot, I’m needing, because I do NOT have A-N-Y intentions, of closing this issue just yet, NOT completely, at least.  A little bit of closure, what’s that?  Is it like how you’d undercooked your steaks, and so, you throw it back on the grill for a bit while longer?  How is that supposed to work?

A little bit closure, QUIT kidding yourselves already, closure is either ALL or N-O-N-E, with NOTHING in-between, you either have it completely, or, you don’t have it at all, and, who the HELL was it that came up with the phrase of “a little bit closure”?  Are they STUPID?  Are the INSANE?  Are they P-S-Y-C-H-O-S???  I still wouldn’t know here!!!

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Too Desperate to Find a Wife, as Beautiful Women Came to Him, He Was on Their Beck & Call

Desperation, is what caused this IDIOT, to get scammed, and, he got scammed MORE than once too!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A single man, Lin, desperately wanted a girlfriend, and he got scammed over a million dollars, by someone whom he doesn’t even know the first name of; Lin had even let the woman use his bank account, so she could wire $20,000N.T. into, then, helped her make an withdrawal, and Lin had unknowingly, became an accomplice of a crime.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Offices investigated and found, that Lin was a victim of a scam, and didn’t prosecute him.

Lin in Hsinbei City, works for a namely electronic manufacturer company, back in August of 2010, he’d gotten a call from a woman “Chi-Jen Chen”.  Chen was passionate toward him, told him that he hadn’t called her up since a long time ago, and claimed that they’d bumped into each other on the streets in the past; because Lin couldn’t recall who she was, he was curious and asked her to meet, after seeing how pretty she is, he’d fallen for her, and started pursuing her.

Lin was still single and passed age forty, wanted to have a wife desperately, and saw Chen as his prospect; Chen, however, made up a multitude of excuses, such as her grandma fell ill, and that she needed money for her dance lessons, how her family was getting sued and didn’t have any money, the overly used excuses, and toward all of this, Lin had gladly, “helped” her out.  In the two years’ time, Lin had loaned Chen over a million dollars.

Lin’s family kept telling him to stop, but Lin didn’t believe it, not only did he manage to squander away ALL his wages and savings, he’d started asking for money from his grandfather, his father, and his younger siblings.

At the same time, a man in Kaohsiung, who’s also middle-aged, also gotten a call from a “Yen-Ting Liu”, using love, and scammed him into wiring twenty thousand dollars into Lin’s accounts, and because the man in Kaohsiung couldn’t find the girl again, he’d called the police, and, the police booked Lin based off of fraud and scams.

And so, this, is still how a LOSER fell prey, and he didn’t even know, that the woman had set up the scam, so that she wouldn’t be tracked down, and that, just shows Y-O-U, how desperation is what got this man screwed, and, IF desperation can get this loser screwed, imagine how easily, you will too, get SCREWED over BY desperation!!!

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In a World of Indifference

In a world of indifference, we are raised, to NOT show any care OR concern, for anybody ELSE but ourselves, as this, is a dog-eat-dog world, and the “rule” of the “game” here, is you either EAT others, or, be EATEN BY others.

In a world of indifference, you grew up, you had the passions, but because, the world is so indifferent, so icy, frigid, C-O-L-D toward you, you’d SHUT yourselves down, so you won’t get hurt, and, you’d become indifferent too, after all, if you don’t turn cold, you will NOT be able, to S-U-R-V-I-V-E, in this ICY,COLD world, and, you would NOT want to get eliminated now, would you?  Of course N-O-T!!!

In a world of indifference, how will you find your way O-U-T?  You won’t, you can’t, you’re already totally, completely G-L-U-E-D (and, it’s by an extra, extra, extra, EXTRA strength kind of a glue that won’t come off that easily!!!) to the ground, and, you simply can’t move.

In a world of indifference, how, do you cope?  You don’t, because nobody’d ever TRAINED you, to cope in such an indifferent world, this, is ALL new to you, and, learning is way too hard, if you don’t know a thing, you don’t even KNOW the rules of the games yet, how, can you possibly play???

In a world of indifference, it’s just way too hard, for a child like me, to live here, in this cruel, cold world, and I don’t have A-N-Y friend here, and I’m all alone, and I just can’t deal with it anymore!!!








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The Holy Bible Also Prevented You from Playing Football

So, the Holy Bible places RESTRICTIONS on the activities you enjoy doing, what ELSE is N-E-W??? From the Front Page Commentaries, translated…
If you must have a traditional character to describe the average American male, it would be a man who loved his home life, an avid Christian, with a regular nine to five job, someone who would accompany his children to sports activities after his work. He lives in a big house with a yard, and would head to church regularly on the weekends, and would spend some of his time, working on his own backyard. And still, football will also be a VITAL part of his life, he would have a team, that allowed him to root for them every week in the season, like how he’d gone to church every single week.
This kind of a life, however, has an odd conflict in it, because the origin of football, based off of the Holy Bible, is imperfect. Of course, some two thousand odd years ago, this sport had YET to be invented, and God did NOT actually say, that people should NOT ram against one another, after drawing a few lines on the ground, but, the Holy Bible has a firm stand on pigs and pigskin. Leviticus stated that “pig, because the hooves are separated into two, and the pigs can’t chew their own feet to clean in, and so, naturally, when humans touch it, it would be uncleanly. The beasts meat, you shall NOT eat, and you shall NOT touch the animals when they’re dead, they’d end up, infecting you with dirtiness.” American footballs, in the past, were made from pigs’ skin. And the players, they NOT only touched the balls, they’d fight over it, and this, seemed to have gone against God’s will.
And the article goes on to say a LOT more about how there are “rules” in the Holy Bible that is AGAINST what we loved doing, blah, blah, blah, and that just shows, how OUTDATED, some of the beliefs of those Old Testaments had become, and, IF you follow that word-for-word, then, you shall be, outdated, just like the Holy Bible too, once more, feel FREE, to SHOOT me, for voicing MY O-P-I-N-I-O-N, or rather, go AFTER the original writer of this article too, if you want to…

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Giant Duck EXPLODES!!!

“Splashed” across my MSN front page this morning (it IS morning here, so), and, this, was about that STUPID (b/c that, was what IT was!!!) giant RUBBER DUCKY (hello, hello, hello, IF you want one, go to Bed Bath & Beyond, and no, I’m still NOT working there, meaning that I’m NOT doing a “commercial” for them and GET yourselves some!!!), exploding, because someone pumped a bit TOO much A-I-R into ITS system, and, ADULTS (yeah, you heard THAT right!!!) are crying over something as USELESS, as POINTLESS, and as STUPID as this?

So what, someone made a GIANT rubber ducky, and it’s supposed to what?  Be soothing, have that calming effect on people’s minds?  Or maybe, a BIT hypnotic, perhaps?  And this still just shows, how EMPTY modern man’s souls are, IF you have to rely on something as STUPID (pardon me, and, feel free to S-H-O-O-T!!!) as a GIANT rubber ducky to keep YOUR minds off of whatever’s troubling you, then, matey, you HAVE a P-R-O-B-L-E-M!!!





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