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We are Not Allowed to Love Who We Want to Love

We are NOT allowed to love who we want to love, because the LAW states, that the institution of a marriage exists only between a man AND a woman.

We are NOT allowed to love who we want to love, because the world is still, narrow-minded in accepting those who are different than the majority of populations, and those of us who don’t fit this “norm” are forced underground to live, to NEVER come out into the light, to stay inside the closets, LOCKED up.

We are NOT allowed to love who we want to love, the law won’t give us the right to love one another, because we are of the same gender.  We are NOT husband and wife, not spouses, but, partners without the rights over our own way of life.

We are NOT allowed to love who we want to love, because that is how it is, we were born wrong, or so they hinted to us, but, there’s nothing wrong with our sexual orientation, it’s not as if, we can, choose our own sex, or the sex we love, opposite or the same!

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Adoptions More Difficult for Same-Sex Couples, Finding Surrogates Overseas is a Long Path

The issues that came rushing up, after same-sex marriage is signed to become, “constitutional”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The singer, A-Mei’s agent, Chen and his lover Darren married last year, they’d posted the good news, they had a young infant son from a surrogate, it’d sparked up the debate on same sex marriage rights and surrogacy in this country.  The infertilities experts pointed out, that it’d cost three, to four million dollars for same sex couples or heterosexual couples who are infertile to find surrogates overseas, and the adoption processes of after the child gets here, is quite grueling, and the infertility experts called out to the Department of Welfare Sanitations, to amend the laws, to legalize surrogacy.

Chen told, “as I saw the photos I’d started crying aloud, instead, Darren was, quite calm”, having the same last names, they’d nicknamed their son “Chen-Chen”, and currently, the infant is still in the U.S., he said he’d already found a Taiwanese nanny locally, that a month from now, the family will be together, he can’t hold back the excitement.

The two started trying to conceive at the start of 2019, and made the selections of ova, health examinations, harvesting their sperms, testing for the matches, etc., etc., etc., in the end, Darren’s sperm was used, to match up to an Asian female’s ovum, through the legalized surrogacy in U.S., the surrogate mother gave birth to “Chen-Chen” in the U.S., Chen told, that the most difficult part of the process is the outbreaks, causing a lot of the procedures to be adjusted and adapted constantly, that the cost ran up to about $4.5 million.  Because Chen had NO childrearing experiences, he’d started looking for the advices online, and is considering taking the parenting classes, A-Mei was moved to tears, cried harder than Chen did.

first step, “mixing” the sperm and the ovum…photo from online

A lot of the same-sex couples are facing similar trials of life, a lot of the gay men worked up the courage to come out of the closets to their own father, and said, “no matter what, I will have an offspring, to have someone to carry the family’s last names”. The long-term advocate for legalizing surrogacy, Chiao-Tzi Chen said, this is a common difficulty faced by a lot of the homosexual men, children are an important element of a marriage and of a family, but, for the infertile couples, Taiwan makes it impossible to find surrogacy, let alone, the same-sex couples.

Lee who’s an authority in infertility said, “it costs ten thousand U.S. for one in-vitro fertilization try, if more tests are required, then, add another, twenty thousand U.S., and the families need to pay the surrogate another three million N.T.s, and the whole cost runs up to about four million N.T.s to start up.

Lee said, the surrogate mothers provided the uterus, and during the time they are carrying, their lives are, restricted, most pregnancies takes 280 days, the costs to find a surrogate in U.S. is approximately $10,000N.T. a day; if the constitution can be amended here, then with the procedures set up by the law, it can protect the rights of the surrogates, to prevent the bridge of rights of the asking party; and he’d estimated that if the surrogacy is legalized here, it would only cost a million dollars N.T. here.

Lee stated, that waiting for the birth of the child, as the couple returned back to Taiwan, they needed to file for the adoption papers, then, the same-sex couple would become, rightful parents.

then, “implanting” into a woman’s, uterus comes next…

with the “baby”, “mixed” inside, a PETRI dish! Photo from online

Chen said, from the experiences taken from U.S., because the conflicts of adoptions runs a lot higher than surrogacies, Taiwan needed to set up the fitting surrogate laws for the traditional couples here, and, as this gets set up, then, the priorities would be discussing the matters of surrogacies for the same-sex couples, and this will help reduce the problems brought on the declining birthrates.

Yeah, this is on advocating legalizing the process of surrogacy here in Taiwan, because right now, the same-sex couples are going abroad to find surrogates, because surrogacies aren’t legalized here yet, and, by legalizing surrogacy, the government is making our uteruses into “baby incubators”, when that is NOT what we women are, production MACHINES of babies, are we now?  And there are not just the legal issues, but also, the morality concerns here to be considered.

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Not Free to Love, as We Chose

We have here, uh, an ODD couple!

Not free to love, as we chose, because we’re of the same gender, and, although laws are currently being passed, to okay same-sex marriages all over the places, we’re still, SHUNNED, by the public, like when we’d gone strolling, we held hands, and, people would look at us weird, making us both uneasy.

Not free to love, as we chose, well, you know what, I NEVER chose my sexual preferences, it’s just how I was born, and, there’s NO way, I can change, what’s already, genetically prewired.

Not free to love, as we chose, sure, there are so many countries that are currently passing laws, to okay same-sex marriage, but, would we all be considered, equals?  Of course N-O-T, and, what IF me and my partner are both Catholics, and we wanted to be married, by a Catholic priest, in a Catholic church, oh no, no, I can already see their shocking faces: we’re NOT allowing GAYS or LESBIANS, to marry here, in this HOUSE of G-O-D!

Well, if God really, loved all of HIS children (there’s still SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ways I can argue that!), then, why are we being given a hard time, in trying to marry who we love?

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Mr. Powell Took His Paternity Leave

Homosexuality, a good teacher, translated…

Because of my two sons, Mr. Powell and I had a total of twelve years worth of friendship together.

When we first moved from Germany to London, my introverted and quiet eldest son didn’t adapt too well, he wasn’t fluent in English, didn’t have friends, became depressed.  Mr. Powell was the department head of German for Middle School 31, he’d noticed this new transfer student, kinda timid, and nobody seemed to care about him, and so, he’d started conversing with my son in German and he’d responded, smiles returned back to my son’s face again.  He taught my eldest German for five years, in his last two years of high school, he was also his homeroom teacher, he’d given my son a TON of encouragements, built up his confidence, and, managed to get him into Cambridge University.

After my eldest graduated, his younger brother too, went into High School 31, and was looked after by the same home room instructor, Mr. Powell.  In the end, Mr. Powell wrote a recommendation letter to his own alma mater—the Brasenose College which a couple of the British PMs came out of, and made it possible, for my second son to become his younger school mate.

Mr. Powell is kind and gentle, as he talked……hmmm, how should I describe it?  A bit sissy, I suppose, you can feel his warmth, and his down-to-earth, his softened looks doesn’t give people any pressure, and that, is totally, NOT faked at all.

Once, Mr. Powell told his class, that he was taking up a class for the summer vacations.  What class?  Turns out, that Mr. Powell has issues with planes AND elevators, and so, he wanted to try to conquer his fear of flying.  It’s odd, I know, but, after the break, he gloated and told his class, he could finally fly on the airplane, and that he’d made a visit to Germany too.

There had been rumors going around the school campus that he’s a homosexual.  One evening, the school had a students’ music recital, there came a lot of instructors, parents and students.  Mr. Powell saw me when I walked in, he’d said a courteous hi to me, and a gentle looking African-British youth also stood up to greet me.  Mr. Powell introduced me to his partner.  Normally, as a gentleman introduced me to his mate, I should take her hand and exchange a couple of words with her; but that evening, I totally didn’t expect that that African man next to him was his partner, I was stunned, and didn’t shake his hands, and I didn’t know what to say to him.

For this, I’d been blaming myself, because I kept labeling myself as a person who didn’t discriminate against people of other colors, nor did I discriminate against homosexuals, and yet, I was so dumbfounded.  Maybe, at the moment of truth, the truth will tilt its head out!

One day, my son came home, told me, that Mr. Powell is on paternity leave.  What?  Two men living together, and he was able to apply for a paternity leave? Turns out, Mr. Powell and his partner had been living together for a very long time, was in a stabilized relationship with his partner, and, like all the regular families, now has a child.  Through a wide variety of legislative ways, they’d adopted a child.  By the same token, they could take maternity and paternity leaves, so they could be at home, with their baby, just as when women give birth too.  I guess, that a gentle and kind man like Mr. Powell must be a very good father, oh no!  a good mother, no, that’s not right, a good parent!

The world is becoming more and more open now, and the treatments of homosexuals are also improving too.  In 2014, the British government passed the laws, to allow gays and lesbians to get married, to start a family, don’t know if Mr. Powell will stand in front of his families and friends, accept their blessings, and say “I do” to his partner or not.

And so, this, is the story of a gay man, and, there’s still NOTHING wrong with being a homosexual, as we should ALL respect one another for our differences, shouldn’t we?  And, with the nations starting to pass laws to allowing gays and lesbians to “unite” in marriage, the world is becoming more and more accepting, to people of the same sexes starting families together.

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Children Who Were Raised in Such Families, Where are THEIR Rights???

The “aftermath” of the PREVIOUS “debate”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was a motto from the Gay Rights Parade, “Against same sex marriages?  Then DO NOT marry someone from the same sex, then, just SHUT UP!”, at first look, this, is seemingly reasonable, other people are pursuing what makes them happy, who are you, to STOP them?  They’re NOT hurting anybody, are they?

And still, what about the rights of children who were adopted by these same sex parents?  A LOT of psychological and anthropological papers points out that in a child’s growth processes, s/he needs both the love from the mother AND the father, and their self-concepts are formed, from the differences in their parents’ genders, along with the parents’ differences in their points of views, if they lacked the similar conditions in which they’re reared in, the children might grow up to face self-loathe and the fear of getting discriminated by the society.

The supporters of this new-age untraditional family sated, that if the child shows issues in confusion of the concepts of oneself, the one to be blamed, should NOT be the child’s family backgrounds, instead, it’s the society that’s made up of the majority, that’s BULLYING her/him into submission.

And this, is a valid point of view, but we can blame the responsibilities onto the society that’s discriminating against the child, but we cannot deny, that the discrimination in the world will ALWAYS exist, and the issues of self-concept is there for sure, and when the children face these kinds of challenges in their lives, the supporters of these ideals can’t give the proper kinds, or amounts of support to these kids.  This meant, that as homosexual individuals go after their own happiness in life, they may be putting their next generations in jeopardy.

And so, because this “gay rights movement” is still quite new, just like the rights of different people was in the ‘60s???  And, it would be confusing, if a kid was raised by two mommies and no daddies, or two daddies and no mommies, and, the peer pressure that this child faces will be very heavy, but, so long as the mommies or daddies give the child the support s/he may need, then, the kid is still going to become very WELL-adapted to the world, and so, in MY opinion, b/c this, is still MY “space”, I don’t think that the issue of how kids will grow up under same-sex parents is going to make them ill-adapted in the world, but hey, that, is still just MY opinion, feel free to agree, OR disagree!!!














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A Happiness that is Stripped From You

From the Front Pages, translated…

“If God allowed you to decide your child’s sexual orientation, would you what your child to be homosexual, or heterosexual?” the representatives who are against same-sex marriages awhile ago tossed this question onto the floor, later, he’d answered his own questions by replying, “Most parents would NOT choose their children to be homosexual.”

Looking back at the gender equality movement awhile ago, in the patriarchal society of the past, women had been objectified to NOTHING more than “machines” for reproduction, even seen as subordinates to men, how many people were FORCED to live under the rules of men are superior to women, and, the pressures of NOT having a daughter grows greater.

The feminism rights activist, Simone de Beauvoir, in her classic work “The Second Sex” stated, that “Women are NOT born, they’re ‘made’”.  In other words, women cannot choose their biological sex, but, the society’s stereotypes toward women, that, is made by the environmental influences.

And now, the same-gender, cross-gender individuals are considered to be minorities, wouldn’t there also BE sacrifices in this bondage of system?

And so, if there are parents who are unwilling to give birth to gays, wouldn’t it because they’re worried that the current system wouldn’t change, and so, the prejudices existed, and, without getting rid of the prejudices, their children’s lives are going to get harder, as they grow older?

And, if laws are the LOWEST of morality, then, “All men are created equal” should be the most BASIC of all requirements that people hold of the law, and of human rights.

Children can’t choose their sexual orientation, just like how they can’t select their sex, the colors of their skins, the way they looked.  We should NOT ask the parents, “What kind of children do you hope to have?”, instead, we should ask the world, WHAT sort of an environment, can you give the kids to grow up in?  A world filled with discrimination, or a world where everybody IS treated equally, compared to one another?

The amendment of “Equal rights marriages” pushed forth by groups in the country, along with some lawmakers is not only to legalize same-sex marriages, but also, to get those who have other forms of sexual orientations, their basic human rights, this, is not giving to charity, nor is it a special kind of rights.

How much time did we already spent, battling gender equality, equal races, equal treatments for handicapped individuals, how many innocents had we sacrificed for this “cause”?  to slowly for this world that we live that’s mostly free right now?  And now, there are still holes in the systems: how would those with other gender specifications have the right to marry, and to find back their stripped human rights?

This, once again, is still someone’s OPINION, and, for those of you who are “old school”, you may think that marriage IS only between a woman and a man, but hey, who’s to say, that the “institution” (check me in, right N-O-W!!!) of marriage IS between a woman, AND a man, I mean, what if, you were BORN into the WRONG body?  Growing up would be HARD enough, and now that you’re grown, you still MUST deal with the society’s looks, because you ARE different.  Think about that, and, until you can LOOK at everybody as the SAME kind of folks, you are still NOT “equalized” yet!!!


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