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When Life Happens by Fate, NOT by Choice

This, is how those unwanted pregnancies never got aborted…

When life happens by fate, not by choice, what, am I supposed to do, with this life I got, that’s not my choosing, I kept, running ‘round in circles, nonstop, bumping into those god DAMN dead-ends without the answer I’d sought after so many times.

When life happens by fate, NOT by choice, well, you don’t have a choice, you’re already OUTSIDE (of your mothers’ bodies!!!), and, you got NO other option, but to live this life, that’s endowed to you.

When life happens by fate, NOT by choice, but, life DOES happen by fate, and NOT choice, you didn’t choose, to be BROUGHT into this world, at the time when you were born, it wasn’t, up to you to decide, and, all you could do, was to, live with the SELFISH consequences of your god DAMN parents’ unprotected FUCK!

When life happens by fate, NOT by choice, you may think, that you have a choice in everything you do, but you don’t, as everything’s already LAIN out, and, those so-called choices you’re misled into believing that were up to you to decide?  They’re really, actually NOT, it’d been decided, SINCE the moment you were born, and, how is it that I’d come to know all of this?  Let’s still just say, that I KNOW everything, as I had become, a MISS-KNOW-IT-ALL, since 2008, and, I did die, back in ’08, and still, I’d, “bounced” RIGHT back to life, after that final decapitation I’d endured…

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Stepping into a New Place of Work, Stepping OUT of the Comfort Zones, the Growth of a Woman


My close friend, Yun recently left the public facility she’d worked for for over ten years, and entered into a completely unfamiliar realm of medical technologies.  The different environments caused her to feel stressed, naturally, especially entering into the top three pharmaceutical company of the country to work, she needed to come into contact with English contracts, and endless number of medications; and she needed to listen to the coworkers, using English, to explain the purposes of the medications, the side effects, etc., etc., etc., at first, she felt she wasn’t up to the job at all.

But, in order to adapt quickly, other than asking other senior workers from her department, she’d also gone to the research lab of her company to read often, to find out about the related matters, to up her skills needed for work.

After she’d changed tracks, Yun worked hard every day, as if she’s constantly engaged into wars, the regular overtimes had become norm now.  Sometimes, during her hour-long lunch, she’d still reviewed the terms of the contracts; other than the endless small and big meetings, she also needed to handle a lot of the executive suits, and related matters, this cycle happens every single day, but, Yun is more than glad, willing, to take on the various challenges that her workforce give to her, to take responsibilities for her own ability and the development of her own careers.

Recently, she’d beaten the group of outstanding coworkers in a training, and earned herself a set of silver coins that were made, to commemorate the company becoming publicly traded.  Yun was extremely happy, felt that all of her hard work, had finally paid off; and she’d also proved to herself, that her views of “not getting tied down by a certain format of work”, and “get interactive with people from various backgrounds, it’ll help you grow”, was correct.

She told me, because she is new in the medical industry, she’d constantly told herself, that she must put in more time, more energy, slowly, develop the skills she needed for work.  Because, so long as she has the professionalisms of the area, it doesn’t matter what sort of challenges will come her way.

I saw on Yun, not just a woman with the ability to withstand great amounts of pressure, but also someone who was willing to learn new things; and, I’m also in awe at how she was able to get out of her comfort zone with so much courage too.

And so, we can attribute this woman’s success to her ability to adapt, to make changes, and her attitude to learning, and that, is what the companies are looking for, someone who’s not afraid to get involved with something new, someone who’s hard working, that, is why this woman was able to succeed in her career.

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The Persistence of Beauty

The ins and outs of life, translated…

My good friend, Fang-Hwa is an Asian-Korean, the descendant of the Khitan tribe, her large eyes, erect nose, deep facial features, always amused everybody around her.  And yet, in the decades that passed, she’d kept her body fit, combined with her natural flair, it’d made us, a group of middle aged woman who are gaining weight super envious.

That day, on our gathering, everybody started awing at Fang-Hwa’s good looks again, she couldn’t help but explain to us all, “There IS a price to pay for being beautiful!”  turns out, after Fang-Hwa got pregnant, she’d bought herself a fitting, expensive dress for herself, put it on, took a photo of herself in it to keep in on file.  And, in the later stage of the month-long recovery after birth, she’d started controlling her own diet, and started exercising, and something she did every single day, was fitting herself into that extravagant dress, and keep on telling herself, that she MUST fit into it perfectly.

From the beginning, when she couldn’t even pull it on, to being able to squeeze herself into it, but couldn’t pull the zipper up completely, to fitting perfectly in it, as her maternity leave was over, she’d returned back to work, looking radiant.  At the same time that we’d all raised our glasses to her, we’d all felt awful, about how we didn’t have the foresight back when we went through our month’s worth of recovery after birth, causing us all, to not find a suit that fitted after we were to return back to work, compared to the persistence of beauty that Fang-Hwa had, we all bowed down to her!

Maybe you’d believed, that everybody has a different standard for what being beautiful is, why couldn’t we just be happy, and go with the flow?  Surely, being full-figured can be beautiful too, but, we’d often heard people complain about how they don’t feel well into their favorite clothes, but, we’d raised our white flags, when great food presented themselves to us.  The result of letting ourselves go was that we’ll forever be envying over how slim others looked, and, we couldn’t control ourselves, and no matter how pretty the clothes are, it is still, a complete WASTE!

We’d always used our regular selves, and expect a different future; we’d always envied others’ good fortunes, without realizing, that behind this beauty, there’s a strict self-fulfillment, a persistence that is ongoing.  So, you shouldn’t just envy those who looked beautiful around you, but instead, take their methods, and, surpass yourselves.

So, this woman’s beauty is NOT absolutely easily had, she’d had to work really hard, and, she was motivated, and because she kept on persisting, that, was why she was successful, and this can be applied to everything ELSE in one’s life, not just losing weight.

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A Child Who Kept Her Optimism, No Matter How Many Times She Fell Off Her Bicycle

Falling off, and getting back on again, no matter how many times it takes!  Translated…

My third grade daughter still couldn’t ride a two-wheeler, awhile ago, when there was a long holiday, we’d taken the liberty, signed her up, for the “Bicycle Superman Camp”, as she’d heard the name of the camp, she felt it was super cool, and couldn’t wait for the day to come so she could go.  On that very morning, our whole family drove to the Riverside Park, the participants are kids from first to sixth grade, and, it was everybody’s first time learning to ride a two-wheeler, starting from ground zero.

Before the practice began, everybody must put on the helmets, with the protective gear, my daughter felt more at ease.  Shed’ conquered her fears, bravely followed the words of her coach, to glide downhill, walked her bicycle back up the slope, then, glided down again, repeated the procedures several times, she’d learned to control the handlebars, as well as maintained her balance.  At times, I’d worried, that she might feel that it was annoying, having to repeat the same things over and over again, but, there wasn’t any facial expressions from her that showed that she was impatient at all, instead, she’d enjoyed this basic training.  The coach’s professionalism, plus the power from her peers, she’d told me happily, “It’s so fun, learning to ride a bicycle!”

In the afternoon, the real riding starts, the coach put the pedals on everybody’s bicycles, helped everybody onto the seats, at first, as they’d started pedaling, a million things went wrong, someone fell and injured oneself, started wailing on the ground; some chose to get back up, and try it again, and my daughter, she’d put up her smiles, with a straight face, practiced, with a sense of fear.

There was a smaller built third grade girl, she just couldn’t manage it at all, started in the morning, she’d kept her smiles radiant; even if she’d fallen, she still didn’t cry.  This strong child had gotten my immediate attention.

Close to the end of the cycling lessons, my daughter and other kids can already ride their bicycles around on their own, only she still couldn’t.  But, at the end of the activities, the little girl received an award.  Turns out, that the coach found, that as she’d learned to ride the bicycle, she’d kept that positive attitude, no matter the results, a child who can face defeat with such optimism, is worth commending.  I also hope, that my daughter, whether it be learning to ride her bicycle, or anything else in life, can take after that little child, face her defeats with an optimism, and, learn the lessons.

And so, this, is from watching the goings on of the world, and, this little girl who still couldn’t ride her bike at the end should be awarded, for her hardworking mannerism, because she NEVER gave up, just kept getting BACK on that bike as she fell off each and every time, and, that, is the attitude she will carry in life, and she’s already won, with that persistent, never-quitting attitude.

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Cussing His Cancer Friend Out, It’s Sparked the Will to Live in Him

Helping someone who’s in the same predicament out, translated…

After my eldest uncle died of stomach cancer, I feared that there’s the inherited genes, I’d gone to the hospital for a check up, and, I was in the third stage of stomach cancer.  I’d thought, that after the surgeries, I will be fine, but, I’d started, retaining water, so I’d had to have a bag connected to my bladder at all times, and I’d become, a “backpacker” ever since, and, the will to live had, slipped away from me, little, by little, I’d really wanted to, just DIE.

Because I’m a Christian, other than having my faith to help carry me through, I’d relied on other members of my congregation, as well as my wife, to help me through, it’d made me realize, just how much luckier I am, compared to some of those who fell ill.  After I’d realized just how lucky I truly am, I’d decided, to turn what I’d weathered through thus far, into something greater, I’d gone to volunteer at the hospital, helped others to regain their health back again, sometimes, I’d gone to volunteer during the mornings, and, gone through my chemo treatments in the afternoons, and, even though, my body felt awful, I’d never complained, my coworker said, that I was working really hard.

Being a volunteer is very meaningful, you can share what you went through, with those who are still, fighting hard, sharing with them, let them know, “if I can, so can you.”  One time, I’d met a person who’s ill, he’d lost his will to live, and kept hollering nonstop how he’d wanted to die, I’d gotten angry, grilled him, “You think that you can give up, at any time you wish?  That you can lose your life at anytime you want to?”

Life, is all about, battling, ‘til that final drop of blood drips from your body, then, winning and losing, is decided, if you want to win, then, you need to keep a healthy mind and body, through exercising, to keep the cancer from coming back.  After that patient who’s diagnosed with cancer had heard me, he was originally, in a state of NOT eating ANYTHING, that day, he’d had a hearty meal, and, made the decisions, to live out his life fully, however long it may be, and that, was the biggest gain for volunteering for me.

Knowing that your stories can help someone out, to help the person have a brand new perspective, it’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  And that, just shows, how easily you can affect someone, to help change a life, and, this person didn’t even make ANY monetary donations too, imagine THAT!

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Slow-to-Learn, But Hard-Working, Finally, Reaching One’s Goals, Observations from the Workforce

Hard work will PAY off, so long as you don’t give up on it, translated…

My good friend, A’s daughter, May, several years ago, after she’d graduated from high school, when she’d taken the national entrance exams for college, she didn’t get in.  When she felt beaten down, her aunt told her, “Now, there is a recently started college of management that’s hosting a second call for registration.”  And so, May signed up for it right away, and, prepared herself for the examinations, and she got in.

My good friend A reminded her college-bound daughter, May, “the most important thing for a woman is having a stable job, to NOT be reliant on someone else, to make your own ends meet, I hope, you’ll use this time in university to enrich yourself, I encourage that you go for the public positions examinations later.”

At first, May didn’t take her dad’s words to heart, during her first two years of university, she’d partied too hard with her friends and classmates.  She’s tiny in frame, gotten involved in several relationships, but, the guys she’d dated either that they cheated on her, or decided, to start dating someone else who looked prettier.

May was sad, and, she was, all of a sudden, reminded of her dad’s words, “Woman need to become self-reliant”, and so, in her spare time from her courses, she’d started preparing for the public positions examinations.  She’d chosen the basic level exams that didn’t look at degree, but was with the lowest rate of passing.

The first time she took the exams in her senior year in university, she’d failed, but she’d still used her drive, kept studying hard.  And, her hard work eventually paid off, the year after she’d graduated from university, she’d gotten in, as the last spot of the “backup lists”, and, she didn’t mind, that she was sent to a distant country region to work, that all who’d passed the examinations tried to avoid, she’d set out, to take the job.

Awhile ago, May got her wish, transferred back to her hometown to work, and, there was a boy, who works in a public facility too, who’d started, pursuing her as well.

Recently, A took his daughter’s wedding invitation, to give it to me, and that, was when I’d heard May’s story from top to bottom.  I’d congratulated his daughter one winning double on her work, as well as in her marriage.  A said, in a heartfelt manner, “So, the slow birds must fly out first, so, they can reach their goals as well!”

Although this woman didn’t have the homing advantage, but, she’d made up for it with her hard work, and, never gave up, and that, was how she was able to success, in achieving her goals, that just shows, that persistence will eventually pay off, so long as you’re persisting toward the right things in life.







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The Instructors & the Students of Yong-Ping High School Bent Down, and Scrubbed the Toilets, to Touch Other Faculty Members’ as Well as Other Students’ Hearts

The humbleness of man, is being MODELED after here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A lot of knowledge goes into cleaning up the toilets, the Taiwan Beautification Organization with the Yongping High School in Yonghe District held the learning opportunities of “Cleaning Up the Hearts, Washing Everything Clean” Activities yesterday, the faculties and the students was under the instructions of a Japanese cleaning expert, who led them to scrub, and wipe, get “intimate” with the toilets and the urinals, to learn the attitude of “bending over”.

How hard is it, to bend over and scrub the toilets?  Even the school teachers said, that the very first time they’d had to do it, they were all, a bit scared, they’d discarded what they’d normally used, the long scrubbing brushes, the pipes, the mops, instead, they used the sponges, the scrubbing pieces, and dish rags, first, they’d bent over, soaked up all the remaining water that was in the urinals, then, scrubbed down the urinals by hand, but, as they’d gotten closer to the urinals, the smell was bad, “it truly made us want to run away!”

“It was the VERY first time we’d had to do something like this”, a member of the middle school class 706 shared this unique experience, at first, it was, not at all easy, but, with the Japanese lady, leading him, later on, he felt, that it became, a fun experience instead, after he’d cleaned up the toilet, he felt very much achieved, and wanted to share this hard-to-come-by experience with his own parents too.

The process of cleaning up the toilets and the urinals continued for one and a half hours, yesterday, there were, close to six hundred participants in the activities, other than the school principal, Liu who led the way, bending down with her students, there were another 132 cleaning experts, as well as the employees and owners of various enterprises from Japan who had helped out with the activities, alongside the over four hundred members of the beautification committee here, and, among them, were big name enterprise owners too.

This year, the cleaning theme was, “Cleaning Off the Hearts, Making it Brand New”, this stemmed from how the last year’s representative world being “Darkness”.  The Secretary of the Taiwan Beautification Organization, Lee claimed, that when everybody puts in her/his share, then, the smallest changes can become huge, if everybody could experience the disgust from cleaning up the toilets, then, in the process, empathy may be formed, and, through changes in the individuals, expanding into changes in the community.

So, this, is a lesson in moral education, I suppose, because the children need to be started younger, to LEARN about the difficulties of others’ lives, and, by making them learn to clean up the toilets, they are gaining that empathy, and now, as they go to the toilets, they may not be as careless in using the urinals, instead, they would start to consider, the person, having to clean up the mess they’d left behind, so, they wouldn’t leave ANY mess behind, this, is a great program that’s initiated here.

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