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When Voices are Seen, and Not Heard

Well, that’s odd, isn’t it, because aren’t voices supposed to be HEARD, and not seen?  Unless, you have an unknown sort of sensory disorder there…

When voices are seen, and not heard, that just means, that someone has a really unique way of experiencing the world, different from you and I, and, there’s NOTHING wrong with that, because everyone IS unique, and, we should all be allowed to have our differences from one another, isn’t that right?

When voices are seen, not heard, that, would be really bizarre, because that, is not in the ordinary realm of things, because we’d been taught to hear voices, instead of seeing them, and, whoever it is out there that sees voices are just, abnormal!  When voices are seen, not heard, so what, you have an alternative way of receiving certain type of stimuli you encounter that’s quite different from the rest of the general population, that still doesn’t mean that you are abnormal, weird, or whatever, does it?

But here comes the problem: we are used to, seeing, experiencing things certain ways, that we’d often forget, that, not everybody experiences the world the same way as we do, and, it’s simply, easier to SLAP a label on those who are different compared to us all………




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The Sorrows Behind the Greed

Commentaries from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The court is in session on the case toward the end of last year, where a bank transportation truck fell open from the back and money started flying out, some were sent to prison, others, given a delayed sentence, and the judge had his own professional leverage in considering who got what sort of sentencing, and, either it was harsh or lenient, the judge, at the time he’d read the verdicts mentioned how those people who tried to get the money off of the streets as “crazy”, “dangerous”, “irrational”, “lawless”, “without ANY disciplines”, etc., etc., etc., and, as the onlookers hear, they’d be misled into believing that the ones being sentenced had done such murderous crimes, but, naturally, this, wasn’t at all true, they were only, middle class citizens with wife and kids living in the cities, or those with the monthly paycheck of $6,000 HK dollars, following, there may also be housewives, young couples, as well as unemployed youths on trial, and, this “heaven-sent” blessing turned into an overnight curse, and, their life paths got twisted and bent, out of shape.

Don’t know how many would still feel anxious as they thumbed through the news?

Had it been murder, abduction, or bank robberies, then, news is merely, just news, after all, that, is way too far from the average individual, and, the citizens don’t normally find these events, ringing true to their ears, and it is, hard for them all, to imagine, one day, doing such atrocious deeds as such, and all of that, are the “abnormalities”, and the ones who were threatened are us, “good fellows”, and all of them, “evil people” naturally deserved to get punished, we have absolutely NO need for anxieties, instead, we’d feel ecstatic, because the bad guys are caught and hauled away to jail.

But, picking up cash that dropped out of the bank transportation truck, well, that, would be hard to differentiate, when the spare cash fell out of the truck, flying all over the places, so close to people, in such chaos, who can say, that one won’t get drawn by the greed?  In my impressions, as the judges handed down the verdicts to those high-up officials who had embezzled funds, they’d rarely used such harsh words, instead, these criminals were found to have committed “crimes of intelligence”, so high up, so sacred the names, and, nobody gives a hoot how many innocent citizens were hurt by their actions.

And so, we’re merely, responding to the situation with our own instinctive behaviors, and, we’re called evils, and, this, is really sad, because, those folks who went after the cash merely thought, that they’re just taking advantage of the situation, plus, they’d probably carried the mindset of I’m not the only one who’s doing it, and, it’s that mindset that’s gotten them screwed, and, this also makes the point, of how awful things that are happening, away from home, like murdering of hostages of war, children getting used as suicide bombers, etc., etc., etc., have a way, to hit us close to our hearts, but, the events that are happening in our vicinities don’t, why is that???  Think about that for a change.

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