A Novel Caused Him to be in Exile Half of His Life Rushdie Fought Hard to Keep His Own Freedom of Speech

How this writer was, outspoken, fearless of getting murdered, making his viewpoint declared to the world, and the legacy he’d left for those who came after him is this: to be fearless, to be able to express oneself freely, unafraid of persecution from the government, to make one’s own life count, and meaningful, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seventy-five year-old Indian-British fantasy realistic novelist, Rushdie was assassinated on the twelfth in a public speaking event in New York.  Rushdie’s novel caused anger in the Muslim communities, which caused him to escape his whole life, to dodge from getting killed, and yet, he’d still continued to write, and stood up for his own right to free speech.

Rushdie’s fame came with his second published novel “Midnight’s Children”.  It was on India, after it’d won its independence from British rule, it’d gained international acclaim, and the Booker Prize of England.

More that Sixty Were Assassinated, Including the Publishers, the Translators

But, his fourth publication, “The Satanic Verses”, was interpreted by many Muslims as blasphemy toward Mohammed, and the book was banned in Iran, and the following year, the spiritual leader in Iran ordered the assassination of Rushdie worldwide, and ever since, Rushdie was under the protection of British police, and began his life on the run.  Of the translator and publishers of “The Satanic Verses” worldwide, more than sixty had been assassinated in the attacks.

As He’d Gone to See the Dentist, His Bodyguard Told Him to Hide in the Body Bags

Rushdie had gone into hiding for close to a decade, moved multiple times, couldn’t even tell his own children where he lived.  And, the kill order did NOT make Rushdie stop writing, instead, it’d helped him come up with his own memoir, “Joseph Anton”, the name he took when he was in hiding.  He’d written in the third-person narrative, recollected, how he’d needed to go see the dentist, and his bodyguard told him to hide in the body bags, to stay off of the public’s eyes, and that as he’d wanted to play with his own son, he’d had to make an appointment with the police first.

Rushdie, after he was gunned down, getting lifted by the paramedics, photo from online

Until 1998, the Iranian government became unsupportive of the assassination orders, that was when Rushdie stopped hiding.  But the government owned news media in 2006 reported, that the kill order can only be cancelled by the one who’d started it, while the man who’d ordered the assassination of Rushdie already died, therefore, the assassination order will forever be active, and by then, the bounty on Rushdie’s head is already close to three million dollars U.S.

Rushdie started getting active in the social circles internationally, to the point of taking roles in movies of Bridget Jones’s Diary and the American T.V. comedy.  He’d been married four times, with two children who are now, living in New York.

He Supported the Satirical Art and the Criticisms of Religions

In 2015, he’d started writing the satires, he’d stood up in support of  the Charlie Hebdo Publisher shooting in Paris, “I support the Charlie Hebdo Periodicals, and am for the sarcastic art, this is the power to stand up against the tyrannies, the dishonest, and the blindly pursuits of power I have.”

Rushdie stated, “ ‘Respecting religion became synonymous to ‘fearing religion’.  Religions are just like any concepts, that we can, criticize, and, surely, like us, fearless of them, and, disrespecting them.”

And, so, this was how this controversial man’s life, ended, by assassination, and, it was these brash statements that this man made, that’s, outspoken, that’s, pissed off someone who’d assassinated him, and even though he’s now dead by assassination, he’d left that legacy, telling us to not fear anything, if our opinions don’t corresponded with what the masses believed, that we need to stand up for what we believe in, and not feared getting shot down.


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