Just This Year to Date, 330 Had Gone to Cambodia and Never Returned, and There are Still the Unreported Numbers

This is what, the most overly used “trick” in the book now, and you’re still, falling for it???  Wow, are the younger generations becoming, more and more, stupid or what???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Scam Ring’s “Selling the Piggies” Got Heated More & More, the Criminal Investigations Filtered 4,000 Taiwanese Who are Currently in Cambodia, Will be Checking with Their Families Individually

The people in this country who’d gone to Cambodia who were scammed then taken in, and the traffickers extorted their families for cash had now become, a serious issue that the government is examining, and listed as major crimes cases; based off of the statistics by the Criminal Investigations Unit, this year to date, the cases reported to the offices of diplomatic affairs and the police reports, there are now, more than 330 cases of the country’s citizens who went missing in Cambodia who’d been taken as prisoners, or gone missing, currently, there are, 330 cases of citizen who’d gone to Cambodia who’d been reported as missing, or were suspected of being taken into custody, with the police looking deeper into the matter, the number is still rising up.

There had been over six thousand people from Taiwan who’d gone to Cambodia, to find the potential victims that hadn’t surfaced yet, the Criminal Investigations Unit are using the big data to analyze, filtering through more than 4,000 between ages sixteen and forty-five who’d gone overseas.

Based off of understanding, Cambodia has no diplomatic ties with Taiwan, and legalized gambling locally, to set up the locations, and there were the locations with the utilities capabilities, the internet connections, the police forces patrolling, the shops, fitting for the scam artist rings to set up their headquarters and to control the people; plus the Cambodian government is operated by bribery, some of the officials are working with the scam artists, and it’d attracted the mobs and the scam rings to head over to work.

Cambodia had legalized gambling for many years already, and, there weren’t that many cases of people from Taiwan getting tricked to be “sold off as pigs” in the country, and in recent years, the various countries are cracking down on the scams, the drivers and the workers of the operations unit had been on the decline, the scam rings started conning the people of ordinary means to work in Cambodia, and because the government cracked down on the scam artists’ ways, it’d reduced the means of profits, most of the scam artists found, that after getting the individuals from this country to Cambodia, they can force them to start scamming, and if they wanted out of the business, the scam artists can demand the families to pay a ransom to get them back, to, exchange ownership of these workers to make a profit, and the “selling pigs” business made a huge profit for them.

On the twenty-fourth of July, at the Taoyuan International Airport, the Criminal Investigations Unit managed to stop four citizens from going to Cambodia, and, arrested the man, Tsai who gave them the ride to the airport, and later, arrested Tsai’s girlfriend, Jeng, and three days later, they caught three more victims before they got out of the country; Tsai and Jeng, because they were involved in trafficking of humans, were charged on it, and they are currently in custody.  At the preliminary investigations, Tsai (age 45) and Jeng (age 41) had gotten more than a hundred people out, and every person they sent out, they get paid a commission of $20,000N.T to $30,000N.T.

The scam artist group targeted men around age thirty specially, and, offered $50,000N.T. to $100,000N.T. per month, to get the trust of the victims, they’d had the accomplices in Cambodia show the environment to the victims, trying to get them to believe that it’s a good environment to work in, that the work is easy.

And you still get fooled?  How stupid can you get, there are, no easy way, you want to make the big bucks, you start off at the bottom, then, work your ways up, there’s NO shortcuts, no easy way to make the quick cash, and, you should learn that by now, but you don’t, and that’s why, you become, victims of these, scams, and get sold off, to the, highest bidder, SATAN!!!

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