A More Advanced Version of a Daughter Thief

This is how to, pave the way, to make sure, that your own children will be, more than, willing to stay close to you, instead of, getting as far away from you as they possibly can, when they’re older, by putting in the time to spend with them, by treating them well, translated…

I’d been a daughter thief for a couple of decades now, and I believe my ability to “steal” is, excellent, that I’d gained every time I “stole”.  Thought I’d, learned from the best, and become, the best, but, my throne is slowly, stolen from me, from my daughter who’s, in her, twenties now.

On the weekend we went shopping together, the two of us went trying on the outfits in the fitting rooms.  My daughter’s sharpened eyes, always found the fitting clothes in the young ladies’ sections for her old lady.  At the checkout, I was so happy I’d, found the bathing suits for the fountains of my youth, and naturally, I’d, paid for my daughter’s tab too.

Every now and then, she’d recommended to me the restaurants for afternoon tea, she knew, that her mom longed for romance the most.  And, in the setting of the light being just right, setting of the romantic mood, enjoying the sweetness of the treats, I’d been, more than willing to, pull my credit card out, and pay for the tabs.  I’d missed how when my daughter was still younger, and how we’d gone traveling as a whole family.  But, for the younger generations that’s just started working, they don’t make enough money, and don’t have that many days of, vacation time either.  And now, as we invited her to travel, all she needed to do, was to set the time aside for the vacation, and, we’d, covered her for the hotels, the restaurants, and the transportation too, and, it’d not ached our hearts, spending, the extra wads of, cash for her.

Actually, I’m really glad, of this, advanced version of a daughter-thief in my home.  Because of her coming out shopping with me, I was able to dress in a younger fashion, and it’d, made me more willing, and open to try a variety of styles of attires.  Our closets are, opened to one another, and, we are, about thirty years apart, and yet, we’d, traded clothes from time to time.  And because of her finding more things out for me, I got the opportunities to, treat myself better.  To find a good and valid excuse, to stay away from my own kitchen, to go into the restaurants I normally wouldn’t, venture into, and gotten the opportunities, to try the different varieties of foods.

Into my empty nest now, and I’d, cherished these outings with my families more.  Money is easily made, and, the limited resources we’d exchanged, for that unlimited blessing of our daughter’s, companionship, more than worth it!  If one day, maybe, my daughter’s “more advanced” version of being a thief might gain a couple more extra “thieves”.  But actually I’d wanted, make the extra sets of keys for my future grandchildren, for them, to come and “steal” things from my house, anytime they wish to.

And so, this is the point, money isn’t that important, the time shared is, and yet, most of you adults, spends all your working years, working, working, working away, saving up just enough (and maybe not even) for your own children so they will have more than enough materials, like you never had when you were growing up, without realizing, that spending the time with your children when they’re still, young is the most important thing, and, in this family, the parents must’ve already done their job as the parents correctly, which is why the daughter is now, more than willing to, spend more time, accompanying the parents out, and these parents are now, blessed, to have their daughter as their, “partner in crime”.

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