When a Woman Drives Around in Her New Porsche

When a woman drives around in her new Porsche, people started questioning, if she’d found, a new “sugar daddy”, whereas when a man drives around in his new Porsche, everybody takes it as normal, because he earned his own way, and why is that, huh?

Because the society is still feeding all of us these stereotypes of the gender expectations, like how we women are, incapable, of making the big bucks (take a look to see how many women are C.E.O.s of those Fortune 500s???), and yet, we’re still, forced to, put up, with these sorts of SHITS, of societal expectations of how we aren’t expected to make, more than you do!

and, there’s still, NOTHING wrong with this, picture, is there? Of course N-O-T!

photo from online

When a woman drives around in her new Porsche, everybody automatically get into the mindset of thinking, “wow, lucky her, for finding herself, a sugar daddy to buy what she wanted”, without thinking that hey, maybe the woman has ability and is, more capable than most men she knew, after all, she may well be a C.E.O., of some company that you ain’t, NEVER heard of (because you’re way too stupid???  No offense, but feel free!).

So, STOP ASSuming (b/c the world’s already, full of, @#$%ING, ASSholes!) that if a woman drives around in her brand new Porsche, then it must be a present from the sugar daddy she’s “kept by”.

Besides, WE women, are our own separate “owners”.  We have the SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP, over our own, separate lives here!

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