Had Someone Spoken Up

This is still, ALL in H-I-N-D-S-I-G-H-T…

Had someone spoken up, then, maybe, lives would have been spared, had someone prevented that little boy from getting picked on, a classmate, a teacher, even, then, he may not have turned into the killer he’d become today, but, nobody had, shown ANY cares or concerns, to even, acknowledged that, he was, in pain.

Had someone spoken up, but, nobody HAD, had anyone?  Of course not, and, it’s always, easier to JUDGE others, and NOT see the truth about oneself, after all, it’s always been, easier, to POINT your fingers, and not realizing, hey, when I’m pointing a finger AT someone, three are pointing RIGHT back at me, (I’ll wait, for you to “check” it out!!!).

Had someone spoken up, then, this tragic event may have well been prevented, like that shooting at that elementary school?  Or, how ‘bout those deaths that could’ve been prevented, had someone taken a little extra time, to show care and concern?  Well, it’s ALL water under the bridge now, you won’t have a chance, to redo all of that again that’s for sure.

Had someone spoken up, but, NOBODY had, and now, we look at ourselves, in this mirror, of truth, and, what, do we see?  Had someone spoken up, if only…………

Start speaking UP, and stop operating in the “mode” of hey, I can’t be the only one who heard that child who’s crying upstairs or downstairs ALL night long, because, if we all operated in that mindset, then, a LOT more people are going to D-I-E, and, we would’ve, stained OUR hands with blood, without ourselves even knowing.

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