Persistence…Give Me the Strength to Fight Off Cancer


Six years ago, I became somewhat anemic, my knees felt powerless, my right kidney swelled up considerably, the result was first stage of tumor in my kidneys, I felt beaten in the body AND the spirit, I’d reexamined my own life, felt that everything had lost meaning, and, I’d lost the will to fight, for my life.

It was so very difficult, going through the treatments of cancer, through the angiography, the doctor suggested to remove the tumors surgically, put me through the examinations of radiology, to see if the cancer had spread, I’d logged online, to find out more about my cancer, worked hard in Chi-Gong, balanced my diets, sing, to keep my spirits lifted, etc., etc., etc., became something I do every single day.

I’d chased after what was fashionable, as well as the fames with my life, and now, I’d bought my health with money, let go of my materialistic desires, pursued what’s natural; just tried to live, a simpler life, be thankful for what I have, and, after I’d reworked my value systems, the pressures decreased, and, the cancer causing agents are all gone, I’d soothed my own mind, and my body is light.

In the lows of my life, after I’d gone through the trials, when my mind and heart became uncertain, I’d grabbed a hold, tightly, to my dreams, although, it was hard, for me to, grab a hold onto something that’s not even a sure thing.  The founder of Alibaba, Yun Ma said, “Knowing what you want, in the end, you will persist on”, his words had become the driven source for me, it’d helped me persisted, until I’d finally, succeeded.

During this time, I’m truly grateful for the teams of doctors who worked hard, as well as the supports from my families, to help me cross this valley of lows in my life, so I had no fears, battling with the illness, “persistence” gave me the strength, to keep fighting my cancer!  And, I wanted to share this strength I’d found, to others out there, who are also, battling with their cancer right now.

And so, you’d found the insights, from dealing with your cancer, and, getting that cancer diagnosis was a shocker to you, it made you reexamine your life, and, it’d also made you turn your values around, so, in this case, cancer became a wake up call to this person, reminder him, that the most important matters of life, can’t be bought with money!  A great lesson, to learn, earlier on in life, don’t you think???


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