The Trend in the Universities & Colleges: the Classes Had Been in Session for Half an Hour, and, There’s Only One Student Who Showed Up

The DISRESPECT for the professors AND yourselves, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The elective class of a certain private university in Hsinchu, two nights ago when class was held, there was only ONE student who showed up, and, the student had a one-on-one session with the professor’s guest speaker, the female student posted on Facebook, “Come to class”, and, before the class session was over, the students increased to five people, and this shows the serious condition of how college students are skipping their classes.

“It’s already seven at night, the empty classroom has only one student, the guest lecturer didn’t even know how to start, class, won’t you come in for the session tonight?”, the female student posted, and, there are teachers who’d commented, “I’m so saddened by this post”, and, someone else commented, “No wonder the worth of college students in Taiwan is only 22K”; someone suggested, “the professors need to have 50% of the students’ grades based off of attendance”.

This private university stated, that some of the students are working as they’d signed up for the course, that maybe work had them tied up.  This semester, the classes had “an assistant to the professor”, to take down attendance after the lectures, to make sure that students showed up, but the school didn’t mandate the professors to roll call.

It’s become a trend, that college students just skip classes, whether it be in the public or the private universities.  A professor from a certain public university in Hsinchu stated, that last year, he’d had a class, where there were only three people signed up, student A is late as a habit, student B don’t show up at all, that, it’s a one-on-one session throughout the entire semester, he’d sighed, “the students lacked respect for the professors, and they don’t utilize the resources they are being given.”

And so, this, is what’s currently happening, and, there’s NOTHING that the professors can do about it, after all, you are in school, by choice, maybe not, but, you wanted to have your parents’ supports for four more years, so that, was why you’d signed up, but you still don’t show UP for class, which means, that your parents are paying for GHOSTS for your education.

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