Before They Fully Understood the Old Materials, New Materials are Crammed into Their Minds, in Order to Get Caught Up with Progress, the Classes Can Only Abandon the Bottom Halves of the Classes

The reforms in education, the policy makers still hadn’t thought it through thoroughly enough, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the recent years, the Department of Education’s attempt to reform the lower grade level’s education had backfired.  The higher the grade levels, the more students are flunking the classes.  The problems lie in reteaching and attempts to help the students make better grades, the moment the school teachers realized that someone’s falling behind, they should immediately assist the student, and to reexamine their own teaching methods, otherwise, even IF the teachers managed to get the student caught up, it’s of no help.

The poorer, the more distant children are from the cities, there would be less and less resources, and so, naturally, on average, they’d performed worse.  But, the education facilities should at least, make sure that every student can perform the basics of her/his grade levels.

Take for mathematic for example, from the first to the third grades, there are no more than about ten percent of children who couldn’t perform up to standards, so, how come starting in the fourth grade, the rate of children who couldn’t do well rose up to twenty percent?  The analysts said, that because starting in the fourth grade, decimals, fractions, surface area, and volume calculations are included in the courses, and that a better teaching technique is needed.

But, the elementary schools used the one instructor, every course classrooms, other than English, the teachers must teach in every other subject, a lot of the teachers majored in the liberal arts, they’re naturally bad in math, and the teacher training classes didn’t emphasize math either, and so, they could still manage in the lower grade levels, but, into the middle and high schools, they couldn’t manage anymore; plus, they are teaching larger classes, and so, they naturally let the kids who don’t do well enough slide, causing the ones who fell behind falling farther and farther behind still.

And, the reteaching of the lessons couldn’t have an effect right away, the teachers couldn’t tell which student is falling behind, when the students are dumbfounded, sitting in the classes, dozing off, then, the instructors get “alarmed”; without completely mastering the older materials, the newer materials are crammed in, and this won’t be effective on the students’ learning processes.

The instructors should improve on their teaching methods, to discover the students’ difficulties in time, and give help as needed, and when needed, the teachers should teach smaller groups at a time, the reformed way of education, is not for the students, to doze off, stare into space for twelve years, but to make sure, that the students have the basic abilities, this, is the bottom line, not the highest standards.

And so, those IDIOTS who’d started the kids here using the American ways of education still NEVER thought it through thoroughly, and now, the kids are having troubles, and, the instructors didn’t even have a WAY of helping them out, and so, yeah, the education here, had gone to the D-O-G-S all right!

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