The Impact of War on Their Young Lives

Whether or not their parents like to admit it, the war did have an impact, on their young lives, even though they’d still run up and down that winding country pass, to and from school, as if there’s nothing happening out there (don’t ask where)…

The impact of war on their young lives, they’re NOT directly involved in fighting in the wars, but, they all got families who had gone, to fight, for the cause, who had been injured, in the cause, or who had died, and even those who’d been brought back, and are suffering their separate shares of PTSD.

So, even though, they did NOT get immediately affect by the war themselves, they’d still feel the effects of this harsh war that’s happened, all around.  The impact o war on their young lives is immeasurable, after all, you can’t detect those invisible wounds, can you?  Nope.

The impact of war on their young lives, can you even, detect, the emotional distress that they are weathering right now?  Of course N-O-T, because they’re so young, they don’t know H-O-W, to tell you, verbally, the emotional stresses that they feel, from the adult wars, and so, ALL the little children, still D-I-E-D, and, by morning, there would be, a TON of dead bodies to pick up.

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