The Invalid “If”

“If” had totally, become, INVALID here!!!

The invalid “if”, but how, did “if” become ever so invalid?  I mean, isn’t it obvious, that IF had become, totally, invalid?  The invalid “if”, that’s existed, plagued, BOTH our lives completely, and, there’s NO way we’ll EVER be able to effectively, dodge, the consequences of it.

The invalid “if”, if became invalid, as it’d lost ITS status in the world, but, because “if” is used by almost us all, every single day (more than once too!!!), the status of “if” had turned, valid.  “If” is an invalid, and, there’s NO way, of it, to regain ITS status back again, there ain’t NO how, there ain’t NO way, and, there’s still NO room, for “debate”…………

The invalid “if”, if will now, forevermore, for always, and for eternity, BE invalid, and once that “status” set in, it will NEVER ever, stand, to be altered again.


Filed under Observations, Perspectives, Philosophies of Life, Writing

2 responses to “The Invalid “If”

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