A Man Who HACKED His Girlfriend Seventy-Three Times Got Life in Prison Instead of the Death Penalty Because He Showed Remorse

And, simply because the LOSER showed REMORSE, he’d DODGED his own DEATH penalty??? Is that FAIR, to the victim, I mean, she WAS hacked, with a knife, for SEVENTY-THREE times here!!! Translated…
A man, Liu, suspected that his girlfriend, Feng took up with a brand new love, after they got into a fierce argument, he’d stabbed her seventy-three times, then, tasered her breasts SIX times, then, he’d duct taped her mouth and nose, tied up her wrists and ankle too; after Feng stopped breathing, he’d put on red clothes, and went up to the top floor of a building, and tried to commit suicide by jumping off, and was arrested by the police. The Hsinbei District Court gave him a LIFE sentence based off of charges of murder; the family of the woman had asked for a payment of nearly ten million dollars for the losses, and the payment court case is sent to the civil courts.
The forty-four year old Liu admitted to hacking up his girlfriend, and had multiple times begged the judge to allow him to go to the shrine, to offer his apologies, and, even though the family of the woman refused his requests, the judge saw his actions as sign of remorse, and that, was how he managed to escape the death penalty.
And, after this CASE worked out damn well, I mean, the man DID have his life spared, guess what’ll happen next? People who DESERVE to sit on that ELECTRIC chair or to get SHOT or even, lethal injected are going to use that same old trick to weasel, after all, it would be, quite easily, to FAKE sincerity AND remorse too.

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